Hello! I have been on Zoloft 50mg since December. I recently was still struggling with postpartum OCD, so I upped my dose to 75mg. I just took my 4th dose at 75mg. I’ve been feeling pretty good the past few days and am wondering when I would feel the effects of the increased dosage? I feel like maybe it’s placebo effect right now? I guess I’m just worried about “the other shoe dropping” or “the monkey on my back.” Is it possible it’s working already and I won’t have side effects? I did feel good for about a month on 50mg before I realized I should probably up my dose, but wanted to wait at least 12 weeks to give it proper time. I definitely get an uptick in OCD and anxiety around my period. I guess I’m so hopeful/anxious about wondering if this dose will work since I am a SAHM and the intrusive thoughts really make me feel awful. Thanks so much for any insight!

~Hopeful Mama