Hi, I gave recently been suffering from quite bad anxiety which had led to several panic attacks in a short space of time. I had to resign from my job as the panic attacks become unbearable, and has now led to being down and depressed because of the panic and anxiety. Although I have always been naturally anxious, I guess I have dealt with it fine in the past but the work stress really took its toll on me and I guess I came close to a mental break down (or maybe that was a mental break down). When I had experienced my very first panic attack over 2 years ago, I bounced back fairly quickly. The last 3 weeks, I experienced about 3-4 panic attacks and it has really taken its toll on me and haven't been able to bounce back, hence the feeling of depressed. I am usually a very upbeat, positive, sharp go getter type of person but this time round, I have had to give in for some help with medication. Obsessed with over researching everything, I felt so anxious going on antidepressants because of all the bad reviews and warnings you read about it. Today I took my first 10mg of fluoxetine and I guess I just want to hear other people's experience with this drug. Side effects etc. I read and heard that it hasn't got as bad side effects as other ones but I should be prepared to get worse before I get better. Is this true, and how bad is "worse". I will ride it out, but of course, being anxious already, it makes you even more anxious thinking about another potential panic attack. Sometimes I think panic attacks and anxiousness is worse than emotions, as in, I can deal with emotions and being down better than I can anxiety. Any help, advice, stories would be helpful.