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In some countries, this medicine may only be approved for veterinary use.

In the US, Paracetamol (acetaminophen systemic) is a member of the drug class miscellaneous analgesics and is used to treat Fever, Muscle Pain, Pain and Sciatica.

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ATC (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification)


CAS registry number (Chemical Abstracts Service)


Chemical Formula


Molecular Weight


Therapeutic Category

Analgesic and antipyretic agent

Chemical Names

4'-Hydroxyacetanilide (WHO, IUPAC)

Acetamide, N-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-


Foreign Names

  • Paracetamolum (Latin)
  • Paracetamol (German)
  • Paracétamol (French)
  • Paracetamol (Spanish)

Generic Names

Brand Names

  • A.C. (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Siu Guan, Taiwan
  • A.H. Buton
    Yu Sheng, Taiwan
  • A.T.
    Li Ta, Taiwan
  • A_Set (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Hutecs, South Korea
  • Abalon
    TAD, Germany
  • Abdal Plus (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Madhav BioTech, India
  • Abdine
    Bell's, Malta
  • Abrol
    Rekah, Israel
  • Abrolet
    Rekah, Israel
  • Abumol (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Benmed, Kenya
  • AC-Plus (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Laksun, India
  • Ac2 (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Procure Medica, India
  • Acamol
    Ikapharm, Kenya; Teva, Israel; Volta, Chile
  • Acamol (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Teva, Israel
  • Acamol (Paracetamol and Diphenhydramine)
    Teva, Israel
  • Acamoli
    Teva, Israel; Teva, Kenya
  • Acamoli (pediatric)
    Teva, Israel
  • ACB Plus (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Vensat, India
  • ACE Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Square, Bangladesh
  • Ace
    Square, Bangladesh; Square Pharmaceuticals, Kenya
  • Aceact-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Active HC, India
  • Acebel-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Blubell, India
  • Acebid-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    COSMAS, India
  • Acebloc-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Biochem, India
  • Acecaine (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Pei Li, Taiwan
  • Acecat
    Tiedra Farmaceutica, Spain
  • Aceclan Plus (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Anthus, India
  • Aceclo Plus (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Aristo, India
  • Aceclofen (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Antibiotice, Romania
  • Acecloren-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Indoco, India
  • Acecodin (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Sopharma, Bulgaria
  • Acedol
    Royal, Taiwan
  • Acelofan Plus (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Acto, India
  • Acenac-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Medley, India
  • Acenez-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Wintech, India
  • Acenol
    Galena, Poland
  • Acenol Forte
    Galena, Poland
  • Acent-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Intra, India
  • Acephen
    G & W, United States
  • Ace-Q-Para (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Q-Check, India
  • Aceralgin (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Medochemie, Vietnam
  • Aceroc-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Wockhardt, India
  • Acet
    Euro-Med, Philippines; PendoPharm, Canada; Pharmascience, Singapore
  • Aceta
    Bio-Pharma, Bangladesh; Chen Ho, Taiwan
  • Acetadol
    Medi-Rx, Philippines
  • Acetafen
    Infinity, Venezuela
  • Acetagen
    Genamerica, Ecuador
  • Acetal
    Purzer, Taiwan
  • Acetalgin
    Streuli Pharma, Switzerland
  • Acetalis
    Proula, Venezuela
  • Acetamin
    Dr. Collado, Dominican Republic; H.G., Ecuador
  • Acetaminofem + Codeina Colmed (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Colmed, Colombia
  • Acetaminofén Genfar
    Genfar, Ecuador; Genfar S.A., Colombia; Genfar S.A., Costa Rica; Genfar S.A., Dominican Republic; Genfar S.A., Guatemala; Genfar S.A., Nicaragua; Genfar S.A., El Salvador
  • Acetaminofen La Santé
    La Santé, Colombia
  • Acetaminofén MK
    McKesson, Ecuador; MK, Colombia
  • Acetaminofén Nifa
    Nifa, Ecuador
  • Acetaminofen
    AZ Pharma, Colombia; Pentacoop, Colombia
  • Acetaminofén
    Biogalenic, Venezuela; Biotech, Venezuela; Calox, Venezuela; Cofasa, Venezuela; Etifar, Venezuela; Gache, Venezuela; Galeno, Venezuela; Leti, Venezuela; New Pharma, Venezuela; PlusAndex, Venezuela; Polinac, Venezuela; SM Pharma, Venezuela; Spefar, Venezuela
  • Acetaminophen and Codeine Phosphate Pharmaceutical Associates (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Pharmaceutical Associates, United States
  • Acetaminophen and Codeine Phosphate Vintage (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Vintage, United States
  • Acetaminophen and Codeine Phosphate Wockhardt (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Wockhardt, United States
  • Acetaminophen and Codeine Phosphate (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Amneal, United States; Hi-Tech, United States; Mallinckrodt, United States; Mikart, United States; Ranbaxy, United States; Sandoz, United States; Teva, United States
  • Acetaminophen and Pentazocine hydrochloride (Paracetamol and Pentazocine)
    Gavis Pharmaceuticals, United States; Watson, United States
  • Acetaminophen Astar
    Astar, Taiwan
  • Acetaminophen Century
    Century, Taiwan
  • Acetaminophen Chung I
    Chung I, Taiwan
  • Acetaminophen Fu Yuan
    Fu Yuan, Taiwan
  • Acetaminophen Gentle
    Gentle, Taiwan
  • Acetaminophen Isei
    Isei, Japan
  • Acetaminophen Jen Sheng
    Jen Sheng, Taiwan
  • Acetaminophen Jinup
    Jinup, Taiwan
  • Acetaminophen Long Der
    Long Der, Taiwan
  • Acetaminophen Maruishi
    Maruishi Pharmaceutical, Japan
  • Acetaminophen Meider
    Meider, Taiwan
  • Acetaminophen Nan Tu
    Nan Tu, Taiwan
  • Acetaminophen New Chemical
    New Chemical, Taiwan
  • Acetaminophen Ranbaxy
    Ranbaxy, United States
  • Acetaminophen Riva
    Laboratoire Riva, Canada
  • Acetaminophen Sinton
    Sinton, Taiwan
  • Acetaminophen Siu Guan
    Siu Guan, Taiwan
  • Acetaminophen Taisho
    Taisho Yakuhin, Japan
  • Acetaminophen Tatsumi
    Tatsumi Kagaku, Japan
  • Acetaminophen The Central
    The Central, Taiwan
  • Acetaminophen Unifarma
    Unifarma, Taiwan
  • Acetaminophen USP
    Om Biomedic, Georgia
  • Acetaminophen Winston
    Winston, Taiwan
  • Acetaminophen Yang Sheng
    Yang Sheng, Taiwan
  • Acetaminophen Yoshida Seiyaku
    Yoshida Seiyaku, Japan
  • Acetaminophen Yung Chang
    Yung Chang, Taiwan
  • Acetaminophen Yung Chi
    Yung Chi, Taiwan
  • Acetaminophen
    Actavis, United States; Chin Tien, Taiwan; Dae Hwa Pharmaceuticals, Ethiopia; Laboratoire Riva, Canada; Ohm, United States; Perrigo, United States; Pharmaceutical Associates, United States; Teva, United States; Vista, United States; Yu Sheng, Taiwan
  • Acetamol
    Abiogen Pharma, Italy; Weidar, Taiwan
  • Acetamol (pediatric)
    Abiogen Pharma, Italy
  • Acetanin
    Ying Yuan, Taiwan
  • Aceta-X (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Bio-Pharma, Bangladesh
  • Acetazone (Paracetamol and Chlormezanone)
    Chen Ho, Taiwan
  • Acetazone Forte (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Rougier, Canada
  • Acetofen
    Medley, Brazil
  • Acetolit
    Mertens, Argentina
  • Acetomin
    Panion & BF, Taiwan
  • Acetonac (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Acto, India
  • Acetor (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Neomedix, Pakistan
  • Acetosol
    Shaigan, Pakistan
  • Acevah-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Abbott, India
  • Aceval
    Valmor, Venezuela
  • Aciana-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Aronex, India
  • Aclofen Plus (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Ind-Swift, India
  • Aclova-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Signova, India
  • Actadol Codeine (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Mebiphar, Vietnam
  • Actadol codeine 30 S (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Phapharco, Vietnam
  • Actadol Cold-Flu (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Mebiphar, Vietnam
  • Actadol 500 S
    Phapharco, Vietnam
  • Actimol (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Pharmed, India
  • Actimol-F (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Pharmed, India
  • Actinac Plus (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Ajanta, Georgia
  • Action
    Beta Healthcare, Kenya
  • Actizobid (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Active HC, India
  • Acufen-XP (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Pulse, India
  • Acutral Effervescent (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Grünenthal, Poland
  • Acuvin (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Abbott, India
  • Adalgin (Paracetamol and Acetylsalicylic Acid)
    Adamjee, Pakistan
  • Adalgur N (Paracetamol and Thiocolchicoside)
    Angelini, Portugal
  • Adalgur (Paracetamol and Thiocolchicoside)
    Teofarma, Spain
  • Adco-Napacod (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Adcock Ingram Pharmaceuticals, South Africa
  • Adco-Paracetamol
    Adcock Ingram Pharmaceuticals, South Africa
  • Adiflam Compound (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Leben, India
  • Adiflam Plus (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Leben, India
  • Adinol
    Bruluart, Mexico
  • Adol PM (Paracetamol and Diphenhydramine)
    Julphar, Oman
  • Adol Sinus (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Julphar, Oman
  • Adol
    Gulf Pharmaceutical, Kenya; Julphar, Bahrain; Julphar, Oman; Julphar, Romania; Julphar, Tunisia; Saiph, Tunisia
  • Adol (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Julphar, Oman
  • Adolef
    Biomed Pharma, Italy
  • Adolorin (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    ReplekFarm, Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • Adolorin extra (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    ReplekFarm, Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • Adolorin Influplus (Paracetamol and Acetylsalicylic Acid)
    Kwizda, Austria
  • Adorem Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    California, Colombia
  • Adorem
    California, Colombia
  • Aeknil
    Therapeutic, India; Therapeutic, Philippines
  • Afebryl
    SMB, Belgium
  • A-ferin forte (Paracetamol and Chlorpheniramine)
    Bilim, Georgia; Hüsnü Arsan, Turkey
  • A-ferin Plus (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Bilim, Georgia
  • Affen Plus (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Dr. Reddy's, India
  • Afnac-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Cruise, India
  • Agile (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Ind-Swift, India
  • Aglopam (Paracetamol and Dicycloverine)
    Aglowmed, India
  • Agurin
    Nolver, Venezuela
  • Ai Er Xing
    Chengdu ShiDai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, China
  • Ai Jia (Paracetamol and Pamabrom)
    Shuaike Pharmaceutical, China
  • Ai Sen
    Dinghengsheng Pharmaceutical, China
  • Aksopol
    Akson, Pakistan
  • Alaxan (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Great Eastern, Thailand; Therapharma, Thailand; United Lab, Philippines; United Pharma, Myanmar; United Pharma, Vietnam
  • Aldolor
    CTS, Israel
  • Aleton (Paracetamol and Chlormezanone)
    Yung Chi, Taiwan
  • Algaphan (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Efroze, Kenya; Efroze, Pakistan
  • Algesic
    Dar-Essaydali, Tunisia
  • Algiafin
    Interpharma, Chile
  • Algicalm (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Grünenthal, France
  • Algicler (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Monserrat, Argentina
  • Algik (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Azevedos, Portugal
  • Algimide (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Biochem, Colombia
  • Algin-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Gujarat Terce, India
  • Algine (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Adelco, Greece
  • Alginox
    Infabi, Ecuador
  • Algisedal (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Meda, France; Meda, Luxembourg; Meda, Tunisia
  • Algitrin (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Schering-Plough, Mexico
  • Algocalm (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Zentiva, Estonia
  • Algocit
    Demo, Greece
  • Algocod (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    SMB, Belgium
  • Algodol Caféine (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Pharmastra, France
  • Algodol
    Pharmastra, France
  • Algogen
    Nakornpatana, Thailand
  • Algolysin (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Teva, Israel
  • Algon (Paracetamol and Acetylsalicylic Acid)
    Lavipharm, Greece
  • Algophene (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    SMB, Belgium
  • Algopirina (Paracetamol and Acetylsalicylic Acid)
    So.Se. Pharm, Italy
  • Algostase mono
    SMB, Belgium
  • Algostase (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    SMB, Belgium
  • Algotropyl (Paracetamol and Promethazine)
    Biocodex, France; Haupt Pharma, Vietnam
  • Alivax
    Vivax, Venezuela
  • Alivet (Paracetamol and Dexchlorpheniramine)
    Leti, Venezuela
  • Alnase-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Alna, India
  • Aloo (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Bestochem, India
  • Alphamol
    Molex Ayus, Indonesia
  • Alpiny
    Hisamitsu Seiyaku, Japan
  • Alvedon forte
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Sweden
  • Alvedon
    Associated Drug, Malta; AstraZeneca, United Kingdom; GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Sweden; Multicare, Philippines
  • Amadol
    Harmann, Pakistan
  • Amadol (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Asia Pharm, South Korea
  • Amadol Extra (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Harmann, Pakistan
  • Amavita Paracetamol
    Amavita Health Care, Switzerland
  • Ametrex
    Anglopharma, Colombia
  • Amfadol Plus (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Ampharco USA, Vietnam
  • Amifen
    Meyer, Venezuela
  • Amiox-P (Paracetamol and Tizanidine)
    Roneld Grace, Peru
  • Amiphen
    Shinlon, Taiwan
  • Amitram (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Kun Wha, South Korea
  • A-Mol Pediatric (pediatric)
    Siam Bheasach, Thailand
  • Amol
    Saphaco, Oman; Shaphaco, Bahrain
  • A-Mol
    Siam Bheasach, Thailand
  • Amol (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Shaphaco, Oman
  • Amol Plus
    Shaphaco, Oman
  • Amole
    Libra, Pakistan
  • Amole Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Libra, Pakistan
  • An Du Fen (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Tuobin Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, China
  • Anadin Paracetamol
    Pfizer, United Kingdom; Wyeth, Ireland
  • Anahis (Paracetamol and Diphenhydramine)
    Unison, Thailand
  • Anaida (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Dr. Reddy's, India
  • Analem (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    EuroHealthcare, Philippines
  • Analgan Codeine (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Siphat, Tunisia
  • Analgan Extra (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Siphat, Tunisia
  • Analgan Tram (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Medicamenta Ecuatoriana, Ecuador
  • Analgan
    Medicamenta Ecuatoriana, Ecuador; Siphat, Tunisia
  • Analgesic
    Souriree, Taiwan
  • Analgiplus (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Faes, Spain
  • Analper
    La Santé, Colombia
  • Analphene (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Lisko, Pakistan
  • Anamol
    PDH, Pakistan
  • AN-AN (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    AND, Taiwan
  • Ananty
    PlusAndex, Venezuela
  • Anapyrin
    Specific, Pakistan
  • Anarex (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    CCM, Malaysia
  • Anaseran
    Medhaus, Philippines
  • Ancogen
    Hua Shin, Taiwan
  • Ancogen (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Hua Shin, Taiwan
  • Ancoton
    Hor Chen, Taiwan
  • Anexsia (Paracetamol and Hydrocodone)
    Schwarz, United States
  • Angesic (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Mass Pharma, Pakistan
  • Angrip Noche (Paracetamol and Dexchlorpheniramine)
    Giempi, Venezuela
  • Anhiba
    Abbott Japan, Japan
  • Anhista (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Sriprasit Dispensary, Thailand
  • Anliton
    Everest, Taiwan
  • Anliton (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Fu Seng, Taiwan
  • Anodyne-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Aqualife, India
  • Anoflam (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Pharma Nutria, Philippines
  • Anorol (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Medera, Pakistan
  • Ansocaine (Paracetamol and Chlormezanone)
    Astar, Taiwan
  • Answell (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Cadila, India
  • Antalgic
    CAPS Pharmaceuticals, South Africa
  • Antalgine Forte (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Metlen, Colombia
  • Antidol
    Cinfa, Spain
  • Antidol (Paracetamol and Codein phosphate)
    Sandoz, Poland
  • Antigripal (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Farmex, Romania
  • Antigriphine (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Belgium; GlaxoSmithKline, Luxembourg
  • Antigrippine (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Netherlands
  • Anti-Phen
    Center, Taiwan
  • Antipyra (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Korea Arlico, South Korea
  • Antispa Plus (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    T P Drug, Thailand
  • Antone
    Pfoshen, Taiwan
  • AnYi
    Baiyunshan, China
  • Anyrume
    Choseido Pharmaceutical, Japan
  • APAP C Plus (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    US Pharmacia, Bulgaria; US Pharmacia, Poland
  • APAP Extra (Paracetamol and Coffein)
    US Pharmacia, Bulgaria; US Pharmacia, Poland
  • APAP Night (Paracetamol and Diphenhydramine)
    US Pharmacia, Bulgaria
  • APAP Noc (Paracetamol and Diphenhydramine)
    US Pharmacia, Poland
  • APAP
    Johnson, Taiwan; US Pharmacia, Bulgaria; US Pharmacia, Lithuania; US Pharmacia, Poland
  • APC Apotex (Paracetamol and Acetylsalicylic Acid)
    Apotex Europe, Netherlands
  • APC Leidapharm (Paracetamol and Acetylsalicylic Acid)
    Leidapharm, Netherlands
  • APC Marel (Paracetamol and Acetylsalicylic Acid)
    Marel, Netherlands
  • APC Sameko (Paracetamol and Acetylsalicylic Acid)
    Sameko, Netherlands
  • APC-Acetaminophen
    Apotex, Canada
  • A-Per
    Aroma, Turkey
  • Aphlogis
    Nisshin Seiyaku - Yamagata, Japan
  • Apiret
    Oftalmi, Venezuela
  • Apiretal Codeina (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Ern, Spain
  • Apiretal
    Ern, Spain
  • Apo-Acetaminophen
    Apotex, Canada
  • Apo-Oxycodone/Acet (Paracetamol and Oxycodone)
    Apotex, Canada
  • Apo-Paracetamol/Codeine (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Apotex, Australia
  • Apotel (Paracetamol and Lidocaine)
    Uni-Pharma, Greece
  • Apotel
    Uni-Pharma, Greece
  • Apotel (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Uni-Pharma, Greece
  • Apotel (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Uni-Pharma, Greece
  • Apracur
    H. Medica, Argentina
  • Apracur Te Descongestivo (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    H. Medica, Argentina
  • Aprix (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Novamed, Colombia
  • Apyrene
    Vincenti, Venezuela
  • Apyrex Pediatrique (pediatric)
    Teriak, Tunisia
  • Araphen (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Han Seo, South Korea
  • Arfen Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Medochemie, Hong Kong
  • Arfen
    Medochemie, Malaysia; Medochemie, Oman; Medochemie, Malta
  • Arflur-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    FDC, India
  • Argesic Plus (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Centaur, India
  • Aroff Plus (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Unichem, India
  • Arpha (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Laboratoires Urgo, Lithuania
  • Arrestin-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Svizera, India
  • Art (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Dream Pharma, South Korea
  • Arthrifen Plus (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Armoxindo, Indonesia
  • Arthrolur
    Drossapharm, Switzerland
  • Artifen (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Aglowmed, India
  • Artifen Plus (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Aglowmed, India
  • Artigesic (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Glenmark, India
  • Ascamol (Paracetamol and Acetylsalicylic Acid)
    Eros, Pakistan
  • Asenol
    Münir Sahin, Turkey
  • Asko (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Pasifik, Turkey
  • Askprol
    Askari, Pakistan
  • Asu
    New Chemical, Taiwan
  • Atamel
    Pfizer, Peru; Pfizer, Venezuela
  • Atamelco (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Pfizer, Venezuela
  • Atasol
    Church & Dwight, Canada
  • Atenemen
    Tsuruhara Seiyaku, Japan
  • Aterpin (Paracetamol and Naproxen)
    Italchem, Ecuador
  • Atmiphen
    Takata Seiyaku, Japan
  • Aton
    New Chemical, Taiwan
  • ATP
    General Pharma, Bangladesh
  • A-Tra (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Kolon, South Korea
  • Avadol
    Advance Pharma, Malaysia
  • Axcel Paracetamol
    Kotra Pharma, Malaysia
  • Azur (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Steiner & Co, Germany
  • Baby Rinolo (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine (pediatric))
    Bruno Farm., Italy
  • Babyflu (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    O.P.V., Vietnam
  • Babygesic (pediatric)
    Meyer, India
  • Bamol
    Batala Pharma, Pakistan
  • Bayer Co-Codamol (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Bayer, United Kingdom; Bayer, Malta
  • Beartra (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Dae Woong, South Korea
  • Becetamol
    Gebro, Switzerland
  • Beechams Breathe Clear (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    GlaxoSmithKline, United Kingdom
  • Befol Plus (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Biotenk, Argentina
  • Begesic (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Batala Pharma, Pakistan
  • Bei Le Xin
    Hengrui, China
  • Bencitamol
    Benson Pharma, Pakistan
  • Ben-u-ron
    Bene, China; Bene, Hungary; Bene, Luxembourg; Bene-Arzneimittel, Czech Republic; Bene-Chemie, Hong Kong; Nutrimedis, Switzerland; Sigmapharm, Austria
  • ben-u-ron
    Bene, Germany
  • Ben-u-ron Säuglinge, Kleinkinder, Schulkinder (pediatric)
    Sigmapharm, Austria
  • Benylin Cold and Sinus (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    McNeil, Canada
  • Béres Febrilin
    Béres, Hungary
  • Besemax (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Adcock Ingram Pharmaceuticals, South Africa
  • Besenol (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Adcock Ingram Pharmaceuticals, South Africa
  • Beseroldos (Paracetamol and Methocarbamol)
    sanofi-aventis, Venezuela
  • Bestofen (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Bio E, India
  • Bestogesic Plus (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Bestochem, India
  • Bi Li Kang (Paracetamol and Amantadine)
    Beida Gaoke Huatai Pharmaceutical, China
  • Bi Ting (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Buchang Pharmaceutical, China
  • Bidnac (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    GlaxoSmithKline, India
  • Bifardol (Paracetamol and Naproxen)
    Liferpal, Mexico
  • Bifebral (Paracetamol and Ketoprofen)
    Sanofi-Aventis, Mexico
  • Bio Grip T
    Sanofi-Aventis, Argentina
  • Biocetamol
    Biospray, Greece
  • Biogesic
    Biomedis, Hong Kong; Biomedis, Indonesia; Biomedis, Singapore; Probus, Indonesia; United Lab, Philippines; United Pharma, Myanmar; United Pharma, Vietnam
  • Biopain
    Nestor, Philippines
  • Biopar (Paracetamol and Domperidone)
    Biomax, India
  • Biragan Codein (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Bidiphar, Vietnam
  • Biragan
    Bidiphar, Vietnam
  • Bivinadol Extra (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    BV Pharma, Vietnam
  • Blisspyron
    Bliss, Pakistan
  • Blokium Gesic (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Casasco, Argentina
  • Bo Na Tong (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    GuoYao group Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd, China
  • Bodrex forte
    Bode, Indonesia; Tempo Scan Pacific, Indonesia
  • Bodrex (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Bode, Indonesia; Tempo Scan Pacific, Indonesia
  • Bonespas (Paracetamol and Homatropine)
    Etyc, Colombia
  • Boots Cold & Flu Max Relief (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    Boots, United Kingdom
  • Boots Cold & Flu Relief Hot (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Boots, United Kingdom
  • Boots Cold & Flu Relief
    Boots, United Kingdom
  • Boots Decongestant with Pain Relief (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Boots, United Kingdom
  • Boots Pain Relief Paracetamol
    Boots, United Kingdom
  • Boots Paracetamol and Codeine (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Boots, United Kingdom
  • Boots Paracetamol Extra (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Boots, United Kingdom
  • Boots Paracetamol
    Boots, United Kingdom
  • Boots Paracetamol 6 Years Plus
    Boots, United Kingdom
  • Boots Pharmacy Paracetamol plus Dihydrocodeine (Paracetamol and Dihydrocodeine)
    Boots, United Kingdom
  • Brax (Paracetamol and Naproxen)
    Biomep, Mexico
  • Bremol (Paracetamol and Naproxen)
    Psicofarma, Mexico
  • Brexin
    Cofasa, Venezuela
  • Broxolgrip (Paracetamol and Dexchlorpheniramine)
    Galeno, Venezuela
  • Brucet (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Brown & Burk, Myanmar; Micro B & B, India
  • Brunadol (Paracetamol and Naproxen)
    Bruluart, Mexico
  • Brupal (Paracetamol andIbuprofen)
    Geno Pharmaceuticals LTD, Myanmar
  • Brustan (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Nanxin Pharmaceutical, China; Ranbaxy, Thailand
  • Brustin (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Ranbaxy, India
  • Brutek-P (Paracetamol and Dexibuprofen)
    Zuventus, India
  • Bu Rui Fen (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Sihuan Kebao Pharmaceutical, China
  • Bubdel
    Winston, Taiwan
  • Bufferin
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, China
  • Bufferin Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, China
  • Buscam Compuesto (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Brisafarma, Peru
  • Buscamol Comp. (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Keyfarm, Peru
  • Buscapina Compositum N (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Boehringer Ingelheim, Argentina; Boehringer Ingelheim, Costa Rica; Boehringer Ingelheim, Guatemala; Boehringer Ingelheim, Honduras; Boehringer Ingelheim, Nicaragua; Boehringer Ingelheim, Panama; Boehringer Ingelheim, El Salvador; Boehringer Ingelheim, Mexico; Boehringer Ingelheim, Peru
  • Buscapina Compositum NF (Paracetamol and Scopolamine, + Metamizole)
    Boehringer Ingelheim, Colombia
  • Buscapina Plus (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Boehringer Ingelheim, Chile; Boehringer Ingelheim, Venezuela
  • Buscopan compositum (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Boehringer Ingelheim, Italy
  • Buscopan Plus (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Boehringer Ingelheim, Brazil; Boehringer Ingelheim, Philippines; Eczacibasi, Turkey
  • Buscopan plus (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany; Boehringer Ingelheim, Greece; Boehringer Ingelheim, Indonesia; Boehringer Ingelheim, South Korea
  • Buscopan plus Paracetamol (Paracetamol and Scopolamin)
    Boehringer Ingelheim, Austria
  • Butalbital and Acetaminophen Nexgen (Paracetamol and Butalbital)
    Nexgen, United States
  • Butapap (Paracetamol and Butalbital)
    Mikart, United States
  • Cadigesic Extra (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Cagipharm, Vietnam
  • Cafedon (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Healthcare, Bangladesh
  • Cafenol (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Elmor, Venezuela; General Pharma, Bangladesh; Teriak, Tunisia
  • Cafepar (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Cipla, India
  • Caffetin COLDmax (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine hydrochloride)
    Alkaloid, Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • Calapol
    GlaxoSmithKline, Indonesia
  • CalCold (Paracetamol and Diphenhydramine)
    McNeil, United Kingdom
  • Calmador Plus (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Finadiet, Argentina
  • Calmodor
    png Gerolymatos, Greece
  • Calonal
    Showa Yakuhin Kako, Japan
  • Calpol 6 plus
    GlaxoSmithKline, Georgia; GlaxoSmithKline, Poland
  • Calpol
    GlaxoSmithKline, Bulgaria; GlaxoSmithKline, Bahrain; GlaxoSmithKline, Congo; GlaxoSmithKline, Ethiopia; GlaxoSmithKline, India; GlaxoSmithKline, Lithuania; GlaxoSmithKline, Myanmar; GlaxoSmithKline, Malta; GlaxoSmithKline, Oman; GlaxoSmithKline, Philippines; GlaxoSmithKline, Poland; GlaxoSmithKline, Romania; GlaxoSmithKline, Singapore; GlaxoSmithKline, Thailand; GlaxoSmithKline, Turkey; GlaxoSmithKline, South Africa; McNeil, United Kingdom; McNeil, Ireland; McNeil, Lithuania; McNeil Products, Slovenia
  • Calpol Infant
    McNeil, United Kingdom
  • Calpol Plus (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    GlaxoSmithKline, India
  • Calpol-6 Plus
    GlaxoSmithKline, Turkey
  • Calsil
    Taiyo Pharmaceutical, Japan
  • Capital and Codeine (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Valeant, United States
  • Captin
    Krewel Meuselbach, Germany
  • Care Infant Paracetamol
    Thornton & Ross, United Kingdom
  • Caritasone (Paracetamol and Carisoprodol)
    Chinta, Thailand
  • Carmeiton (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    AND, Taiwan
  • Carnil ACP (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Azine, India
  • Carnil Plus (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Azine, India
  • Catarrin Día (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    G&R, Peru
  • Caton (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Chen Ho, Taiwan
  • Causalon
    Phoenix, Argentina
  • Cebion Febbre (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Bracco, Italy
  • Ceclocon-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Modi-Mundipharma, India
  • Cefabrina
    Neo Quimica, Brazil
  • Céfaline Hauth (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Homme de Fer, France
  • Cefecon D
    Nizhpharm, Russian Federation
  • Cefekon D
    Nizhpharm, Georgia
  • Cefekons D
    Nizfarm, Latvia
  • Cemol
    Pharmasant, Thailand
  • Cenasic (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Pharmasant, Thailand
  • Ceralide-P (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Unikid, India
  • Cetadol Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Doctor's Chemical Works, Bangladesh
  • Cetadol
    Doctor's Chemical Works, Bangladesh
  • Cetadol (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Dong Sung, South Korea
  • Cetal
    Eipico Egyptian International Pharmaceutical Industries CO, Ethiopia
  • Cetalgin
    Sanofi-Aventis, Bangladesh
  • Cetamadole (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Il Dong, South Korea
  • Cetamol
    Galpharma, Tunisia; JPI - Jazeera, Oman; Medical Horizon, Georgia
  • Cetodol (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Brown & Burk Phils, Philippines
  • Cetra (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Xeno, Philippines
  • Cezox (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Pharmasant, Thailand
  • Chefarine (Paracetamol and Acetylsalicylic Acid)
    Chefaro, Netherlands
  • Children Tylenol (pediatric)
    Janssen, South Korea
  • Childrens Aceta
    Hui Chun Tang, Taiwan
  • Children's Bufferin
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, China
  • Children's Panacon
    Synmosa, Taiwan
  • Children's Panadol (pediatric)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Singapore
  • Children's Tylenol (pediatric)
    Janssen-Cilag, Vietnam; Johnson & Johnson, China; McNeil, Lithuania
  • Chiwegon (Paracetamol and Chlormezanone)
    Everest, Taiwan
  • Christamol
    Christo, Hong Kong
  • Cinepar (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Marion Biotech, Georgia
  • Citodon (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    BioPhausia, Sweden
  • Citodon forte (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    BioPhausia, Sweden
  • Citodon minor (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    BioPhausia, Sweden
  • Citrosan (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare Boots, Netherlands
  • Claradol
    Bayer Santé Familiale, France
  • Claradol Caféine (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Bayer Santé Familiale, France
  • Claradol Codéine (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Bayer Santé Familiale, France
  • Clocinol (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Polpharma, Estonia
  • Clofamol (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Ziska, Bangladesh
  • Cloq plus (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    TRB, Argentina
  • Clorace (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Cofasa, Venezuela
  • Cloxina
    Lewison, Philippines
  • Co-Becetamol (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Gebro, Switzerland
  • Co-Becetamol forte (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Gebro, Switzerland
  • Co-Becetamol für Kleinkinder (Paracetamol and Codeine (pediatric))
    Gebro, Switzerland
  • Co-Becetamol für Schulkinder (Paracetamol and Codeine (pediatric))
    Gebro, Switzerland
  • Cocarl
    Sanwa Kagaku, Japan
  • Co-codamol (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Actavis, Estonia; Actavis, United Kingdom; Actavis, Latvia; Bayer, Malta; Cherubino, Malta; m & a, Malta; Mercury, United Kingdom; Wockhardt, United Kingdom; Zentiva, United Kingdom
  • Cod Efferalgan (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Bristol Myers Squibb, Spain
  • Codabrol (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Rekah, Israel
  • Cod-Acamol (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Rekah, Israel
  • Co-Dafalgan (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Switzerland
  • Codalgin (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Fawns & McAllan, Australia; Sigma, New Zealand
  • Codamol (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Abiogen Pharma, Italy
  • Codapane (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Alphapharm, Australia
  • Codaxol (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Ratiopharm, Finland; Ratiopharm, Norway
  • Codeipar (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Mastercare, Chile
  • Codelmicst (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Rusan Pharma Ltd., Russian Federation
  • Codicet (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    B L Hua, Thailand
  • Codigesic (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Bangkok Lab & Cosmetic®, Thailand
  • Codipar Plus (Paracetamol and Caffein)
    GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, Poland
  • Codipar
    GlaxoSmithKline, Lithuania; GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, Poland
  • Codipar (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Goldshield, Malta; Mercury, United Kingdom
  • Coditam (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Kimia Farma, Indonesia
  • Codoliprane (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Sanofi-Aventis, France; Winthrop, Tunisia
  • Codomolindon (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Zydus, India
  • Codoplus (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Elder, India
  • Co-Dydramol (Paracetamol and Dihydrocodeine)
    Actavis, United Kingdom; Actavis, Malta; Zentiva, United Kingdom
  • Co-Efferalgan Farma 1000 (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Farma 1000, Italy
  • Co-Efferalgan Programmi Sanitari (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Programmi Sanitari int., Italy
  • Co-Efferalgan (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Italy
  • Cofev (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Alna, India
  • Cofucaine (Paracetamol and Chlormezanone)
    Fu Seng, Taiwan
  • Co-Gesic (Paracetamol and Hydrocodone)
    UCB, United States
  • Coldacmin (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    DHG Pharma, Vietnam
  • Coldenin Hot Drink (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    CCPC, Taiwan
  • Coldosian (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Asian, Thailand
  • Coldrex Head Cold (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, New Zealand
  • Coldrex Sinus (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Bulgaria
  • Coldzep (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    EuroHealthcare, Philippines
  • Colicspam (Paracetamol and Dicycloverine)
    Leben, India
  • Colmax (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    TV, Vietnam
  • Colocol Extra (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Saokim Pharma, Vietnam
  • Colocol 500
    Saokim Pharma, Vietnam
  • Coltalin-ND (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    Fortune, Hong Kong
  • Combiflam (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    sanofi-aventis, India
  • Combihext (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    sanofi-aventis, India
  • Comfarol (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Sandoz, Australia
  • Comfort
    Meider, Taiwan
  • Compralgyl (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Gifrer, France
  • Comptrex MP
    Novartis Consumer Health, Peru
  • Comtrex A/S (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Novartis Consumer Health, Peru
  • Comtrex Junior (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine (pediatric))
    Novartis Consumer Health, Peru
  • Conapin (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Swiss Pharm, Taiwan
  • Contac
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Germany
  • Contac Cold & Sore Throat, Non Drowsy (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Canada
  • Contac Dual (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, United Kingdom
  • Contraneural Paracetamol/Codein (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Pfleger, Germany
  • Contra-Schmerz P
    Wild, Switzerland
  • Contratemp
    Mugi Laboratories, Indonesia
  • Copar (Paracetamol and Metoclopramide)
    Comed, India
  • COPYRKAL (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Berlin-Chemie, Germany
  • Corbutyl (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    sanofi-aventis, India
  • Corgic
    Le Jumont, Philippines
  • Coricidin (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Schering-Plough, Colombia; Schering-Plough, Venezuela
  • Corilax (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Community, Thailand
  • Corilin (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Schering-Plough, Costa Rica; Schering-Plough, Dominican Republic; Schering-Plough, Guatemala; Schering-Plough, Honduras; Schering-Plough, Nicaragua; Schering-Plough, Panama; Schering-Plough, Peru; Schering-Plough, El Salvador; Schering-Plough, Venezuela
  • Coritab (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Atlantic Laboratories, Hong Kong
  • Cortal for children (pediatric)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Hong Kong
  • Cortigrip (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Medipharm, Chile
  • Coryzal (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Sanofi Aventis, Vietnam
  • Cosalgesic (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Alpharma/Cox, Hong Kong
  • Coslor-P (Paracetamol and Lornoxicam)
    COSMAS, India
  • Cosune (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Shou Chan, Taiwan
  • Cosutone (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Hua Shin, Taiwan
  • Cotemp
    Community, Thailand
  • Cotenol (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    T P Drug, Thailand
  • Cotibin Analgesico Antipiretico
    Andromaco, Chile
  • Cotibin Compuesto
    Andromaco, Chile
  • Cotibin Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Andromaco, Chile
  • Crocin
    GlaxoSmithKline, India
  • Crocin Pain Relief (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    GlaxoSmithKline, India
  • Crocin Quik
    GlaxoSmithKline, India
  • Croix blanche mono
    SMB, Belgium
  • Croix Blanche (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    SMB, Belgium
  • Cronofen
    Novamed, Colombia
  • Cronus (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Tecnofarma, Chile
  • Cupanol
    Guardian Pharmatama, Indonesia
  • Curadies Paracetamol
    Fair-Med, Germany
  • Curpol
    McNeil, Luxembourg
  • Cyclopam (Paracetamol and Dicycloverine)
    Indoco, India
  • Da Feng (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Wantong Pharmaceutical, China
  • Da Ning (Paracetamol and Propoxyphene)
    Hengrui, China
  • Dacpar (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Health Care Formulations, India
  • Dafalgan Odis
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Switzerland
  • Dafalgan
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Belgium; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Congo; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Switzerland; Bristol-Myers Squibb, France; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Luxembourg; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Myanmar; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Portugal; Esteve, Spain; UPSA, Oman
  • Dafalgan Bébé (pediatric)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Belgium
  • Dafalgan Codeine (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Belgium; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Poland
  • Dafalgan Codéine (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, France
  • Dafalgan Enfant (pediatric)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Belgium
  • Dafalgan für Kinder (pediatric)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Switzerland
  • Dafalgan Pédiatrie (pediatric)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Belgium
  • Dafalganhop
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, France
  • Dafloxen F (Paracetamol and Naproxen)
    Liomont, Dominican Republic; Liomont, Mexico; Liomont, Panama
  • Daga
    Sanofi-Aventis, Thailand
  • Dai Er Ka (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    NEGPF, China
  • Daleron
    Krka, Bosnia & Herzegowina; Krka, Bulgaria; Krka, Czech Republic; Krka, Croatia (Hrvatska); Krka, Lithuania; Krka, Romania; Krka, Slovenia
  • Daleron C (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Krka, Croatia (Hrvatska); Krka, Latvia; Krka, Romania; Krka, Slovenia
  • Daleron C junior (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Krka, Latvia; Krka, Croatia (Hrvatska); Krka, Romania
  • Dalgen
    Infaca, Dominican Republic
  • Dalmatrol Plus (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Iqfarma, Peru
  • Daraffin (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Shou Chan, Taiwan
  • Daro Hoofdpijnpoeder (Paracetamol and Propyphenazone)
    Heca, Netherlands
  • Daro Paracetamol
    Heca, Netherlands
  • Darvocet (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Ranbaxy, India
  • Day & Night (Paracetamol and Phenylpropanolamine)
    McNeil, Ireland
  • Day Flu (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Interpharm, Ecuador
  • Daygrip
    Lafedar, Argentina
  • Decolgen no Drowse (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    United Pharma, Vietnam
  • Decolgen No-Drowse (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    United Lab, Philippines
  • Decolgen (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Great Eastern, Thailand; Westmont, Thailand
  • Decono (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Milano, Thailand
  • Defenac-P (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Lupin, India
  • Deflamox Plus (Paracetamol and Naproxen)
    Hormona, Mexico
  • Demogripal C (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Vifor, Switzerland
  • Denamol
    T. O. Chemicals, Thailand
  • Dentain (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Centaur, India
  • Dentopain (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Sandoz, South Africa
  • Depain X (Paracetamol andDextropropoxyphene)
    Panion & BF, Taiwan
  • Depain
    Washington, Taiwan
  • Depalgos (Paracetamol and Oxycodone)
    Molteni & Alitti, Italy
  • Depon
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Greece
  • Depyret
    T. O. Chemicals, Thailand
  • Depyretin
    Taiwan Veterans, Taiwan
  • Depyrin
    Delta, Bangladesh
  • Dermanci (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Dermanci, Turkey
  • Desdol (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Medipharm, Chile
  • Desenfriol (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    Schering-Plough, Argentina
  • Destirol (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Remedica, Malta; Remedica, Vietnam
  • Detramol
    Filadams, Philippines
  • Dexamol Kid (pediatric)
    Dexxon, Israel
  • Dexamol
    Dexxon, Israel
  • Dexamol (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Dexxon, Israel
  • Dexamol (Paracetamol and Diphenhydramine)
    Dexxon, Israel
  • Dexamolsinus (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Dexxon, Israel
  • Dexia (Paracetamol and Methionine)
    RND Labs, India
  • Dexigesic-P (Paracetamol and Dexibuprofen)
    Invision, India
  • Dexpo N (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Cheminter, Guatemala
  • Dhamol
    DHA, Hong Kong; DHA, Malaysia; DHA, Singapore
  • Diacevic (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene hydrochloride)
    DHG Pharma, Vietnam
  • Dialgine (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Intermedica, Switzerland
  • Di-Antalvic (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Roussel Vietnam, Vietnam
  • Dianvita (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Uphace, Vietnam
  • Dicetamol F (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Labot, Peru
  • Dicloact Plus (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Cadila, India
  • Diclogen Plus (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Agio, India
  • Diclogesic
    Torrent, Vietnam
  • Diclogesic (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Torrent, India; TRB, Georgia
  • Diclogesic Forte (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    TRB, Argentina
  • Diclolabsa Gesic (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    LABSA S.R.L., Argentina
  • Diclomol Antiinflamatorio (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Dropesac, Peru
  • Diclomol (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Win-Medicare, India
  • Diclonac-P (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Lupin, India
  • Diclonova P (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Lupin, India
  • Dicloran-A (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    JB Chemicals, India
  • Diclotab (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Baroda, India
  • Diclotal Forte (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Blue Cross, India
  • Diclovar-Plus (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Zota, India
  • Didol-P (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Alna, India
  • Difenac Plus (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Intermed, India
  • Diike (Paracetamol and Domperidone)
    Cadila, India
  • Dikriz
    Sinkhai, India
  • Dikriz-DS
    Sinkhai, India
  • Dikuton
    Swiss Pharm, Taiwan
  • Dinal-AP (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Sapco, India
  • Dioxaflex CB Gesic (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Bagó, Argentina
  • Dioxaflex Gesic (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Bagó, Argentina
  • Diprol
    Alkaloid, Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • Dipt-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Rhine Biogenics, India
  • Dirox
    Sanofi-Aventis, Argentina
  • Dirox Infantil (pediatric)
    Sanofi-Aventis, Argentina
  • Disprol
    Reckitt Benckiser, Bangladesh; Reckitt Benckiser, United Kingdom; Reckitt Benckiser, Ireland
  • Distalgesic Co-Proxamol (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Phadisco, Malta
  • Distalgesic (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Aspen Pharmacare, South Africa
  • Divon Plus (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Micro Eros, India
  • Doaxan-S (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Domesco, Vietnam
  • Doc Para
    Docpharma, Luxembourg
  • DocMorris Paracetamol-Schmerztabletten
    DocMorris Pharma, Germany
  • Docparacod (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Docpharma, Belgium
  • Docpelin Paracetamol
    Pelikan, Germany
  • Dodatalvic (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Domesco, Vietnam
  • Dolacet (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Jin Yang, South Korea
  • Dolact (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Intra, India
  • D'Olafen Duo (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    D'Olapharm, Peru
  • Dolaforte (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Chemists, Australia
  • Dolal
    Alapis Pharma, Greece
  • Dolalivio (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    D'Olapharm, Peru
  • Dolamide (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Ranbaxy, India
  • Dolan (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Leiras, Finland
  • Dolan Infantil (pediatric)
    Combisa, Guatemala; Combisa, Honduras; Combisa, Nicaragua; Combisa, El Salvador
  • Dolantag (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Interpharm, Ecuador
  • Dolcet (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Janssen, Philippines
  • Dolean (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Lafi, Chile
  • Dolel
    Simed, Tunisia
  • Dolevar (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    AWD.pharma, Germany
  • Dolex
    GlaxoSmithKline, Colombia
  • Dolex Contra Los Síntomas de la Gripa Caliente (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Colombia
  • Dolex Dura
    GlaxoSmithKline, Colombia
  • Dolex Forte (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Colombia
  • Dolex Niños (pediatric)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Colombia
  • Dolexpel
    Morishita-Seggs, Philippines
  • Dolfort-De (Paracetamol and Ketoprofen)
    Degort's, Mexico
  • Doli Rhume (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Winthrop, Tunisia
  • Doliprane Vitamine C (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Winthrop, Tunisia
  • Doliprane
    Abbott, India; Sanofi-Aventis, France; Winthrop, Tunisia
  • Dolipranelib
    Théraplix, France
  • DolipraneOro
    Sanofi-Aventis, France
  • DolipraneVitamineC (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Sanofi-Aventis, France
  • Dolirhume Paracétamol et Pseudoéphédrine (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Sanofi-Aventis, France
  • Dolke (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Quilab, Peru
  • Dolko
    Therabel, Congo; Thérabel Lucien, France
  • Dolminex (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Quilla, Peru
  • Dolo Apranax (Paracetamol and Naproxen)
    Grünenthal, Costa Rica; Grünenthal, Dominican Republic; Grünenthal, Guatemala; Grünenthal, Honduras; Grünenthal, Nicaragua; Grünenthal, Panama; Grünenthal, El Salvador
  • Dolo Body (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Marvic, Peru
  • Dolo Citalgan (Paracetamol and Carisoprodol)
    Merck, Ecuador
  • Dolo Extra Fuerte (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Keyfarm, Peru
  • Dolo G&R (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    G&R, Peru
  • Dolo Liviolex (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Magma, Peru
  • Dolo Press (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Pharmed, Peru
  • Dolo Press Rapid (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Pharmed, Peru
  • Dolo Teralgex (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Bios, Peru
  • Dolo
    Micro Labs, India
  • Doloacemifen
    Sherfarma, Peru
  • Doloaproxol (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Markos, Peru
  • Dolobak (Paracetamol and Chlormezanone)
    Micro B & B, India
  • Dolocalm (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Medical Perú, Peru
  • Dolocare
    Exmek, Peru
  • Dolocet (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Micro Nova, India
  • Dolochek-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Indoco, India
  • Dolocin (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Quality Pharmaceutical, Hong Kong
  • Dolocordralan Extra (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Abeefe Bristol-Myers Squibb, Peru
  • Dolodart
    Juggat, India
  • Dolodiclomed (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Perumed, Peru
  • Dolo-Esan
    Farmac. Esan, Chile
  • Dolofarmalan (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Medifarma, Peru
  • Dolofarmalan forte (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Medifarma, Peru
  • Dolo-Farmedic (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Farmedic, Peru
  • Dolofebril
    Farbioquimsa, Peru
  • Dolofebryl Compuesto (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Cheminter, Guatemala
  • Dolofebryl
    Cheminter, Guatemala
  • Dolofenac Gesic (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Austral, Argentina
  • Dolofenac Compuesto (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Medifarma, Peru
  • Doloflex (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Farmaceutica, Peru
  • Dolofrix (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Penn, Argentina
  • Dolofrix forte (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Penn, Argentina
  • Dolofusil (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Qualicont, Peru
  • Dologen (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Kenyaku, Thailand
  • Dolokind Plus (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Mankind, India
  • Dolokortril (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    E y L Farma, Peru
  • Dolol-Instant
    Nycomed, Belgium
  • Dololur
    Drossapharm, Switzerland
  • Dolomedil (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Kern, Spain
  • Dolomeloxic (Paracetamol and Meloxicam)
    Medco, Peru
  • Dolomol
    Al Hikma, Oman; Hikma, Bahrain
  • Dolonil
    Lloyd, Philippines
  • Dolo-Niofen (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    K2 Pharmacare, Chile
  • Dolo-Octirona (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Chile, Chile
  • Dolopar
    Micro Nova, India
  • Dolophar (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Pharma Hosting Peru, Peru
  • Dolopront (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Drofar, Peru
  • Dolo-Quimagésico (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Farmindustria, Peru
  • Doloroff-AP (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Indoco, India
  • Dolosin (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Maquifarma, Peru
  • Dolostat-PC (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Blue Cross, India
  • Dolostop
    Bayer, Spain
  • Dolotandax (Paracetamol and Naproxen)
    Sandoz, Mexico
  • Dolotrín Spas (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Licol, Colombia
  • Dolotrin
    Licol, Colombia
  • Dolovan (Paracetamol and Butylscopolamine)
    Quimica, Ecuador
  • Dolovan Gotas (Paracetamol and Butylscopolamine)
    Quimica, Ecuador
  • Dolowin Plus (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Micro Labs, India
  • Doloxane (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Iqfarma, Peru
  • Dolpiret (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Terbol, Peru
  • Dolpocetmol (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Synco, Hong Kong
  • Dolprone
    Melisana, Belgium; Melisana, Luxembourg
  • Doltramcet (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Kwang Dong, South Korea
  • Dolviran
    Bayer, Mexico
  • Dom-P (Paracetamol and Domperidone)
    East West, India
  • Domact-P (Paracetamol and Domperidone)
    Intra, India
  • Domadol Plus (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Unichem, India
  • Domatra Plus (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Merck, Costa Rica; Merck, Dominican Republic; Merck, Ecuador; Merck, Guatemala; Merck, Honduras; Merck, Nicaragua; Merck, Panama; Merck, Peru; Merck, El Salvador
  • Domcet (Paracetamol and Domperidone)
    Cipla, India
  • Dompar (Paracetamol and Domperidone)
    Cipla, India
  • Domperon Plus (Paracetamol and Domperidone)
    Cadila, India
  • Domstal-P (Paracetamol and Domperidone)
    Torrent, India
  • Dopagan Codein (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Domesco, Vietnam
  • Dopagan
    Domesco, Vietnam
  • Dorbigot (Paracetamol and Acetylcysteine)
    Nufarindo, Indonesia
  • Doregrippin (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    Medice, Germany
  • Doreta (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Krka, Czech Republic; Krka, Croatia (Hrvatska); Krka, Lithuania; Krka, Latvia; Krka, Poland; Krka, Slovenia
  • Dorico
    Sanofi Aventis, Brazil
  • Dorpane (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    MacroPhar, Thailand
  • Dorsilon (Paracetamol and Mephenoxalone)
    Sandoz, Turkey
  • Doxtran Gesic (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Phoenix, Argentina
  • Doxyfene (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Adcock Ingram Pharmaceuticals, South Africa
  • Dozol (Paracetamol and Diphenhydramine)
    Ricesteele, Ireland
  • Dozoltac (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Domesco, Vietnam
  • Dristan Descongestivo (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    Wyeth, Argentina
  • Dristan Día (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Wyeth, Colombia
  • Dristan N.D. (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Wyeth Consumer Healthcare, Canada
  • Dropar (Paracetamol and Drotaverine)
    FDC, India
  • Dual (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Medicon, Bangladesh
  • Dualgos (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Liferpal, Mexico
  • Duaneo
    Klosterfrau, Austria
  • Dublace-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Tablets, India
  • Dublact (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Tablets, India
  • Dumin
    Actavis, Indonesia
  • Duodil (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Solvay, India
  • Duodol (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Lafrancol, Colombia
  • Duodyne (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Boram, South Korea
  • Duorol
    Omega Pharma España, Spain
  • Dynapar (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Troikaa, Georgia
  • Efagesic (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Farmaceutica Latina, Peru
  • Eferalgan
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Bosnia & Herzegowina; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Czech Republic
  • Effect
    Ivax, Slovakia
  • Efferalgan Bb Farma
    BB Farma, Italy
  • Efferalgan Bb Farma (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    BB Farma, Italy
  • Efferalgan C Farma 1000 (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Farma 1000, Italy
  • Efferalgan C Programmi Sanitari (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Programmi Sanitari int., Italy
  • Efferalgan C (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Bristol Myers Squibb, Latvia; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Estonia; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Lithuania
  • Efferalgan Farma 1000
    Farma 1000, Italy
  • Efferalgan Medifarma
    Medifarma, Italy
  • Efferalgan Programmi Sanitari
    Programmi Sanitari int., Italy
  • Efferalgan Vitamin C (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Poland
  • Efferalgan Vitamina C (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Bristol Myers Squibb, Spain
  • Efferalgan Vitamine C (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Romania
  • Efferalgan
    Bristol Myers Squibb, Spain; Bristol Myers Squibb, Latvia; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Bulgaria; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Bahrain; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Congo; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Estonia; Bristol-Myers Squibb, France; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Georgia; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Hungary; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Italy; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Lithuania; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Myanmar; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Poland; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Portugal; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Romania; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Serbia; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Russian Federation; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Tunisia; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Tunisia; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Turkey; Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Limited, Vietnam; Laboratoires UPSA, Lithuania; PharmaSwiss, Croatia (Hrvatska); UPSA, Oman; UPSA Laboratories, Ethiopia
  • Efferalgan (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Czech Republic; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Italy; UPSA, Oman
  • Efferalgan (Paracetamol and Diphenhydramine)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Lithuania
  • Efferalgan Codeine (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Bulgaria; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Poland; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Tunisia; Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Limited, Vietnam; Laboratoires UPSA, Lithuania
  • Efferalgan Pediatric (pediatric)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Bulgaria; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Romania
  • Efferalgan pédiatrique
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Tunisia
  • Efferalgan sa vitaminom C (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Serbia; PharmaSwiss, Croatia (Hrvatska)
  • Efferalgan With Vitamin C (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Bulgaria; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Georgia; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Russian Federation
  • Efferalganodis
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Bulgaria; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Congo; UPSA, France
  • Efferalgantab
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, France
  • EfferalganVitamineC (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Tunisia; UPSA, France
  • Effergan
    UPSA, Oman
  • Efficol Plus (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Chefar, Ecuador
  • Ekorinol (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Yeni, Turkey
  • Ekosetol
    Yeni, Turkey
  • Elifen (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Dong Kook, South Korea
  • Emflam Plus (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Merck, India
  • Emidol
    Global Pharma, Bahrain; Global Pharma, Oman
  • Empacod (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Nycomed, South Africa
  • Empaped
    Nycomed, South Africa
  • Emsgrip
    EMS, Brazil
  • Emtacetamol
    MTT, Germany
  • Enddol (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Delfarma, Peru
  • Endocet (Paracetamol and Oxycodone)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Canada
  • Enelfa Dr. Henk
    Dolorgiet, Germany
  • Enelfa
    Dolorgeit, Oman; Dolorgiet, Bahrain; Dolorgiet, Luxembourg; Dolorgiet, Malta
  • Ensid
    Han Lim, South Korea
  • Ensitra (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Han Lim, South Korea
  • Epidosin Compositum (Paracetamol and Valethamate)
    Dr. F. Frik, Turkey
  • Er He Yi
    Zhenguo Pharmaceutical, China
  • Er Re An
    Twinluck, China
  • Erphamol
    Erlimpex, Indonesia
  • Escapin-N (Paracetamol and Scopolamine butylbromide)
    Streger, Mexico
  • Esgipyrin (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Abbott, India
  • Esgipyrin-T (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Abbott, India
  • Espasmocina Compuesta (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Pharmed, Peru
  • Espasmocol (Paracetamol and Butylscopolamine)
    Indunidas, Ecuador
  • Espaven Compuesto (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Markos, Peru
  • Ethics Paracetamol
    Multichem, New Zealand
  • Etomax-P (Paracetamol and Etodolac)
    Ipca, India
  • Europain
    Europharm, Hong Kong
  • Excedrin (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Novartis, Brazil
  • Excedrin Back & Body (Paracetamol and Acetylsalicylic Acid)
    Novartis Consumer Health, United States
  • Expandox
    Expanpharm, Georgia
  • Expergesic (Paracetamol and Pentazocine)
    Win-Medicare, India
  • Exthegran TD (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    Novartis, Mexico
  • Extra Strength Tylenol
    McNeil, Lithuania
  • Ezeepara
    Abbott, India
  • Fada Paracetamol
    Fada, Argentina
  • Fan Nuo
    Kangdini Pharmaceutical, China
  • Fanaton
    Y.F. Chem, Taiwan
  • FAP
    Beacon, Bangladesh
  • Fap-Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Beacon, Bangladesh
  • Farmadol
    Fahrenheit, Indonesia
  • Fast Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Acme, Bangladesh
  • Fast
    Acme, Bangladesh
  • Fastfen (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    California, Colombia
  • Fastnac (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Lupin, India
  • Fea Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Navana, Bangladesh
  • Fea
    Navana, Bangladesh
  • Febrax (Paracetamol and Naproxen)
    Grünenthal, Peru; Siegfried, Mexico
  • Febrectal Infantil (pediatric)
    Romofarm, Spain
  • Febrectal
    Romofarm, Spain
  • Febrex
    Indoco, India; Indoco, Oman
  • Febricet
    Hemofarm, Bosnia & Herzegowina; Hemofarm, Serbia
  • Febricet C (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Hemofarm, Bosnia & Herzegowina; Hemofarm, Serbia
  • Febridol
    Ascent, Australia; Unifarma, Latvia
  • Febrilix
    Kimiceg, Venezuela
  • Febrinil
    Oboi, Philippines; Svizera, India
  • Febronol
    Farqui, Dominican Republic
  • Felibrix
    The Boots Company, Ethiopia
  • Femalgin (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Boehringer Ingelheim, Lithuania
  • Femerital (Paracetamol and Ambucetamide)
    Alfaco, Netherlands
  • Feminalgin (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Latvia
  • Feminax Period Pain (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Bayer, United Kingdom
  • Fenace
    Invision, India
  • Fenaplus (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Modi-Mundipharma, India
  • Fenbid Fenka Pian (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    SmithKline & French, China
  • Fensaide-P (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Abbott, India
  • Fep
    Madhav BioTech, India
  • Fepamol
    Vensat, India
  • Fevac
    Orion, Bangladesh
  • Fevadol
    Spimaco, Bahrain; Spimaco, Oman
  • Fevastin
    Tablets, India
  • Fevastin Plus (Paracetamol and Methionine)
    Tablets, India
  • Fevedot
    Invision, India
  • Feverall
    Actelion, United States
  • Feveril
    PharmaBrand, Ecuador
  • Fevril (Paracetamol and Promethazine)
    Meyer, India
  • Fevrin
    Armoxindo, Indonesia
  • Fibralgin
    Fidifarm, Croatia (Hrvatska)
  • Fibralgin C (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Fidifarm, Croatia (Hrvatska)
  • Fibrex (Paracetamol and Acetylsalicylic Acid)
    Berlin-Chemie, Germany
  • Finalín Fem (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Nifa, Ecuador
  • Finalín Forte (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Nifa, Ecuador
  • Finalín Gripe (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Nifa, Ecuador
  • Finalín Niños
    Nifa, Ecuador
  • Finimal C (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Bayer, Netherlands
  • Finimal
    Bayer, Netherlands
  • Fitamol
    Sanofi-Aventis, Bangladesh
  • Flamace-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Biomax, India
  • Flamar-DP (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Indoco, India
  • Flamar-MX (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Indoco, India
  • Flamar-P (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Indoco, India
  • Flamotram-P (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Invision, India
  • Flaviston E
    Lusa, Peru
  • Flaviston Junior (pediatric)
    Lusa, Peru
  • Flaxinac (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Solitaire, India
  • Flectadol (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Lafi, Chile; Pharmalab, Peru
  • Flexidol (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    PharmaBrand, Ecuador
  • Flexigesic MPR (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Medi-Rx, Philippines
  • Flexigesic (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Invision, India
  • Flexinol (Paracetamol and Methocarbamol)
    Cipla, India
  • Flexiplen Complex (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Fabop, Argentina
  • Flogodisten (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Bago, Peru
  • Flu Relief (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    Galpharm - Perrigo, Malta
  • Flucold (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Nabros, Georgia
  • Fludeten (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Alter, Spain
  • Fludrex (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Kuwait Saudi, Bahrain
  • Fluental (Paracetamol and Sobrerol)
    Sanofi-Aventis, Italy
  • Fluimucil Complex (Paracetamol and Acetylcysteine)
    Zambon, Spain
  • F-Nil
    Laksun, India
  • Foracet (Paracetamol and Pentazocine)
    Ranbaxy, India
  • Fortafen Plus (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Alembic, India
  • Fortagesic (Paracetamol and Pentazocine)
    sanofi-aventis, India
  • Fortamol (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Nordic Drugs, Denmark
  • Fortolin
    Fortune-Pharmacal, China
  • Freze (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Crescent, India
  • Fucole Paran
    Yung Shin, Taiwan
  • Fudolon
    Panion & BF, Taiwan
  • Fugare
    Avalanche, India
  • Fulucon (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    The Central, Taiwan
  • Fuzinlin (Paracetamol and Chlormezanone)
    The Central, Taiwan
  • Gabbrocet (veterinary use)
    Vetem, Italy
  • Ganin
    New Chemical, Taiwan
  • Gaosédal Codéine (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Merck Médication Familiale, France
  • Gelocatil Codeina (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Gelos, Spain
  • Gelocatil
    Gelos, Spain
  • Gelonida (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Pfizer, Germany
  • Geluprane
    Sanofi-Aventis, France
  • Gemipar
    Gemi, Poland
  • Genebs
    Teva, United States
  • Geniol Caf (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Mintlab, Chile
  • Geniol
    Mintlab, Chile
  • Genlide Plus (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Cadila, India
  • Genmole
    Cadila, India
  • Gepacod (Paracetamol and Codein)
    sanofi-aventis, Finland
  • Geralgine Plus (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Münir Sahin, Turkey
  • Geralgine-P
    Münir Sahin, Turkey
  • Geralgine-P (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Münir Sahin, Turkey
  • Geran
    GPC, Philippines
  • Gesidol
    Medipharm, Chile
  • Gifaril P
    Wander, Philippines
  • Gitas Plus (Paracetamol and Scolobamin)
    Interbat, Indonesia
  • GNO CP (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Rospaw, Argentina
  • Go-Gesic (Paracetamol and Hydrocodone)
    Schwarz, United States
  • Goody's Back and Body Pain (Paracetamol and Acetylsalicylic Acid)
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, United States
  • Gredol (Paracetamol and Domperidone)
    Vensat, India
  • Greencet (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Green Cross, South Korea
  • Gripaben (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    Savant, Argentina
  • Gripakin (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Almi, Spain
  • Gripex Control (Paracetamol and Caffein)
    US Pharmacia, Poland
  • Gripin Bebe
    Gripin, Turkey
  • Gripin (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Gripin, Turkey
  • Gripostad
    STADA, Bosnia & Herzegowina
    Hexal, Germany
  • Grippokaps (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrin)
    Hasco, Poland
  • Grippostad
    STADA, Bulgaria; STADA, Estonia; STADA, Lithuania; STADA, Latvia; STADA Hemofarm, Croatia (Hrvatska); Steigerwald, Poland
  • Grippostad (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    STADA, Austria; STADA, Czech Republic; STADA, Georgia
  • Grippostad (Paracetamol and Dextromethorphan)
    STADA, Lithuania
  • Grippostad Night Drink (Paracetamol and Dextromethorphan)
    STADA, Bulgaria
  • Gugaike (Paracetamol and Dihydrocodeine)
    Lutan Pharmaceutical, China
  • Hapacol codein Sui (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    DHG Pharma, Vietnam
  • Hapacol Extra (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    DHG Pharma, Vietnam
  • Hapacol Flu (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    DHG Pharma, Vietnam
  • Hapacol Kids (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    DHG Pharma, Vietnam
  • Hapacol
    DHG Pharma, Vietnam
  • Hapacol cam so mui (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    DHG Pharma, Vietnam
  • Hapacol Dau nhuc (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    DHG Pharma, Vietnam
  • Head-O (Paracetamol and Cafffeine)
    Otto, Indonesia
  • Hecamol
    Health Chemical, Taiwan
  • Hedex
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, United Kingdom; Sterling Health, Ethiopia
  • Hedex (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Orion, Bangladesh
  • Hedex Extra (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, United Kingdom
  • Hepa
    Hudson, Bangladesh
  • Hexplider-C (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Leclerc, Peru
  • Hioscina NBB + Acetaminophen (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Pentacoop, Colombia
  • Hiscolgen (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Greater Pharma, Thailand
  • Hiset (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Kuk Je, South Korea
  • Histacold
    Minova, India
  • Hoemal
    Hoe, Malaysia
  • Hot Coldrex (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Netherlands
  • Hotiton (Paracetamol and Chlormezanone)
    Chin Teng, Taiwan
  • Humex (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Urgo, Czech Republic
  • Humex Etat Grippal (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Urgo, France
  • Humex rhume (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Urgo, France
  • Humex rhume (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Urgo, France
  • Humexgrip (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Urgo, Bulgaria
  • Humexgrip (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Urgo, Bulgaria
  • Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen Amneal (Paracetamol and Hydrocodone)
    Amneal, United States
  • Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen Aurolife (Paracetamol and Hydrocodone)
    Aurolife, United States
  • Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen Boca (Paracetamol and Hydrocodone)
    Boca, United States
  • Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen Mallinckrodt (Paracetamol and Hydrocodone)
    Mallinckrodt, United States
  • Hydrocodone bitartrate and Acetaminophen Mikart (Paracetamol and Hydrocodone)
    Mikart, United States
  • Hydrocodone bitartrate and Acetaminophen Nesher (Paracetamol and Hydrocodone)
    Nesher, United States
  • Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen Pharmaceutical Associates (Paracetamol and Hydrocodone)
    Pharmaceutical Associates, United States
  • Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen Sun (Paracetamol and Hydrocodone)
    Sun, United States
  • Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen Vintage (Paracetamol and Hydrocodone)
    Vintage, United States
  • Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen VistaPharm (Paracetamol and Hydrocodone)
    VistaPharm, United States
  • Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen Watson (Paracetamol and Hydrocodone)
    Watson, United States
  • Ibu Kitadol (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Chile, Chile
  • Ibuclin Jr (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen (pediatric))
    Dr. Reddy's, India
  • Ibudol-A Kid (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen (pediatric))
    Stedman, India
  • Ibuflamar-P (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Indoco, India
  • Ibugesic Plus (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Cipla, India
  • Ibulcin (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Dr Reddy's, Russian Federation
  • Ibumol (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Aspen Pharmacare Consumer, South Africa
  • Ibupain (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Sandoz, South Africa
  • Ibuprofen and Paracetamol (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Reckitt Benckiser, United Kingdom
  • Ibuspan-P (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Emcure, India
  • Icparil (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    ICPA, India
  • Ifimol
    JB Chemicals, India
  • Imol (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Zydus Cadila, India
  • Infant Bufferin Cold Relief (Paracetamol and Pseudoephdrine)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, China
  • Infants' Feverall
    Actavis, United States
  • Infant's Tylenol
    Janssen-Cilag, Vietnam
  • Infant's Tylenol (pediatric)
    Johnson & Johnson, China
  • Influbene C (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Mepha, Switzerland
  • Influbene N
    Mepha, Switzerland
  • Insomed (Paracetamol and Diphenhydramine)
    Pharmahex, Philippines
  • Intaflam (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Intas, Peru
  • Intragesic (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Intra, India
  • Iremax (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Guardian Pharmatama, Indonesia
  • Isalgen Compuesto (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Cipa, Peru
  • Isoflu (Paracetamol and Inosine Pranobex)
    New Marketlink, Philippines
  • Itamol
    Berlico Mulia Farma, Indonesia
  • Itedal
    Dicofar, Argentina
  • Ixprim (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Grünenthal, Ireland; Sanofi-Aventis, France
  • Jia Nuo Mei (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Heng Sheng, China
  • Jin De (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Novo Nordisk, China
  • Jonac Plus (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Zydus, India
  • J-Tra (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    JRP, South Korea
  • Junior Paracetamol
    Pinewood, United Kingdom
  • Junior Parapaed
    Pinewood, United Kingdom
  • Junior Parapaed (pediatric)
    AFT, New Zealand; Pinewood, Malta
  • K.T.L. (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Yung Sine, Taiwan
  • Kafa plus Koffein (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Vifor, Switzerland
  • Kang Bi De (Paracetamol and Zinc Gluconate)
    Hengli Group Office, China
  • Kapake (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Galen, United Kingdom; Galen, Ireland
  • Ke Li Ke (Paracetamol and Amantadine)
    Renhe Pharmacy, China
  • Kelvin
    Leben, India; Leben Pharmaceuticals, Ethiopia
  • Kelvin Plus (Paracetamol and Promethazine)
    Leben, India
  • Kelvin-P (Paracetamol and Promethazine)
    Leben, India
  • Kind Plus (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Solitaire, India
  • Kinderparacetamol CF
    Centrafarm, Netherlands
  • Kinderparacetamol
    DA, Netherlands; Etos, Netherlands; Healthypharm, Netherlands; Het, Netherlands; Leidapharm, Netherlands; SDG, Netherlands
  • Kinectine P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Anglo-French, India
  • Kitadol Max (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Chile, Chile
  • Kitadol Noche (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Chile, Chile
  • Kitadol
    Chile, Chile
  • Kit-F
    Continental-Pharm, Thailand
  • Kit-Syrup
    Continental-Pharm, Thailand
  • Klipal Codéine (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Pierre Fabre, France; Pierre Fabre, Tunisia; Pierre Fabre, Tunisia
  • Kodipar (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Nycomed, Denmark
  • Kodone (Paracetamol and Hydrocodone)
    Cheminter, Guatemala
  • Kolax (Paracetamol and Carisoprodol)
    Yuan Chou, Taiwan
  • Kolibri (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Alfa Wassermann, Italy
  • Kombinovani Prasak Protiv Bolova (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Ivancic, Serbia
  • Konaton
    Kojar, Taiwan
  • Korylan (Paracetamol and Codein)
    Zentiva, Czech Republic; Zentiva, Slovakia
  • Kuiflex (Paracetamol and Phenprobamate)
    Abdi Ibrahim, Turkey
  • Kuilil (Paracetamol and Phenprobamate)
    Embil, Turkey
  • Lactam
    Sinphar, Taiwan
  • Lanamol
    Landson, Indonesia
  • LanDi (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Zhongtian Pharmaceutical, China
  • Lanol
    Hetero, India
  • Lanol-DS
    Hetero, India
  • Lanol-ER
    Hetero, India
  • Lanol-JR (pediatric)
    Hetero, India
  • Lascaine (Paracetamol and Mephenoxalone)
    Unifarma, Taiwan
  • Lax (Paracetamol and Carisoprodol)
    Health Chemical, Taiwan
  • Lederflam Plus (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Wyeth, India
  • Lekadol
    Lek, Bosnia & Herzegowina; Lek, Slovenia; Sandoz, Croatia (Hrvatska)
  • Lekadol (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Lek, Georgia
  • Lekadol Plus C (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Lek, Slovenia; Sandoz, Croatia (Hrvatska)
  • Lemsip + Paracetamol (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Reckitt, Oman
  • Lemsip
    Reckitt Benckiser, Belgium; Reckitt Benckiser, Ireland; Reckitt Benckiser, New Zealand
  • Lemsip (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Reckitt Benckiser, Ireland
  • Lemsip (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    Reckitt Benckiser, Singapore
  • Lemsip (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Reckitt Benckiser, Ireland
  • Lemsip Cold & Flu (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    Reckitt Benckiser, United Kingdom; Reckitt Benckiser, Hong Kong; Reckitt Benckiser, Malta
  • Lemsip Max (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    Reckitt Benckiser, United Kingdom
  • Lemsip Max Cold & Flu (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    Reckitt Benckiser, New Zealand
  • Lensen
    Medinova, Myanmar
  • Lezdes-P (Paracetamol and Lornoxicam)
    Aamorb, India
  • Li Le(kangmei) (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Kangmei Pharmaceutical, China
  • Li Shu (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Xinjiang Pharmaceutical, China
  • Li Tong (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Yazhou Pharmaceutical, China
  • Lindilane (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Grünenthal, France
  • Liquiprin
    Lee, United States
  • Lisoflu (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Sanofi-Aventis, Italy
  • Lisopan
    Azevedos, Portugal
  • Litonba (Paracetamol and Chlormezanone)
    Yung Sine, Taiwan
  • LM6 (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Carnot, Mexico
  • Lobak (Paracetamol and Chlormezanone)
    Chin Teng, Taiwan
  • Lolira-P (Paracetamol and Lornoxicam)
    Zenon, India
  • Lonalgal (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Boehringer Ingelheim, Greece
  • Lonarid (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Boehringer Ingelheim, Belgium
  • Lonarid (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Boehringer Ingelheim, Italy
  • Lorchek-P (Paracetamol and Lornoxicam)
    Indoco, India
  • Lornofan-P (Paracetamol and Lornoxicam)
    Emar, India
  • Lornoxi-P (Paracetamol and Lornoxicam)
    Hetero, India
  • Lorsaid-P (Paracetamol and Lornoxicam)
    Abbott, India
  • Lortab (Paracetamol and Hydrocodone)
    Mallinckrodt, United States; UCB, United States
  • Lorter-P (Paracetamol and Lornoxicam)
    Gujarat Terce, India
  • Lorter-P Forte (Paracetamol and Lornoxicam)
    Gujarat Terce, India
  • Lorthox-P (Paracetamol and Lornoxicam)
    Neiss, India
  • Lorup Plus (Paracetamol and Lornoxicam)
    FDC, India
  • Lotem (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Adcock Ingram Pharmaceuticals, South Africa
  • Lotemp
    Biolab, Thailand
  • Luloxy-P (Paracetamol and Lornoxicam)
    Aronex, India
  • Lumdol (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Medipharm, Chile
  • Lunan Beite (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Lunan Pharm, China
  • Lupiflam (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Lupin, India
  • Lupipara
    Lupin, India
  • Lupisetron Plus (Paracetamol and Ondansetron)
    Lupin, India
  • Lupisulide-P (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Lupin, India
  • Lupivon (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Lupin, India
  • Lupocet
    Belupo, Bosnia & Herzegowina; Belupo, Croatia (Hrvatska)
  • Lusadeína (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Lusa, Peru
  • Maccabimol
    Perrigo, Israel
  • Maccabimol Kid (pediatric)
    Perrigo, Israel
  • Mafidol Compuesto (Paracetamol and Naproxen)
    Farvet, Peru
  • Mafidol
    Farvet, Peru
  • Maganol
    Guardian Pharmatama, Indonesia
  • Mahadol (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Zuventus, India
  • Malidens
    Abbott, India
  • Mann (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    SMB, Belgium
  • Manol Plus (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Sanitas, Chile
  • Masapara (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Masa Lab, Thailand
  • Maxiclear Cold & Flu Relief (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    AFT, New Zealand
  • Maxiclear Sinus & Pain Relief (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    AFT, New Zealand
  • Maxidrin (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Kley Hertz, Brazil
  • Maxito
    Quilab, Peru
  • Maxnophen (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Boryung, South Korea
  • Maxofen (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Abbott, India
  • Mdace-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    MDC, India
  • Medafein (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Koçak, Turkey
  • Medamol
    Medpharma, Oman
  • Medamol (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    IFET, Greece
  • Medgenol
    MedGen, Philippines
  • Medgesic (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Medifive, Thailand
  • Medinol
    Cupal, Malta; SSL International, United Kingdom
  • Medinol Paediatric (pediatric)
    SSL International, United Kingdom
  • Medipyrin
    Glenmark, Czech Republic; Medicamenta, Slovakia
  • Medised for Children (Paracetamol and Diphenhydramine)
    Medochemie, Malta; SSL International, United Kingdom
  • Medo actadol
    Phapharco, Vietnam
  • Medocodene (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    UCB Pharma, United Kingdom
  • Medonol (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Medochemie, Hong Kong; Medochemie, Malta
  • Mefacid Forte (Paracetamol and Mefenamic Acid)
    Floreat, India
  • Meflup Forte (Paracetamol and Mefenamic Acid)
    Lupin, India
  • Meftagesic (Paracetamol and Mefenamic Acid)
    Blue Cross, India
  • Meftal Forte (Paracetamol and Mefenamic Acid)
    Blue Cross, India
  • Mejoral
    GlaxoSmithKline, Mexico
  • Mejoral Actirápido
    GlaxoSmithKline, Mexico
  • Mejoralito
    GlaxoSmithKline, Mexico
  • Mejoralito Junior
    GlaxoSmithKline, Mexico
  • Mejoralito Pediátrico (pediatric)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Mexico
  • Mejorax
    Farpasa, Peru
  • Mejorax Infantil (pediatric)
    Farpasa, Peru
  • Meng Luo Ying (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Baiyunshan, China
  • Mepar (Paracetamol and Mefenamic Acid)
    East West, India
  • Mepar Forte (Paracetamol and Mefenamic Acid)
    East West, India
  • Mephan
    Purzer, Taiwan
  • Mesu-P (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Aamorb, India
  • Metafen (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Polfa Lódz, Poland
  • Metagesic (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Bagó, Ecuador
  • Methoxacet (Paracetamol and Methocarbamol)
    Rougier, Canada
  • Metofen Fuerte (Paracetamol and Methocarbamol)
    Farqui, Dominican Republic
  • Metpar (Paracetamol and Metoclopramide)
    Cipla, India
  • Mexalen
    ratiopharm, Austria; ratiopharm, Hungary
  • Mexalen rapid
    ratiopharm, Austria
  • Mexa-Vit. C ratiopharm (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    ratiopharm, Austria
  • Micronac Plus (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Micro HC, India
  • Midol Night-Time (Paracetamol and Methocarbamol)
    Bayer, Canada
  • Midolen (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Pharmed, Peru
  • Midrid (Paracetamol and Isometheptene)
    Manx, United Kingdom
  • Midrone (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Midpharma, Oman
  • Migraeflux MCP (Paracetamol and Metoclopramide)
    Hennig, Germany
  • Migralave + MCP (Paracetamol and Metoclopramide)
    Temmler, Germany
  • Migraleve (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    McNeil, United Kingdom; Pfizer, Malta
  • Migräne-Neuridal (Paracetamol and Metoclopramide)
    Krewel Meuselbach, Germany
  • Migränerton (Paracetamol and Metoclopramide)
    Dolorgiet, Czech Republic; Dolorgiet, Germany
  • Minafen
    Drogsan, Turkey
  • Minidol Plus (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    ABL Pharma, Peru; Andromaco, Chile
  • Mino
    Rhine Biogenics, India
  • Minofen
    Crinos, Italy
  • Minoset
    Bayer, Turkey
  • Mio Citalgan (Paracetamol and Carisoprodol)
    Merck, Costa Rica; Merck, Dominican Republic; Merck, Guatemala; Merck, Honduras; Merck, Nicaragua; Merck, Panama; Merck, El Salvador
  • Miodisten Relax (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Maquifarma, Peru
  • Mioflex Forte (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Infaca, Dominican Republic
  • Mioneuroflam (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Sherfarma, Peru
  • Miorel Compuesto (Paracetamol and Methocarbamol)
    Cheminter, Guatemala
  • Miorelax (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Keyfarm, Peru
  • Miyorel (Paracetamol and Methocarbamol)
    Sanofi-Aventis, Turkey
  • Mobistix
    NeoCare, Belgium
  • Modron (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Tai Yu, Taiwan
  • Modul Compuesto (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    AC Farma, Peru
  • Molit Plus (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Adeka, Turkey
  • Momentum
    CSC, Austria
  • Motinorm-P (Paracetamol and Domperidone)
    Medley, India
  • Muscadol (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Julphar, Oman
  • Muscelax (Paracetamol and Carisoprodol)
    B L Hua, Thailand
  • Muscol (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Teva, Israel; Teva, Thailand
  • Muscolic (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Osoth, Thailand
  • Muskazon (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Kurtsan, Turkey
  • Muskelax (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    UAP, Philippines
  • Muslax-A (Paracetamol and Chlormezanone)
    CCPC, Taiwan
  • Muslex (Paracetamol and Carisoprodol)
    Johnson, Taiwan
  • Mydocalm-A (Paracetamol and Tolperisone)
    Chinoin, Mexico
  • Myodol (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone (pediatric))
    Mefar Ilaç Sanayii, Georgia
  • Myodrine (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Charoen Bhaesaj, Thailand
  • Myofan (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Emar, India
  • Myoflex (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Siam Bheasach, Thailand
  • Myogesic (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Dar Al Dawa, Oman
  • Myora (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Bangkok Lab & Cosmetic®, Thailand
  • Myosic (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    M & H, Thailand
  • Myospa (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    B L Hua, Thailand
  • Myospaz (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Win-Medicare, India
  • Mypaid (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Adcock Ingram Pharmaceuticals, South Africa
  • Mypara
    Greater Pharma, Thailand
  • Mypara Plus Orphenadrine (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Greater Pharma, Thailand
  • Nabesac (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Masa Lab, Thailand
  • Nac Plus (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Systopic, India
  • Nactop
    Elisium, Argentina
  • Nai Ping (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Huifeng Pharmaceutical, China
  • Nal-PM (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Madhav BioTech, India
  • Naldecon (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Brazil
  • Nam-P (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Lincoln, India
  • Napa
    Beximco, Bangladesh; Beximco, Myanmar; Beximco Pharma, Singapore; Mylan Seiyaku, Japan
  • Napafen
    ECU, Ecuador
  • Napamol
    Adcock Ingram Pharmaceuticals, South Africa
  • Napaton
    Newai Chem, Taiwan
  • Napran
    JB Orchid Pharma, Philippines
  • Naprex
    Medifarma, Indonesia; Pediatrica, Indonesia; Pediatrica, Philippines
  • Naprocop Compuesto (Paracetamol and Naproxen)
    Pharmed, Peru
  • Naprophar Duo (Paracetamol and Naproxen)
    Pharma Hosting Peru, Peru
  • Naproxeno + Paracetamol (Paracetamol and Naproxen)
    Induquimica, Peru; Nifa, Ecuador
  • Nasa W/ Codeine (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Millimed, Thailand
  • Nasa
    Millimed, Myanmar; Millimed, Thailand
  • Nasamol
    Nicholas, Indonesia
  • Naxodol Plus (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Mintlab, Chile
  • Nedolon P (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Merck, Germany
  • Neet Plus (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Madhav BioTech, India
  • Nefter (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Neiss, India
  • Neo Rheumacyl (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Bode, Indonesia; Tempo Scan Pacific, Indonesia
  • Neomol
    Neopharma, Oman
  • Neomol Plus
    Neopharma, Oman
  • Neopap
    PolyMedica, United States
  • Neo-Percodan (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Sanofi-Aventis, Mexico
  • Neopyrin (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Riemser, Germany
  • Neosec (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Masa Lab, Thailand
  • Neozep (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine (pediatric))
    United Lab, Philippines
  • Neucam-P (Paracetamol and Lornoxicam)
    Lupin, India
  • Neuralgesic (Paracetamol and Naproxen)
    Gianfarma, Peru
  • Neutracet (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Kyongbo, South Korea
  • Neutram-P (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    East West, India
  • Nevis-P (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Orion, India
  • Nevrine Codeine (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Sterop, Belgium
  • New Artifen Plus (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Aglowmed, India
  • Niap (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Dr. Reddy's, India
  • Nilup-P (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Lupin, India
  • Nimeter-P (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Gujarat Terce, India
  • Nimica Plus (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Ipca, India
  • Nimiz-Plus (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Zota, India
  • Nimpar (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Active HC, India
  • Nimpar Plus (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Active HC, India
  • Nimsaid-P (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Medley, India
  • Nimuflex-P (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Abbott, India
  • Nimustar-P (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Invision, India
  • Nimvista Plus (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Cadila, India
  • Niocitran (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Novartis Consumer Health, Belgium
  • Niplonac P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Abbott, India
  • Nismol (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Neiss, India
  • Nodipir
    Klonal, Argentina
  • Nodol (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    D'Amilpharm, Peru
  • Nodrof (Paracetamol and Phenylpropanolamine)
    Tempo Scan Pacific, Indonesia
  • Nofiva
    Agio, India
  • Nogesio
    Health Chemical, Taiwan
  • Noma
    Hua Shin, Taiwan
  • Nomax Dol (Paracetamol and Naproxen)
    D'Amilpharm, Peru
  • Non-drowsy Sinutab (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    McNeil, United Kingdom; McNeil, Ireland
  • Nongripp Antigripal (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    Pharmed, Peru
  • Nongripp Migraña (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Pharmed, Peru
  • Nongripp
    Pharmed, Peru
  • Nongripp Infantil (pediatric)
    Pharmed, Peru
  • Nopain Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Casel, Turkey
  • Nopain (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Avsa, Peru
  • Norco (Paracetamol and Hydrocodone)
    Watson, China; Watson, United States
  • Nordex
    Ashford, Philippines
  • Norflex CO (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    iNova, South Africa
  • Norflex Plus (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Farmindustria, Peru; Graceway, Mexico
  • Norgesic (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Graceway, Costa Rica; Graceway, Dominican Republic; Graceway, Guatemala; Graceway, Honduras; Graceway, Panama; Graceway, El Salvador; iNova, Australia; iNova, Hong Kong; iNova, Philippines; iNova, Singapore; iNova, Thailand; iNova, Taiwan; Meda, Austria; Meda, Finland; Meda, Iceland; Meda, Sweden; Meda Pharm, Greece; YSP, Malaysia
  • Norgic (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Pond's Chemical, Thailand
  • Normaflu
    ratiopharm Italia, Italy
  • Normotemp
    Italpharma, Ecuador
  • Norphen (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Atlantic, Singapore; Atlantic Lab, Thailand
  • No-Spasma (Paracetamol and Dicycloverine)
    Nabros, Georgia
  • Novadol
    ADWYA, Tunisia
  • Novadol-P (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Radicura, India
  • Novalsung
    Masa Lab, Myanmar
  • Novimol
    CTS, Israel
  • Novimol (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    CTS, Israel
  • Novo Asat
    Gezzi, Argentina
  • Novo-Gesic
    Novopharm, Poland
  • NP (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Indoco, India
  • N-Paracetamol
    Meduman, Romania
  • Nucoxia-P (Paracetamol and Etoricoxib)
    Zydus Cadila, India
  • Nufadol
    Nufarindo, Indonesia
  • Numark Paracetamol
    Pinewood, Malta
  • Nuosic
    Millimed, Myanmar
  • Nupar (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Savoy, India
  • Nupeldol
    Nupel, Spain
  • Nurasic (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    T. O. Chemicals, Thailand
  • Nuromol (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Reckitt Benckiser, United Kingdom
  • Nusaid-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Molekule, India
  • Nuta (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Osotspa, Thailand
  • Octadon P (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    UCB Pharma, Germany
  • Ofirmev
    Cadence Pharmaceuticals, United States
  • Omodol (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Solitaire, India
  • Omol
    NPI, Oman
  • Omol Extra (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    NPI, Oman
  • Onexol Duo (Paracetamol and Naproxen)
    Orbis, Peru
  • Opigesic
    Bayer, Philippines
  • Opi-OT (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Elder, India
  • Optalidon Schmerztabletten (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Novartis Consumer Health, Germany
  • Optipyrin (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Pfleger, Germany
  • Orano (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Unison, Thailand
  • Orpar (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Pharmasant, Thailand
  • Orphen (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Dae Woo, South Korea
  • Orphenadol (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    YSP, Malaysia; Yung Shin, Singapore
  • Orphengesic (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Bangkok Lab & Cosmetic®, Thailand
  • Orphensic (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    General Drugs House, Thailand
  • Oskadon (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Supra Ferbindo, Indonesia
  • Osteodol (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Fem Care, India
  • Otrivine Mu-Cron (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Novartis Consumer Health, United Kingdom
  • Ottopan
    Otto, Indonesia
  • Oxalgin-DP (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Zydus Cadila, India
  • Oxycet (Paracetamol and Oxycodone)
    Mallinckrodt, United States
  • Oxycodone and Acetaminophen Actavis (Paracetamol and Oxycodone)
    Actavis, United States
  • Oxycodone and Acetaminophen Amneal (Paracetamol and Oxycodone)
    Amneal, United States
  • Oxycodone and Acetaminophen Coastal (Paracetamol and Oxycodone)
    Coastal, United States
  • Oxycodone and Acetaminophen Duramed (Paracetamol and Oxycodone)
    Duramed, United States
  • Oxycodone and Acetaminophen Mallinckrodt (Paracetamol and Oxycodone)
    Mallinckrodt, United States
  • Oxycodone and Acetaminophen Mikart (Paracetamol and Oxycodone)
    Mikart, United States
  • Oxycodone and Acetaminophen Vintage (Paracetamol and Oxycodone)
    Vintage, United States
  • Oxycodone and Acetaminophen Watson (Paracetamol and Oxycodone)
    Watson, United States
  • Oyup
    Unikid, India
  • Pa La Xin
    Sine Pharm, China
  • Pac (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Ibn Sina, Bangladesh
  • Pacidol
    Brisafarma, Peru
  • Pacimol
    Ipca, India; Ipca Laboratories, Ethiopia
  • Pacimol Plus (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Ipca, India
  • Pacimol-DS
    Ipca, India
  • Pacimol-M (Paracetamol and Metoclopramide)
    Ipca, India
  • Pacimol-XP
    Ipca, India
  • Pacinol
    Yung Sine, Taiwan
  • Pacol
    Aversi, Georgia
  • Pacopan (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Pharmasant, Thailand
  • Padevix (Paracetamol and Dextromethorphan)
    Vitale, Estonia
  • Paediatric Paracetamol (pediatric)
    Pinewood, United Kingdom
  • Pai Si Ke (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Huinan Tiantai Pharmaceutical, China
  • Painadol-P (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    FDC, India
  • Painamol Plus (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Be-Tabs Pharmaceuticals, South Africa
  • Painamol
    Be-Tabs Pharmaceuticals, South Africa
  • Painmezone
    Jinup, Taiwan
  • Painsafe (Paracetamol and Mephenoxalone)
    Genovate, Taiwan
  • Paldesic Paracetamol
    Rosemont, Malta
  • Paldolor (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Hersil, Peru
  • Pamol
    Dar Al Dawa, Oman; Emil, Ethiopia; Interbat, Indonesia; Johnson & Johnson, New Zealand; Leiras, Finland; Nycomed, Denmark; Nycomed, Estonia; Nycomed, Lithuania; Nycomed, Latvia; Nycomed, Norway; Nycomed, Sweden
  • Pamol Child (pediatric)
    Dar Al Dawa, Oman
  • Pamol Flash
    Nycomed, Denmark
  • Pamol Infant (pediatric)
    Dar Al Dawa, Oman; Johnson & Johnson, New Zealand
  • Panacare
    Pharmacara, Oman
  • Panace P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Psyco Remedies, India
  • Panacetamol
    Kspico, Ethiopia
  • Panacod (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    sanofi-aventis, Finland
  • Panacon
    Synmosa, Taiwan
  • Panadeine (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Ireland; GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, New Zealand; Sanofi-Aventis, Hong Kong; Sanofi-Aventis, Malaysia; Sanofi-Aventis, Singapore
  • Panadeine Forte (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Sanofi-Aventis, Australia
  • Panado
    Adcock Ingram Pharmaceuticals, South Africa
  • Panadol 7+ years
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, New Zealand
  • Panadol Actifast
    GlaxoSmithKline, Oman
  • Panadol Actifast (Paracetamol and Sodium Bicarbonate)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Hong Kong
  • Panadol Artrose
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Netherlands
  • Panadol Children`s Suspension
    GlaxoSmithKline, Hong Kong
  • Panadol Extra (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Lithuania; GlaxoSmithKline, Latvia; GlaxoSmithKline, Oman; GlaxoSmithKline, Peru; GlaxoSmithKline, Turkey; GlaxoSmithKline, Taiwan; GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, United Kingdom
  • Panadol for children
    GlaxoSmithKline, Taiwan; GlaxoSmithKline, Malaysia
  • Panadol Infantil (pediatric)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Peru
  • Panadol Junior
    GlaxoSmithKline, Netherlands
  • Panadol Night (Paracetamol and Diphenhydramine)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Oman; GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, United Kingdom; GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, New Zealand
  • Panadol Osteo
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, New Zealand
  • Panadol Plus
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Netherlands
  • Panadol Rapide
    GlaxoSmithKline, Lithuania; GlaxoSmithKline, Slovenia
  • Panadol Ultra (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, United Kingdom
  • Panadol
    AlphaFarma, Malta; GlaxoSmithKline, Bosnia & Herzegowina; GlaxoSmithKline, Belgium; GlaxoSmithKline, Bulgaria; GlaxoSmithKline, Congo; GlaxoSmithKline, Chile; GlaxoSmithKline, Czech Republic; GlaxoSmithKline, Estonia; GlaxoSmithKline, Ethiopia; GlaxoSmithKline, Finland; GlaxoSmithKline, France; GlaxoSmithKline, Georgia; GlaxoSmithKline, Greece; GlaxoSmithKline, Hong Kong; GlaxoSmithKline, Hungary; GlaxoSmithKline, Ireland; GlaxoSmithKline, Israel; GlaxoSmithKline, Italy; GlaxoSmithKline, Lithuania; GlaxoSmithKline, Luxembourg; GlaxoSmithKline, Latvia; GlaxoSmithKline, Malta; GlaxoSmithKline, Malaysia; GlaxoSmithKline, Netherlands; GlaxoSmithKline, Oman; GlaxoSmithKline, Peru; GlaxoSmithKline, Romania; GlaxoSmithKline, Serbia; GlaxoSmithKline, Russian Federation; GlaxoSmithKline, Singapore; GlaxoSmithKline, Slovenia; GlaxoSmithKline, Slovakia; GlaxoSmithKline, Thailand; GlaxoSmithKline, Turkey; GlaxoSmithKline, Taiwan; GlaxoSmithKline, Vietnam; GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Australia; GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Spain; GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, United Kingdom; GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Croatia (Hrvatska); GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, New Zealand; GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Poland; GSK Consumer Healthcare, Switzerland; SmithKline & French, China; Sterling, Ethiopia; Sterling, Indonesia; Teriak, Tunisia; Winthrop, Ethiopia
  • Panadol (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Czech Republic
  • Panadol (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Czech Republic
  • Panadol Antigrippine (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    GSK Consumer Healthcare, Switzerland
  • Panadol Baby
    GlaxoSmithKline, Bosnia & Herzegowina; GlaxoSmithKline, Romania; GlaxoSmithKline, Serbia
  • Panadol Baby & Infant
    GlaxoSmithKline, Oman
  • Panadol Baby (pediatric)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Bulgaria; GlaxoSmithKline, Czech Republic; GlaxoSmithKline, Georgia; GlaxoSmithKline, Malta; GlaxoSmithKline, Slovenia; GlaxoSmithKline, Slovakia; GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Croatia (Hrvatska)
  • Panadol C (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    GSK Consumer Healthcare, Switzerland
  • Panadol Codeine (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Belgium
  • Panadol Cold & Flu (Paracetamol and Chlormezanone)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Greece
  • Panadol Cold (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Malaysia
  • Panadol Comp (Paracetamol and Caffein)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Finland
  • Panadol dla dzieci (pediatric)
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Poland
  • Panadol Extend
    GlaxoSmithKline, Finland; GSK Consumer Healthcare, Switzerland
  • Panadol Extra (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Bangladesh; GlaxoSmithKline, Bulgaria; GlaxoSmithKline, Estonia; GlaxoSmithKline, Greece; GlaxoSmithKline, Hong Kong; GlaxoSmithKline, Ireland; GlaxoSmithKline, Malta; GlaxoSmithKline, Romania; GlaxoSmithKline, Serbia; GlaxoSmithKline, Russian Federation; GlaxoSmithKline, Singapore; GlaxoSmithKline, Slovenia; GlaxoSmithKline, Slovakia; GlaxoSmithKline, Vietnam; GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Croatia (Hrvatska); GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, New Zealand; GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Poland; GSK Consumer Healthcare, Switzerland; Teriak, Tunisia
  • Panadol Femina (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Bulgaria; GlaxoSmithKline, Slovakia
  • Panadol Hot
    GlaxoSmithKline, Finland
  • Panadol Junior (pediatric)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Bulgaria; GlaxoSmithKline, Czech Republic; GSK Consumer Healthcare, Switzerland
  • Panadol Menstrual (Paracetamol and Pamabrom)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Singapore
  • Panadol Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Belgium
  • Panadol Pore
    GlaxoSmithKline, Finland
  • Panadol Rapid
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, New Zealand; GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Poland
  • Panadol Rapide
    GlaxoSmithKline, Bulgaria
  • Panadol Sinus (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Malta; GlaxoSmithKline, Oman
  • Panadol Strong
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Poland
  • Panadol Vitamin C (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Greece
  • Panadol Zapp
    GlaxoSmithKline, Finland; GlaxoSmithKline, Luxembourg
  • Panadol-S
    GlaxoSmithKline, Switzerland
  • Panaflam (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Sherfarma, Peru
  • Panagesic Adultos
    Chemopharma, Chile
  • Panagesic con Cafeina (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Chemopharma, Chile
  • Panagesic Infantil (pediatric)
    Chemopharma, Chile
  • Panamax
    GlaxoSmithKline, Taiwan; Sanofi-Aventis, Australia
  • Panaram
    Efroze Chemical Industry, Ethiopia
  • Panasorbe
    Sanofi-Aventis, Portugal
  • Panatol
    Panbiotic, Taiwan
  • Panatol (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Ming Ta, Taiwan
  • Panets Baby (pediatric)
    Optrex, Ethiopia
  • Panets
    Optrex, Ethiopia
  • Panocod (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Sanofi-Aventis, Iceland; Sanofi-Aventis, Sweden
  • Panodil
    GlaxoSmithKline, Denmark; GlaxoSmithKline, Iceland; GlaxoSmithKline, Norway; GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Sweden
  • Panodil Brus
    GlaxoSmithKline, Iceland
  • Panodil Forte
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Sweden
  • Panodil Hot
    GlaxoSmithKline, Iceland
  • Panodil Junior
    GlaxoSmithKline, Iceland
  • Panodil Zapp
    GlaxoSmithKline, Denmark
  • Papaverol Compuesto (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Bios, Peru
  • Par
    Faran Laboratories, Greece
  • Para GDEK
    Millimed, Thailand
  • Para-4-Kids (pediatric)
    Blue Sky, Philippines
  • Parabay
    Bayer, Ecuador
  • Paracap
    Masa Lab, Myanmar; Masa Lab, Thailand
  • Paracare
    PSM, New Zealand
  • Paracare Junior (pediatric)
    PSM, New Zealand
  • Paracef
    SPM, Philippines
  • Paraceon
    Verman, Finland
  • Paracet
    Be-Tabs Pharmaceuticals, South Africa; Gripin, Turkey; Osotspa, Thailand; Vitamed, Israel; Weifa, Norway
  • Paracet (Paracetamol and Paracetamol)
    Vitamed, Israel
  • Paracet (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Pharma King, South Korea
  • Paraceta
    Tchaikapharma, Bulgaria
  • Paracetam (veterinary use)
    Sogeval, Luxembourg
  • ParacetaMax
    Balkanpharma, Bulgaria
  • Paracetamol - 1 A Pharma
    1A Pharma, Germany
  • Paracetamol - Ethypharm
    Ethypharm, China
  • Paracetamol - Tsiteli A
    Batfarma, Georgia
  • Paracetamol - UBF
    Uralbiopharm, Georgia
  • Paracetamol / Ascorbinezuur (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Healthypharm, Netherlands
  • Paracetamol / Codeine A (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Apothecon, Netherlands
  • Paracetamol / Codeine Actavis (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Actavis, Netherlands
  • Paracetamol / Codeine Apotex (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Apotex Europe, Netherlands
  • Paracetamol / Codeine PCH (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Pharmachemie, Netherlands
  • Paracetamol / Codeine Ratiopharm (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    ratiopharm, Netherlands
  • Paracetamol / Codeine Sandoz (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Sandoz, Netherlands
  • Paracetamol + Clorzoxazona (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Induquimica, Peru
  • Paracetamol + Codeine ITF (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    ITF, Greece
  • Paracetamol 500 Hänseler neue Formel
    Hänseler, Switzerland
  • Paracetamol A
    Apothecon, Netherlands
  • Paracetamol AbZ
    AbZ-Pharma, Germany
  • Paracetamol Actavis
    Actavis, Switzerland; Actavis, Estonia; Actavis, United Kingdom; Actavis, Lithuania; Actavis, Latvia; Actavis, Netherlands; Actavis, Norway; Actavis, Sweden; Balkanpharma, Bulgaria
  • Paracétamol Actavis
    Actavis, France
  • Paracetamol Adipharm
    Adipharm, Bulgaria
  • Paracetamol Aflofarm
    Aflofarm, Poland
  • Paracetamol Agrand
    Ahimsa, Argentina
  • Paracetamol Aiwa
    T & D, Germany
  • Paracetamol AL
    Aliud, Germany
  • Paracetamol AL comp. (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Aliud, Germany
  • Paracétamol Almus
    Almus, France
  • Paracetamol Alter
    Alter, Spain
  • Paracétamol Alter
    Alter, France
  • Paracetamol ANB (Paracetamol and Lidocaine)
    ANB, Thailand
  • Paracetamol Andromaco
    Andromaco, Chile
  • Paracetamol Apofri
    Evolan, Sweden
  • Paracetamol Apotex
    Apotex Europe, Netherlands
  • Paracétamol Arrow
    Arrow, France
  • Paracetamol axcount
    Axcount, Germany
  • Paracetamol B.P.
    Cyper, Georgia; Nabros, Georgia
  • Paracetamol Batumi
    Batfarma, Georgia
  • Paracetamol BC
    Berlin-Chemie, Germany
  • Paracetamol beta
    Betapharm, Germany
  • Paracetamol Biofarm
    Biofarm, Poland
  • Paracétamol Biogaran
    Biogaran, France
  • Paracetamol Biomendi
    Biomendi, Spain
  • Paracetamol Biopharm
    Biopharm, Georgia
  • Paracetamol Borisov
    Rup Borisov Medical Preparation Plant, Georgia
  • Paracetamol Caffeine Chemax Pharma (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Chemax Pharma, Bulgaria
  • Paracetamol CF
    Centrafarm, Netherlands
  • Paracetamol Chimpharm
    Chimpharm, Georgia
  • Paracetamol Cinfa
    Cinfa, Spain
  • Paracetamol Codein (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    F.T. Pharma, Vietnam
  • Paracétamol Codéine Almus (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Almus, France
  • Paracétamol Codéine Arrow (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Arrow, France
  • Paracétamol Codéine Biogaran (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Biogaran, France
  • Paracétamol Codéine CristerS (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    CristerS, France
  • Paracétamol Codéine EG (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    EG Labo, France
  • Paracétamol Codéine Mylan (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Mylan, France
  • Paracétamol Codéine Sandoz (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Sandoz, France
  • Paracétamol Codéine Teva (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Teva Santé, France
  • Paracetamol Combix
    Combix, Spain
  • Paracetamol comp. STADA (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    STADA, Germany
  • Paracétamol CristerS
    CristerS, France
  • Paracetamol Denk
    Denk Pharma, Ethiopia
  • Paracetamol Docpharma
    Delpharm, Bulgaria
  • Paracetamol dura
    Mylan dura, Germany
  • Paracetamol Edigen
    Edigen, Spain
  • Paracetamol EG
    Eurogenerics, Belgium; Eurogenerics, Luxembourg
  • Paracétamol EG
    EG Labo, France
  • Paracetamol elac
    Teva, Germany
  • Paracetamol Elpen
    Elpen, Greece
  • Paracetamol Eurofarma
    Eurofarma, Brazil
  • Paracetamol Evolan
    Evolan, Sweden
  • Paracetamol Extra Fort
    Pharmex, Romania
  • Paracetamol Fairmed
    Fair-Med, Germany
  • Paracetamol Farmalider
    Farmalider, Spain
  • Paracetamol Farmina
    Farmina, Poland
  • Paracetamol Farmo Quimica
    Farmo Quimica, Chile
  • Paracetamol Fecofar
    Fecofar, Argentina
  • Paracetamol Filofarm
    Filofarm, Poland
  • Paracetamol FLX
    Karib, Netherlands
  • Paracetamol Fortbenton
    Fortbenton, Argentina
  • Paracetamol Fresenius
    Fresenius, Switzerland
  • Paracetamol Fresenius Infant (pediatric)
    Fresenius, Switzerland
  • Paracetamol Fresenius Kabi
    Fresenius, Norway; Fresenius Kabi, Sweden
  • Paracetamol G.E.S.
    Ges Genericos, Spain
  • Paracetamol Galena
    Galena, Poland
  • Paracetamol Gayoso
    Gayoso, Spain
  • Paracetamol Gelos
    Gelos, Spain
  • Paracetamol General Drugs House
    General Drugs House, Thailand
  • Paracetamol Genericon
    Genericon, Austria
  • Paracetamol Generis
    Generis, Portugal
  • Paracetamol Gentle
    Gentle, Taiwan
  • Paracetamol Grindeks
    Grindeks, Lithuania
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    Grünenthal, Switzerland
  • Paracetamol Hänseler
    Hänseler, Switzerland
  • Paracetamol Hasco
    Hasco, Poland
  • Paracetamol Herbapol Wroclaw
    Herbapol-Wroclaw, Poland
  • Paracetamol Heumann
    Heumann, Germany
  • Paracetamol HEXAL
    Hexal, Germany
  • Paracetamol HTP
    Healthypharm, Netherlands
  • Paracetamol Inbiotech
    Inbiotech, Bulgaria
  • Paracetamol Infantil (pediatric)
    Mintlab, Chile
  • Paracetamol Ionfarma
    Ionfarma, Czech Republic
  • Paracetamol IPS
    I.P.S., Tunisia; IPS, Netherlands
  • Paracetamol IPS pediatrique (pediatric)
    I.P.S., Tunisia
  • Paracetamol IPS Vitamine C (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    I.P.S., Tunisia
  • Paracétamol Isomed
    Teva Santé, France
  • Paracetamol ITF
    ITF, Greece
  • Paracetamol Jadran
    Jadran, Croatia (Hrvatska)
  • Paracetamol Kabi
    Fresenius, Germany; Fresenius Kabi, Estonia
  • Paracetamol Kern Pharma
    Kern, Spain
  • Paracetamol Kring
    Kring, Netherlands
  • Paracetamol L.CH.
    Chile, Chile
  • Paracetamol Lafedar
    Lafedar, Argentina
  • Paracetamol Lazar
    Lazar, Argentina
  • Paracetamol Lekarna
    Lekarna, Slovenia
  • Paracetamol Lichtenstein
    Winthrop, Germany
  • Paracetamol LPH
    Labormed Pharma, Romania
  • Paracetamol Luganskiy
    Luganskiy, Georgia
  • Paracétamol Macopharma
    Macopharma, France
  • Paracetamol Marcmed
    Marcmed, Poland
  • Paracetamol MCC
    Magistra, Georgia; Magistra, Romania
  • Paracetamol Mediq
    Mediq, Netherlands
  • Paracetamol Merck
    Mylan, Netherlands
  • Paracetamol Mintlab
    Mintlab, Chile
  • Paracetamol Mundogen
    Ranbaxy, Spain
  • Paracetamol Mylan
    Mylan, Spain
  • Paracétamol Mylan
    Mylan, France
  • Paracetamol Neopharmi
    Neopharmi, Georgia
  • Paracetamol Normon
    Normon, Spain
  • Paracetamol OGB Dexa
    Dexa Medica, Indonesia
  • Paracetamol Orifarm
    Orifarm Generics, Sweden
  • Paracetamol Osoth
    Osoth, Thailand
  • Paracetamol Panpharma
    FarmaPlus, Sweden; Panpharma, Norway
  • Paracétamol Panpharma
    Panpharma, France
  • Paracetamol Pasteur
    Pasteur, Chile
  • Paracetamol PCH
    Pharmachemie, Netherlands
  • Paracetamol Pediatric (pediatric)
    Neopharmi, Georgia
  • Paracetamol Pensa
    Pensa Pharma, Spain
  • Paracetamol Pharma Genexx
    Pharma Genexx, Chile
  • Paracetamol Pharma
    Pharma, Bulgaria
  • Paracetamol Pharmagenus
    Pharmagenus, Spain
  • Paracetamol Pharmakern
    Pharmakern, Portugal
  • Paracetamol PharmaMatch
    Pharmamatch, Netherlands
  • Paracetamol Pinewood
    Pinewood, United Kingdom
  • Paracetamol Polfamex
    Polfarmex, Poland
  • Paracetamol Polf-Lodz
    Polfa Lódz, Poland
  • Paracetamol PT Copii
    Terapia, Romania
  • Paracetamol Q-generics
    Quisisana Pharma, Switzerland
  • Paracetamol Qualigen
    Qualigen, Spain
  • Paracetamol Raffo
    Raffo, Argentina
  • Paracétamol Ranbaxy
    Ranbaxy, France
  • Paracetamol Ratiopharm
    ratiopharm, Norway
  • Paracétamol Ratiopharm
    Teva Santé, France
  • Paracétamol Renaudin
    Renaudin, France
  • Paracetamol Rösch
    Rösch & Handel, Austria
  • Paracetamol Rösch Kleinkinder (pediatric)
    Rösch & Handel, Austria
  • Paracetamol Rosemont
    Rosemont, United Kingdom
  • Paracetamol Roter
    Imgroma, Netherlands
  • Paracétamol RPG
    Ranbaxy, France
  • Paracetamol Rubital
    Gemi, Poland
  • Paracetamol SAD
    Amgros, Denmark
  • Paracetamol Samenwerkende Apothekers
    Samenwerkende Apothekers, Netherlands
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    Sandoz, Germany; Sandoz, Netherlands; Sandoz Farmaceutica, Spain
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    Sandoz, France
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    Sant Gall, Argentina
  • Paracetamol Serra Pamies
    Serra Pamies, Spain
  • Paracetamol Serra
    Serra Pamies, Spain
  • Paracetamol SIC BHFZ
    SIC BHFZ, Georgia
  • Paracetamol Sintetica
    Sintetica, Switzerland
  • Paracétamol Smithkline Beecham
    GlaxoSmithKline Santé Grand Public, France
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    Sopharma, Bulgaria; Sopharma, Georgia; Sopharma, Lithuania; Sopharma, Serbia
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    STADA, Spain; STADA, Lithuania
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    STADA, Germany
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    Norbrook, United States
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    Tatchempharmpreparaty, Georgia
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    Teva, Belgium; Teva, Germany; Teva, Spain
  • Paracétamol Teva
    Teva Santé, France
  • Paracetamol Therapeuticon
    Bayer, Netherlands
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    Fair-Med, Germany
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    MAE, Netherlands
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    Valma, Chile
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    Vannier, Argentina
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    Volkspharma, Germany
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    Walker, Argentina
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    Sanofi Aventis, Spain; Winthrop Pharmaceuticals, United Kingdom
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    Sanofi-Aventis, France
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    Zydus, France
  • Paracetamol/Codeine Vitabalans (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Vitabalans, Estonia
  • Paracetamol/Kodein Evolan (Paracetamol and Codeine phosphate hemihydrate)
    Evolan, Sweden
  • Paracetamol+C Ratiopharm (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Ratiopharm, Finland
  • Paracetamol
    Ambalal Sarabhai Enterprises, Ethiopia; Amriya Pharmaceutical Industries, Ethiopia; Antibiotice, Romania; Arena, Romania; Bailly, Congo; Balkanpharma, Bulgaria; Biofarm, Romania; Biomed, New Zealand; Blim Pharmaceuticals, Ethiopia; Bosnalijek, Bosnia & Herzegowina; Bristol, Malta; Bristol Lab., Hungary; Cherubino, Malta; Crescent, Malta; DA, Netherlands; Ecuaquímica, Ecuador; Etos, Netherlands; Europharm, Romania; Fabiol, Romania; FarmaSyn, Greece; Farmex, Romania; Farmindustria, Peru; Flamingo Pharmacueticals, Ethiopia; Galenika, Serbia; Galpharm - Perrigo, Malta; Genfar, Peru; Hersil, Peru; Het, Netherlands; Imgroma, Netherlands; Induquimica, Peru; Iqfarma, Peru; Lafarpe, Peru; Leidapharm, Netherlands; Lusa, Peru; m & a, Malta; Magistra, Romania; Marel, Netherlands; Medifarma, Peru; Medley, Brazil; Opalia, Tunisia; Optrex, Ethiopia; Ozone Laboratories, Romania; P & D, Malta; Pharco, Oman; Pharmabart, Malta; Pharmacin, Netherlands; Portugal, Peru; PSM, New Zealand; Qualicont, Peru; Quilab, Peru; Remevita, Serbia; Roxfarma, Peru; Saba, Turkey; SDG, Netherlands; Sintesina, Argentina; Sintofarm, Romania; The Boots Company, Ethiopia; Wockhardt, Malta; Zentiva, Romania; Ziska, Bangladesh
  • Paracetamol nourrissons (pediatric)
    Opalia, Tunisia
  • Paracetamol Plus (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Europharm, Romania
  • Paracetamol-Bivid
    Sanavita Pharma-Germany/ Bivid, Vietnam
  • Paracetamol-C-Hemofarm (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Hemofarm, Georgia; Hemofarm, Russian Federation
  • Paracetamol-CT
    CT Arzneimittel, Germany
  • Paracetamol-Darnitsa
    Darnitsa, Georgia
  • Paracetamol-disapo
    Fair-Med, Germany
  • Paracetamol-Grindeks
    Grindeks, Estonia
  • Paracetamol-Grindeks (Paracetamol and Povidone)
    Grindeks, Latvia
  • Paracetamol-Hanmi
    Hanmi, China
  • Paracetamol-Hemofarm
    Hemofarm, Russian Federation
  • Paracetamolio
    Bakteriniai preparatai, Lithuania
  • Paracetamolis L
    Liuks, Lithuania
  • Paracetamolis Sanitas
    Sanitas, Lithuania
  • Paracetamolo Alter
    Alter, Italy
  • Paracetamolo Coop
    Coop Italia, Italy
  • Paracetamolo e Codeina Alter (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Alter, Italy
  • Paracetamolo e Vitamin C Ratiopharm (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Ratiopharm-D, Italy
  • Paracetamolo Farmakopea
    Farmakopea, Italy
  • Paracetamolo FederFarma
    FederFARMA.CO, Italy
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    Mylan, Italy
  • Paracetamolo Ranbaxy
    Ranbaxy Italia, Italy
  • Paracetamolo Ratiopharm
    ratiopharm Italia, Italy
  • Paracetamolo Teva
    Teva Italia, Italy
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    Merckle, Estonia; Ratiopharm, Germany; Ratiopharm, Finland; Ratiopharm, Latvia
  • Paracetanal
    Zydus, India
  • Paracetol
    TIS Farmaceutic, Romania
  • Paracodamol (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Balkanpharma, Bulgaria
  • ParaCode (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Arrow, New Zealand
  • ParaCo-Denk (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Denk, Georgia
  • Paracodin (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Atabay, Turkey
  • Paracodol (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Bayer, United Kingdom; Bayer, Malta
  • Paracof Roter
    Imgroma, Netherlands
  • Paracof (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Sintofarm, Romania
  • Paracold Extra (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Mekophar, Vietnam
  • Paracold
    Mekophar, Vietnam
  • Para-Cold
    Keymen, Turkey
  • Paracold 150 Flu/ 250 Flu (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Mekophar, Vietnam
  • Paracor
    Corsalud, Venezuela
  • Para-Denk
    Denk, Georgia
  • Paradex (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Aspen, Australia
  • Paradol
    Pharmaderm, Tunisia
  • Paradol pédiatrique
    Pharmaderm, Tunisia
  • Para-don (Paracetamol and Propyphenazone)
    Etos, Netherlands; Healthypharm, Netherlands
  • Paradote (Paracetamol and Methionine)
    Sinclair, United Kingdom
  • Parafen
    Ziska, Bangladesh
  • Parafil
    Fourrts Laboratories, Ethiopia
  • Parafizz
    Cipla, Georgia
  • Paraflu
    Panbiotic, Taiwan
  • Parafludeten
    Alter, Spain
  • ParaFlux
    Balkanpharma-Dupnitsa, Estonia
  • Parafon Forte (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Janssen, Ecuador; Janssen, Thailand; Janssen-Cilag, Peru
  • Parafon (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Janssen, Taiwan; Johnson & Johnson, India; Santa-Farma, Turkey
  • Para-G
    Millimed, Myanmar; Millimed, Thailand
  • Parageniol
    GlaxoSmithKline, Argentina
  • Paragin
    Pharmasant, Thailand
  • Paraglow
    Aglowmed, India
  • Para-Hot
    Orion, Finland
  • Paralen
    Zentiva, Czech Republic; Zentiva, Poland; Zentiva, Slovakia
  • Paralen (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Zentiva, Czech Republic
  • Paralen (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    Zentiva, Czech Republic
  • Paralen Extra (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Zentiva, Poland
  • Paralgin
    Fawns & McAllan, Australia
  • Paralgin Forte (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Weifa, Norway
  • Paralgyl
    Dorcas, Tunisia
  • Paralief
    Clonmel, Ireland
  • Paralink
    Ricesteele, Ireland
  • Paralon (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Janssen, Brazil
  • Paralyoc
    Cephalon, France; Cephalon, Tunisia
  • Paramacet (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Dong-A, South Korea
  • Paramax
    Vitabalans, Czech Republic; Vitabalans, Hungary; Vitabalans, Lithuania; Vitabalans, Latvia
  • Paramax (Paracetamol and Codein)
    Tauret, Slovakia
  • Paramax (Paracetamol and Metoclopramide)
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, New Zealand; Sanofi-Aventis, United Kingdom; Sanofi-Aventis, Ireland; Sanofi-Aventis, Malta
  • Paramax Extra (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Vitabalans, Estonia
  • Paramax Forte
    Vitabalans, Estonia
  • Paramax Junior (pediatric)
    Vitabalans, Estonia
  • Paramax Rapid
    Vitabalans, Estonia; Vitabalans, Poland
  • Paramed A.L.S.
    MTT, Germany
  • Paramegal
    Glenmark, Czech Republic
  • Paramet (Paracetamol and Metoclopramide)
    Wallace, India
  • Paramidol
    Pharmex, Romania
  • Paramol T P
    T P Drug, Thailand
  • Paramol
    Dexxon, Israel; General Drugs House, Thailand; Standard, Taiwan
  • Paramol (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Dexxon, Israel
  • Paramol (Paracetamol and Dihydrocodeine)
    Galen, Ireland; Janssen-Cilag, Malta; SSL International, United Kingdom
  • Paramol (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Dexxon, Israel
  • Paramol for Children (pediatric)
    Perrigo, Israel
  • Paramolan
    Medinfar, Portugal
  • Paranadrine (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Shou Chan, Taiwan
  • Paranox Fort
    Sanofi-Aventis, Turkey
  • Paranox (Paracetamol and Phenobarbital)
    Sanofi-Aventis, Turkey
  • Paranox-S
    Sanofi-Aventis, Turkey
  • Parapaed
    Pinewood, Ireland; Ritsert, Germany
  • Parapyrol
    GlaxoSmithKline, Bangladesh
  • Paras (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxane)
    YSP, Malaysia
  • Parasedol
    Koçak, Turkey
  • Parasinus (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Koçak, Turkey
  • Parasupp
    Actavis, Iceland
  • Para-Suppo
    Orion, Finland
  • Parat
    Asian, Thailand
  • Paratab
    Unibios Laboratories, Ethiopia
  • Paratabs
    Actavis, Denmark; Actavis, France; Actavis, Iceland; Pinewood, Ireland
  • Para-Tabs
    Orion, Finland
  • Paratabs Retard
    Actavis, Iceland
  • Paratral
    Austral, Argentina
  • Paratramol (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Polpharma, Bulgaria
  • Para-z-mol
    Cabuchi, Argentina
  • Parazobid (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Abbott, India
  • Parazone (Paracetamol and Chlormezanone)
    Quality Pharmaceutical, Hong Kong
  • Parclen
    Lamsa, Argentina
  • Parcono (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Milano, Thailand
  • Parcoten (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Aegis, Hong Kong
  • Pardale-V (Paracetamol and Codeine (veterinary use))
    Dechra, United Kingdom
  • Parina (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Pharmasant, Thailand
  • Parix
    Active HC, India
  • Parkodin (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Actavis, Iceland
  • Parkodin forte (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Actavis, Iceland
  • Parol
    Atabay, Turkey
  • Parol-Plus
    Atabay, Turkey
  • Paroma
    Sanovel, Turkey
  • Parox Meltab
    Saval, Chile
  • Parsel
    Novartis, Portugal
  • Partamol
    Atlantic, Malaysia; Atlantic Lab, Thailand
  • Parvid
    Genesis, Philippines
  • Pasafe (Paracetamol and Methionine)
    Me-Auspharm JV, Vietnam
  • Patrol (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Alfa Wassermann, Italy
  • Paximol
    ICM, Singapore
  • Paxmax (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Molekule, India
  • Pazital (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Gebro, Spain
  • PCM-Hemofarm
    Hemofarm, Serbia
  • Pedia-Col (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Greater Pharma, Thailand
  • Pediatric Acetaminophen
    Update, Taiwan
  • Pediatric Aspirin
    Yung Chang, Taiwan
  • Pediatrix
    Rougier, Canada
  • Pemol
    Chinta, Thailand
  • Penaset (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Medica, South Korea
  • Pencure (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Hyun Dai, South Korea
  • Pendol
    Li Taka Pharmaceuticals, Ethiopia
  • Peraljin (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Aroma, Turkey
  • Percocet (Paracetamol and Oxycodone)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Canada; Mallinckrodt, United States; Taro, Israel
  • Perdolan
    Janssen, Luxembourg; Johnson & Johnson, Belgium
  • Perdolan Bébé (pediatric)
    Johnson & Johnson, Belgium
  • Perdolan Enfant (pediatric)
    Johnson & Johnson, Belgium
  • Perfalgan Paediatric (pediatric)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, South Africa
  • Perfalgan
    Bieffe, Serbia; Bristol Myers Squibb, Spain; Bristol Myers Squibb, Latvia; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Austria; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Australia; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Bulgaria; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Congo; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Switzerland; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Czech Republic; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Germany; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Denmark; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Estonia; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Finland; Bristol-Myers Squibb, France; Bristol-Myers Squibb, United Kingdom; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Georgia; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Greece; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Hungary; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Ireland; Bristol-Myers Squibb, India; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Iceland; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Lithuania; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Netherlands; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Norway; Bristol-Myers Squibb, New Zealand; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Oman; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Poland; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Portugal; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Romania; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Serbia; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Sweden; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Slovakia; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Tunisia; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Turkey; Bristol-Myers Squibb, South Africa; Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Limited, Vietnam; P & D, Malta; PharmaSwiss, Croatia (Hrvatska); Renaudin, Serbia
  • Perfalgan Kinder (pediatric)
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Switzerland
  • Perfalgan nourrissons et enfants
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Tunisia
  • Perfusalgan
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Belgium; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Luxembourg
  • Pe-Tam
    Qualiphar, Belgium
  • Pharamol
    Perumed, Peru
  • Pharmacare Paracetamol
    PSM, New Zealand
  • Pharmacen-M
    Alpharma, Mexico
  • Pharmadol
    Sodhan, Turkey
  • Pharmagrip (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    Cinfa, Spain
  • Pharmaniaga Dihydrocodeine P (Paracetamol and Dihydrocodeine)
    Pharmaniaga, Malaysia
  • Pharmaniaga Paracetamol
    Pharmaniaga, Malaysia
  • Phil Pharmawealth/Cipla Paracetamol
    Cipla, Philippines
  • Phil Pharmawealth/Oboi Paracetamol
    Oboi, Philippines
  • Phrenilin (Paracetamol and Butalbital)
    Valeant, United States
  • Piant
    Root, Taiwan
  • Picapan (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    DHA, Hong Kong; DHA, Singapore
  • Pilinton (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Gentle, Taiwan
  • Pinex Comp. (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Actavis, Denmark
  • Pinex
    Actavis, Bulgaria; Actavis, Denmark; Actavis, Iceland; Actavis, Norway; Losan, Malta
  • Pinex Forte (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Actavis, Norway
  • Pinex Junior (pediatric)
    Actavis, Iceland
  • Pinsu
    Shinlin Sinseng, Taiwan
  • Piretamol (veterinary use)
    Global Vet Health, United Kingdom
  • Pirofen Forte
    Deva, Turkey
  • Pirofen
    Deva, Turkey
  • Pirofen (Paracetamol and Phenobarbital)
    Deva, Turkey
  • Piros
    Menarini, Italy
  • Plexicodim (Paracetamol and Oxycodone)
    Pisa, Mexico
  • Plicet
    Pliva, Croatia (Hrvatska); Pliva, Poland; Pliva Hrvatska, Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • Plicet effect (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Pliva, Croatia (Hrvatska)
  • Plovacal
    Medipharma, Argentina
  • Plusmol
    Plus India, India
  • Pmol Plus (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    OPP, Oman
  • Pmol
    OPP, Oman
  • PMS-Mexcold
    Imexpharm, Vietnam
  • PMS-Oxycodone-Acetaminophen (Paracetamol and Oxycodone)
    Pharmascience, Canada
  • Pokiton (Paracetamol and Chlormezanone)
    Yung Chang, Taiwan
  • Pol Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    General Pharma, Bangladesh
  • Poli-Relaxane (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Polipharm, Thailand
  • Polixan (Paracetamol and Carisoprodol)
    Polipharm, Thailand
  • Polmofen
    Yeni, Turkey
  • Polydol (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Pharmasant, Thailand
  • Pontalsic (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Grünenthal, Belgium; Zambon, Spain
  • Pormus (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Unison, Hong Kong; Unison, Thailand
  • Poro
    YSP, Malaysia; YSP Industries, Thailand; Yung Shin, Singapore; Yung Shin, Taiwan
  • Poro (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Newai Chem, Taiwan
  • Poro (pediatric)
    YSP, Philippines
  • Portem
    Bruluart, Mexico
  • Powerflam (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Alkem, India
  • Powernac-L (Paracetamol and Lornoxicam)
    Rishab, India
  • Pracetam (veterinary use)
    Biokema, Switzerland; Sogeval SA, United Kingdom; Animedic, Germany; Fatro, Italy; Sogeval, France; Sogeval, Luxembourg; Sogeval, Netherlands; Sogeval, Poland
  • Praxion
    Pharos, Indonesia
  • PRC
    La Croesus, Philippines
  • Precicol (Paracetamol and Butylscopolamine)
    Liferpal, Mexico
  • Primadol (Paracetamol and Metoclopramide)
    Soho, Indonesia
  • Primiza (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Grünenthal, Poland
  • Prodeine (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Sanofi-Aventis, Australia; Sanofi-Aventis, Lithuania
  • Prodol
    Radicura, India
  • Profenal (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Yarindo Farmatama, Indonesia
  • Proflex (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Morishita-Seggs, Philippines
  • Progesic
    Xepa-Soul, Myanmar; Xepa-Soul Pattinson, Hong Kong
  • Prolief
    Adcock Ingram Pharmaceuticals, South Africa
  • Prontopyrin plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    McNeil, Germany
  • Propoxi-66 (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Iqfarma, Peru
  • Propyretic
    Combiphar, Indonesia
  • Prospa (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Medicine Products, Thailand
  • Protalgon
    Lavipharm, Greece
  • Protamol (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Mekophar, Vietnam
  • Proton
    Newai Chem, Taiwan
  • Proton (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Newai Chem, Taiwan
  • Proxalin-Plus (Paracetamol and Naproxen)
    Degort's, Mexico
  • Proxol (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Sam-On, Israel
  • Ptr (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Shince, India
  • Pu Le Er
    Luyin Pharmaceutical, China
  • Pu Le Ning (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Luyin Pharmaceutical, China
  • Pylinaton
    Chin Teng, Taiwan
  • Pymeditavic (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    PMP, Vietnam
  • Pyra Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Renata, Bangladesh
  • Pyracon
    BL Hua, Thailand
  • Pyral
    Kahira, Oman; Kahira Pharmaceuticals, Ethiopia
  • Pyralgin
    Renata, Bangladesh
  • Pyrenol (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Delta, Bangladesh
  • Pyretinol
    Iwaki Seiyaku, Japan
  • Pyrex
    Novell, Indonesia
  • Pyrexin
    Meprofarm, Indonesia
  • Pyrigesic
    East India, India
  • Pyrinazin
    Choseido Pharmaceutical, Japan
  • Pyrinin (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Gentle, Taiwan
  • Pyrudom
    Ta Fong, Taiwan
  • Pyrudon
    Ta Fong, Taiwan
  • Pythene (Paracetamol and Methionine)
    Biomax, India
  • Quilnax Duo (Paracetamol and Naproxen)
    Quilla, Peru
  • Quimafen
    Armofar, Colombia
  • Radiflam-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Radicura, India
  • Ramol
    Nakornpatana, Thailand
  • Rapedon
    Opsonin, Bangladesh
  • Rapicet (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Chong Kun Dang, South Korea
  • Rapidol
    Actavis, Lithuania; Balkanpharma, Bulgaria; Pasteur, Philippines; Pfizer, Chile
  • ratio-Emtec-30 (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    ratiopharm, Canada
  • ratio-Lenoltec No. 4 (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    ratiopharm, Canada
  • ratio-Oxycocet (Paracetamol and Oxycodone)
    ratiopharm, Canada
  • Razimol
    Al Razi, Oman
  • Reactive (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Biomiicron, India
  • Reh Nar Tong
    OU-Yeh, Taiwan; Royal, Taiwan
  • Relacton (Paracetamol and Carisoprodol)
    Uni-Pharma, Greece
  • Relar (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Pharmaland, Thailand
  • Relax (Paracetamol and Carisoprodol)
    Hui Chun Tang, Taiwan
  • Relax (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Active HC, India
  • Relaxon (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Jamjoom Pharma, Oman
  • Relaxyl Plus (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Franco-Indian, India
  • Relievo (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Sel-J, Philippines
  • Reliv
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Sweden
  • Remedeine (Paracetamol and Dihydrocodeine)
    Napp, United Kingdom; Napp, Malta
  • Remedol
    Remedica, Malta; Remedica, Oman; Remedica, Singapore; Remedica, Taiwan
  • Remidon (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Deva, Turkey
  • Rena (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Pharmaland, Thailand
  • Renofen (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Indoco, India
  • Renova
    Opsonin, Bangladesh
  • Renova Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Opsonin, Bangladesh
  • Renox-A (Paracetamol and Lornoxicam)
    Shince, India
  • Reset Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Incepta, Bangladesh
  • Reset
    Incepta, Bangladesh
  • Resolvebohm
    Bohm, Spain
  • Resta (Paracetamol and Alprazolam)
    Zuventus, India
  • Restolax (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    EuroHealthcare, Philippines
  • Revodol (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Torrent, India
  • Rexidol
    UAP, Philippines
  • Rhinofebryl (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Melisana, Belgium; Melisana, Luxembourg
  • Rhinostop (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Bosnalijek, Georgia
  • Rhumagrip (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Cooper, France; IBN, Tunisia
  • Riber
    Solvang, Philippines
  • Rihaee (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Leben, India
  • Rinpfren Pediátrico (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Carnot, Mexico
  • Robaxacet (Paracetamol and Methocarbamol)
    Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Canada
  • Robaxifen (Paracetamol and Methocarbamol)
    Wyeth, Colombia
  • Robaxisal Compuesto (Paracetamol and Methocarbamol)
    Faes, Spain
  • Rokamol
    Taro, Israel
  • Roxicet (Paracetamol and Oxycodone)
    Roxane, United States
  • Roxilox (Paracetamol and Oxycodone)
    Roxane, United States
  • R-Par (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Rose, India
  • Rubophen
    Zentiva, Hungary
  • Runac-P (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Sun, India
  • Sanador
    Laropharm, Romania
  • Sanador Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Laropharm, Romania
  • Sanaflu (Paracetamol and Phenylpropanolamine)
    Sanbe, Indonesia
  • Sanalgin (Paracetamol and Propyphenazone)
    Alfaco, Netherlands
  • Sanalgin N (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Gebro, Switzerland
  • Sananac-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Sanify, India
  • Sanicopyrine
    Sanico, Belgium
  • Saniduo Febbre E Naso Chiuso (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Bayer, Italy
  • Sanipirina
    Bayer, Italy
  • Sanmol
    Sanbe, Indonesia
  • Saridon
    Bayer, Philippines
  • Saridon (Paracetamol and Propyphenazone)
    Bayer, Netherlands
  • Sarutu
    Towa Yakuhin, Japan
  • Satoncon (Paracetamol and Chlormezanone)
    Long Der, Taiwan
  • Scanlon
    Golden Horse, Taiwan
  • Scopamin Plus (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Otto, Indonesia
  • Scopma Plus (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Ifars, Indonesia
  • Scutamil (Paracetamol and Carisoprodol)
    Egis, Slovakia
  • Sedalito
    Merck, Mexico
  • Sedalito Infantil
    Merck, Mexico
  • Sedalmerck Infantil (pediatric)
    Merck, Costa Rica; Merck, Dominican Republic; Merck, Guatemala; Merck, Honduras; Merck, Nicaragua; Merck, Panama; Merck, El Salvador
  • Sediton
    Mu Tsu, Taiwan
  • Selegesic
    Sel-J, Philippines
  • Sensamol
    Perrigo, Israel
  • Sensamol Junior (pediatric)
    Perrigo, Israel
  • Sensibit D (Paracetamol and Loratadine)
    Liomont, Mexico
  • Serimol
    Raza, Hong Kong
  • Servigesic
    Novartis, Bangladesh; Sandoz-Imexpharm, Vietnam; Servipharm, Ethiopia
  • Setamol
    Yeni, Turkey
  • Shi Ning
    Baiyunshan, China
  • Shikenuoh
    Hwang's, Taiwan
  • Shinnac Plus (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Shince, India
  • Shu-Shan
    Ming Ta, Taiwan
  • Sibet P (Paracetamol and Dexibuprofen)
    Glenmark, India
  • Sigmol
    Signova, India
  • Sigmol-LP (Paracetamol and Methionine)
    Signova, India
  • Simba-A (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Baroda, India
  • Sinalgen (Paracetamol and Hydrocodone)
    Grünenthal, Colombia
  • Sinalgia
    Neo-Fármaco, Ecuador
  • Sin-Algin (Paracetamol and Chlormezanone)
    Sanitas, Chile
  • Sinapol
    Ibn Sina, Bangladesh
  • Sinaspril Paracetamol
    Bayer, Netherlands
  • Sinaxar A (Paracetamol and Methocarbamol)
    Armofar, Colombia
  • Sinegrip (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Farmakopea, Italy
  • Sinflu
    Valma, Chile
  • Singrips
    Confar, Portugal
  • Sinmol
    Maxfarma, Spain
  • Sinofree (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Spimaco, Oman
  • Sinomol
    Sinochem Ningbo, Philippines
  • Sinsolax (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Synmosa, Taiwan
  • Sintaverin (Paracetamol and Pramiverine)
    Merck, Costa Rica; Merck, Dominican Republic; Merck, Guatemala; Merck, Honduras; Merck, Nicaragua; Merck, Panama; Merck, El Salvador
  • Sinuclear (Paracetamol and Phenylpropanolamine)
    Aspen Pharmacare Consumer, South Africa
  • Sinugesic (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Aspen Pharmacare Consumer, South Africa
  • Sinumax (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Janssen-Cilag, South Africa
  • Sinutab NS
    Johnson & Johnson, Peru
  • Sinutab (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Goedecke, Bulgaria; McNeil, Belgium; McNeil, Luxembourg
  • Sinutab Sinus and Pain Relief (Paracetamol and Pseudoepherine)
    Johnson & Johnson, New Zealand
  • Sinutab Sinus Non Drowsy (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    McNeil, Canada
  • Sistalgina Compuesta (Paracetamol and Pramiverine)
    Merck, Ecuador
  • Sistenol (Paracetamol and Acetylcysteine)
    Dexa Medica, Indonesia
  • Six Plus Parapaed
    AFT, New Zealand
  • Six Plus Parapaed (pediatric)
    Pinewood, United Kingdom
  • Sixer (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Madhav BioTech, India
  • Skelan (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Great Eastern, Thailand; Therapharma, Thailand
  • Skelaxine (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Shinlin Sinseng, Taiwan
  • Skelin (Paracetamol and Chlormezanone)
    Fu Yuan, Taiwan
  • Snaplets-FR
    KBN, China
  • Socaine (Paracetamol and Chlormezanone)
    Purzer, Taiwan
  • Solax
    Royal, Taiwan
  • Solax (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Chen Ta, Taiwan
  • Solikin
    Yung Shin, Taiwan
  • Solpadeine Max (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, United Kingdom
  • Solpadeine (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, United Kingdom
  • Solpadol (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Sanofi-Aventis, United Kingdom; Sanofi-Aventis, Malta
  • Sonchi
    Panion & BF, Taiwan
  • Sonchi (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine)
    Panion & BF, Taiwan
  • Soonansin
    Kojar, Taiwan
  • Spasgone (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Chew Brothers, Thailand
  • Spashi Plus (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Global Multi Pharmalab, Indonesia
  • Spasmend (Paracetamol and Mephenesin)
    Adcock Ingram Pharmaceuticals, South Africa
  • Spasmo Apotel (Paracetamol and Hyoscyamine)
    Uni-Pharma, Greece
  • Spazmol Plus (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Deva, Turkey
  • Spazmotek Plus (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Bilim, Turkey
  • Starmol
    Cadila, India
  • Stednac (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Stedman, India
  • STS (Paracetamol and Alprazolam)
    Emcure, India
  • Su Ting
    Chung-Hwa, China
  • Sudafed PE Sinus + Pain Relief (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    Johnson & Johnson, New Zealand
  • Sudafed Sinus Pain Relief (Paracetamol and Pseudephedrine)
    Johnson & Johnson, New Zealand
  • Sudafed (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Lithuania
  • Sudafed Head Cold and Sinus Extra Strength (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    McNeil, Canada
  • Sudhinol (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Ranbaxy, India
  • Sufucon
    Oriental, Taiwan
  • Sumo (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Alkem, India
  • Sunet Hton (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Yung Sine, Taiwan
  • Suntonin (Paracetamol and Chlormezanone)
    Unifarma, Taiwan
  • Suplax (Paracetamol and Mephenoxalone)
    Hwang's, Taiwan
  • Supofen
    Basi, Portugal; Euroetika, Colombia
  • Supracalm Duo (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Tecnofarma, Peru
  • Supracalm
    Tecnofarma, Chile; Tecnofarma, Peru
  • Supradol (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    ADWYA, Tunisia
  • Supramol
    Sam-On, Israel
  • Supramol-M (pediatric)
    Sam-On, Israel
  • Suring (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Root, Taiwan
  • Suspen
    Han Mi, South Korea
  • Suspen comp. (Paracetamol and Methionine)
    Han Mi, South Korea
  • Su-Ton (Paracetamol and Mephenoxalone)
    Synmosa, Taiwan
  • Syncol Teen (Paracetamol and Pamabrom (pediatric))
    Sanfer, Mexico
  • Synerjet (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Sam Jin, South Korea
  • Tacenol
    Bu Kwang, South Korea
  • Tachicaf (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Angelini, Italy
  • Tachidol (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Angelini, Italy
  • Tachidol Bambini (Paracetamol and Codeine (pediatric))
    Angelini, Italy
  • Tachiforte
    Elmor, Venezuela
  • Tachipirin
    Elmor, Venezuela
  • Tachipirina
    Angelini, Italy
  • Tacil (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Corona, India
  • Tafirol
    Lasifarma, Argentina; Sidus, Argentina
  • Tai Ke (Paracetamol and Amantadine)
    Maoxiang Pharmaceutical, China
  • Tailening (Paracetamol and Oxycodone)
    Mallinckrodt, China
  • Talacen (Paracetamol and Pentazocine)
    sanofi-aventis, United States
  • Tallsea (Paracetamol and Mephenoxalone)
    Shou Chan, Taiwan
  • Talvosilen (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Bene, Poland; Bene-Arzneimittel, Czech Republic
  • talvosilen (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Bene, Germany
  • talvosilen forte (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Bene, Germany
  • talvosilen für Kleinkinder (Paracetamol and Codeine (pediatric))
    Bene, Germany
  • talvosilen für Schulkinder (Paracetamol and Codeine (pediatric))
    Bene, Germany
  • Tamen
    Eskayef, Bangladesh
  • Tamen-X (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Eskayef, Bangladesh
  • Tamol Plus
    Sandoz, Turkey
  • Tamol
    Apex, Bangladesh; Sandoz, Turkey
  • Tamol Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Apex, Bangladesh
  • Tandamol
    Medicon, Bangladesh
  • Tapsen
    Dae Woo, South Korea
  • Tapsin Analgésico (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Maver, Chile; Maver, Peru
  • Tapsin Infantil
    Maver, Chile; Maver, Peru
  • Tapsin Nocturno (Paracetamol and Clofenamide)
    Maver, Chile
  • Tapsin SC
    Maver, Chile
  • Tapsin
    Maver, Peru
  • Taracet (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Dong Kwang, South Korea
  • Tatanol Codein (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    PMP, Vietnam
  • Tatanol Extra (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    PMP, Vietnam
  • Tatanol Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    PMP, Vietnam
  • Tatanol
    PMP, Vietnam
  • Tazamol
    Polfa Tarchomin, Poland
  • Teedex (Paracetamol and Diphenhydramine)
    Ricesteele, Ireland
  • Temol
    Sandoz-Imexpharm, Vietnam
  • Tempain
    Blooming Fields, Philippines
  • Tempidol
    Actavis, Estonia
  • Tempil
    Temmler, Germany
  • Tempol
    Asiatic Lab, Bangladesh
  • Tempol Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Asiatic Lab, Bangladesh
  • Tempra Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Merck, Ecuador
  • Tempra
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Canada; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Ethiopia; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Indonesia; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Venezuela; Mead Johnson, Thailand; Merck, Colombia; Merck, Ecuador; Taisho, Philippines
  • Tempte
    DCPC, Taiwan
  • Tendorex (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Quilab, Peru
  • Tensiflex (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Bagó, Ecuador
  • Tenzonine (Paracetamol and Chlormezanone)
    Sinton, Taiwan
  • Teralgex
    Bios, Peru
  • Teramol
    Terramedic, Philippines
  • Termacet
    Toprak, Turkey
  • Termacet Plus
    Toprak, Turkey
  • Termalgin Codeina (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Novartis Farmaceutica, Spain
  • Termalgin
    Novartis Farmaceutica, Spain
  • Termalgine Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Novartis, Turkey
  • Termofin
    Kronos, Ecuador
  • Termofren
    Roemmers, Argentina
  • Termol
    ratiopharm Italia, Italy
  • Termolin
    Qualicont, Peru
  • Termo-Niofen (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    K2 Pharmacare, Chile
  • Tetradox
    Richmond, Argentina
  • Théinol (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Bailly-Creat, France
  • TheraFlu Extra SNS (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    Novartis, Latvia
  • Theraflu Sinus (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    Novartis, Romania
  • Theraflu Zatoki (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    Novartis, Poland
  • Thomapyrin (Paracetamol and Acetylsalicylic Acid)
    Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany
  • Tianruite (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Haier Group Qingdao No.3, China
  • Tilalgin (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Medinfar, Portugal
  • Tilderol (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Medifarma, Peru
  • Timarol-Par (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Chile, Chile
  • Timenac-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Sinkhai, India
  • Tinten
    CCPC, Taiwan
  • Titretta (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Berlin-Chemie, Germany
  • Tizafen (Paracetamol and Tizanidine)
    California, Colombia
  • Togal Classic Duo (Paracetamol and Acetylsalicylic Acid)
    Togal, Germany
  • Tol-A (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Gujarat Terce, India
  • Tolfen (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Micro Labs, India
  • Tolfen-NF (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Micro Labs, India
  • Tolmus (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Asofarma, Dominican Republic
  • Tolydol (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Ipca, India
  • Tomi Lafrancol
    Lafrancol, Colombia
  • Tong Li Tuo (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Shenyang First Pharmaceutical Factory, China
  • Tong-Well (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Royal, Taiwan
  • Toniker
    Jilly, Taiwan
  • Tonopan (Paracetamol and Dihydroergotamine)
    Novartis, Colombia
  • Tonphen
    Hor Chen, Taiwan
  • Topnac-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Systopic, India
  • Tozy (Paracetamol andCaffeine)
    Chin Teng, Taiwan
  • Tracan (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Sung Won, South Korea
  • Traceta (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Active HC, India
  • Tracetphen (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Il Hwa, South Korea
  • Traldiar (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Genfar S.A., Colombia
  • Tralidar Genfar (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Genfar, Ecuador
  • Tramacet (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Choong Wae, South Korea; Grünenthal, United Kingdom; Janssen, Mexico; Janssen-Cilag, Colombia; Janssen-Cilag, South Africa; Janssen-Ortho Inc., Canada; Psyco Remedies, India
  • Tramadol + Acetaminofén MK (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    MK, Colombia
  • Tramadol + Paracetamol Generis (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Generis, Portugal
  • Tramadol Hydrochloride and Acetaminophen Alvogen (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Alvogen, United States
  • Tramadol Hydrochloride and Acetaminophen Amneal (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Amneal, United States
  • Tramadol Hydrochloride and Acetaminophen Caraco (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Caraco, United States
  • Tramadol Hydrochloride and Acetaminophen Mylan (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Mylan, United States
  • Tramadol Hydrochloride and Acetaminophen Par (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Par, United States
  • Tramadol Hydrochloride and Acetaminophen Watson (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Watson, United States
  • Tramedif Compuesto (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Medifarma, Peru
  • Tramil (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Wyeth, Ireland
  • Tramol
    Kolon, South Korea
  • Trampar (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Abbott, India
  • Tranophen (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Shin Poong, South Korea
  • Trany-P (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Neiss, India
  • Traphen (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Myung Moon, South Korea
  • Traspen (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Han Mi, South Korea
  • TRD (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Modi-Mundipharma, India
  • Treat Plus (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Madhav BioTech, India
  • Treupel
    Deutsche Pharma, Peru
  • Triaminic (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Novartis Consumer Health, Italy
  • Triatec-30 (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Laboratoires Trianon, Canada
  • Trifen
    Kley Hertz, Brazil
  • Trigan-D (Paracetamol and Dicycloverine)
    Unifarma, Latvia
  • Trilat (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Farmindustria, Peru
  • Trimacet (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Yoo Young, South Korea
  • Trimedil
    Novartis Consumer Health, Austria
  • Trimedil plus C (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Novartis Consumer Health, Austria
  • Tro-P (Paracetamol and Etoricoxib)
    Rishab, India
  • Tsufonlol
    Shyh Dar, Taiwan
  • Tumdi
    Sriprasit Dispensary, Thailand
  • Turel Ax Plus (Paracetamol and Methocarbamol)
    Panzyma, Nicaragua
  • Turpan
    Corsa Industries, Indonesia
  • Tusedex (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    Medhaus, Philippines
  • TWC (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Johnson & Johnson, India
  • Ty
    Edruc, Bangladesh
  • Tylen Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    RAK, Bangladesh
  • Tylenol DC (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Janssen, Brazil
  • Tylenol PM (Paracetamol and Diphenhydramine)
    Johnson & Johnson, China
  • Tylenol
    Janssen, Brazil; Janssen, South Korea; Janssen, Myanmar; Janssen, Philippines; Janssen, Thailand; Janssen-Cilag, Oman; Janssen-Cilag, Vietnam; Johnson & Johnson, Greece; Johnson & Johnson, South Africa; McNeil, Spain; McNeil, United States; Nobel Pharma, Bulgaria; McNeil, Canada
  • Tylenol (pediatric)
    McNeil, Canada
  • Tylenol Acetaminophen
    Johnson & Johnson, China
  • Tylenol Children's Decongestant (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine (pediatric))
    McNeil, Canada
  • Tylenol Cough (Paracetamol and Dextromethorphan)
    McNeil, Canada
  • Tylenol Extra Strength
    Johnson & Johnson, Taiwan
  • Tylenol Forte
    Janssen-Cilag, Switzerland; Janssen-Cilag, Oman
  • Tylenol Kinder (pediatric)
    Janssen-Cilag, Switzerland
  • Tylenol PM (Paracetamol and Diphenhydramine)
    Johnson & Johnson, South Africa
  • Tylenol Sinus (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    McNeil, Canada
  • Tylenol Ultra Relief (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    McNeil, Canada
  • Tylenol with Codeine (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Janssen, Thailand; McNeil, Canada; Ortho-McNeil, United States
  • Tylephen
    IQB, Brazil
  • Tylex
    Janssen, Mexico; Janssen, Antigua & Barbuda; Janssen, Aruba; Janssen, Barbados; Janssen, Bahamas; Janssen, Grenada; Janssen, Guyana; Janssen, Jamaica; Janssen, Cayman Islands; Janssen, Saint Lucia; Janssen, Suriname; Janssen, Trinidad & Tobago; Janssen, Saint Vincent & The Grenadines; Janssen, Venezuela; UCB, Ireland
  • Tylex (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Janssen, Brazil; UCB Pharma, United Kingdom
  • Tylicol
    Ha Na Pharm, South Korea
  • Tylofen
    Mediproducts, Belize; Mediproducts, Guatemala; Mediproducts, Nicaragua
  • Tylol Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Nobel, Turkey
  • Tylol
    Nobel, Bosnia & Herzegowina; Nobel, Turkey; Nobel Pharma, Bulgaria
  • Tylol Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Nobel Pharma, Bulgaria
  • Tylol-6 Plus
    Nobel, Turkey
  • Tylox (Paracetamol and Oxycodone)
    Ortho-McNeil, United States
  • Ty-Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Edruc, Bangladesh
  • U Chiu Analgesic (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    U.C. Pharma, Taiwan
  • Ucetamol
    Umedica, Georgia
  • U-comphen (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    U-Liang, Taiwan
  • Ultracet (Paracetamol and Paracetamol)
    Janssen-Cilag, Indonesia
  • Ultracet (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Janssen, Brazil; Janssen, Hong Kong; Janssen, South Korea; Janssen, Malaysia; Janssen, Thailand; Janssen, Taiwan; Janssen, United States; Janssen-Cilag, Singapore; Janssen-Cilag, Vietnam; Xian-Janssen, China
  • Ultracod (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Zentiva, Czech Republic; Zentiva, Lithuania; Zentiva, Poland; Zentiva, Slovakia
  • Ultracod (Paracetamol and Pracetamol)
    Zentiva, Latvia
  • Ultrafen
    Infinity, Venezuela
  • Ultraflam (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Ranbaxy, India
  • Ultragesic
    Medic+Aid, Philippines
  • Ultragin
    Wyeth, India
  • Ultram (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Micro HC, India
  • Ultra-Met (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Korean Drug, South Korea
  • Ultrazac (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Zydus Cadila, India
  • Umbral
    Interpharm, Ecuador
  • Umeda Para-J (Paracetamol and Lidocaine)
    Umeda, Thailand
  • Uni-Febrin
    Universal Pharmaceutical, Hong Kong
  • Unigan (Paracetamol and Scopolamine)
    Unison, Hong Kong; Unison, Philippines; Unison, Thailand
  • Unimol
    Unison, Thailand
  • Uphamol
    CCM, Malaysia
  • Uphamol (Paracetamol and Chlorpheniramine)
    CCM, Malaysia
  • Uracet
    Umeda, Thailand
  • Urgendol-P (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Win-Medicare, India
  • Utopain (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    CJ Cheiljedang, South Korea
  • Vahflam (Paracetamol and Valdecoxib)
    Abbott, India
  • Vahspas (Paracetamol and Mefenamic Acid)
    Abbott, India
  • Valk Plus (Paracetamol and Valdecoxib)
    Saga, India
  • Valus-AP (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Glenmark, India
  • Vardol-Plus (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Zota, India
  • Varfen-Plus (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Zota, India
  • Vegantalgin (Paracetamol and Scopolamin)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Poland
  • Veramon (Paracetamol and Propyphenazone)
    Sofar, Italy
  • Verin-P (Paracetamol and Drotaverine)
    Corona, India
  • Vermidon
    Sandoz, Turkey
  • Vermidon (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Sandoz, Turkey
  • Vestax
    Vargas, Venezuela
  • Vestil-A (Paracetamol and Prochlorperazine)
    Psyco Remedies, India
  • Vetory-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Hetero, India
  • Vick Vitapyrena Compuesta (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    Procter & Gamble, Peru
  • Vick Vitapyrena
    Procter & Gamble, Peru
  • Vick
    Procter, Argentina
  • Vicks Paracetamol
    Procter & Gamble, Netherlands
  • Vicks Custom Care Body Aches
    Procter & Gamble, Canada
  • Vicks DayQuil (Paracetamol and Phenylephrine)
    Procter & Gamble, Canada
  • Viclor
    Richet, Argentina
  • Vicodin (Paracetamol and Hydrocodone)
    Abbott, United States
  • Virulex Forte (Paracetamol and Moroxydine, + Atropine, + Scopolamine)
    Pascual, Hong Kong
  • Vivimed mit Coffein (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Dr. Gerhard Mann, Germany
  • Vivimed N
    Dr. Gerhard Mann, Germany
  • Vivogesic Plus (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Bestochem, India
  • Vomiven-P (Paracetamol and Ondansetron)
    Madhav BioTech, India
  • Vorth-AP (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Glenmark, India
  • Vovenac Plus (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Psyco Remedies, India
  • Walagesic (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Wallace, India
  • Winace (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Win-Medicare, India
  • Winadeine F (Paracetamol and Codein)
    Sanofi-Aventis, Ecuador
  • Winadeine (Paracetamol and Codein)
    Sanofi-Aventis, Colombia
  • Winadol
    Lacico, Colombia
  • Winadol Forte (Paracetamol and Codein)
    Lacico, Colombia
  • Winasorb Flex (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Recalcine, Chile
  • Winasorb UP (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Recalcine, Chile
  • Winasorb
    Recalcine, Chile
  • Witte Kruis
    Vemedia, Netherlands
  • Womens Tylenol (Paracetamol and Pamabrom)
    Janssen, South Korea
  • Wontran (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Dae Won, South Korea
  • Woodward's Paracetamol
    Aspen Pharmacare Consumer, South Africa
  • Wygesic (Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene)
    Wyeth, India
  • Xcel Plus (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    ACI, Bangladesh
  • Xcel
    ACI, Bangladesh
  • Xebramol
    Medicine Products, Thailand
  • Xepamol
    Metiska, Indonesia
  • Xin Ai De (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Luan Pharmaceutical, China
  • Xing Le Ning
    Xingan Pharmaceutical, China
  • XL-Dol (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    C. Castaneda, Peru
  • Xpa
    Aristopharma, Bangladesh
  • XPA-C (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Aristopharma, Bangladesh
  • X-Pain (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Pacific, South Korea
  • Xtra-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Elder, India
  • Xtragesic-A.F. (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    Ranbaxy, India
  • Xumadol
    Italfarmaco, Spain; Italfarmaco, Portugal; ITF, Chile
  • Yi Di Qing
    Hanyin Pharmaceutical, China
  • Yi Li Miao
    Gerui Pharmaceutical, China
  • Yi Shang
    Xinhua, China
  • You Ka Dan (Paracetamol and Amantadine)
    Renhe Pharmacy, China
  • Yu An Li Ke (Paracetamol and Pseudoephedrine)
    Yuan Pharmaceutical, China
  • Yu-Min (Paracetamol and Chlormezanone)
    Yu Sheng, Taiwan
  • Yungtracet (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Yung Jin, South Korea
  • Zafin (Paracetamol and Paracetamol)
    Saval, Ecuador
  • Zafin (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Saval, Chile; Saval, Peru
  • Zafor (Paracetamol and Chlorzoxazone)
    Mepha, Oman
  • Zaldiar (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Abdi Ibrahim, Turkey; Grünenthal, Austria; Grünenthal, Belgium; Grünenthal, Switzerland; Grünenthal, Chile; Grünenthal, Colombia; Grünenthal, Costa Rica; Grünenthal, Czech Republic; Grünenthal, Germany; Grünenthal, Dominican Republic; Grünenthal, Estonia; Grünenthal, Spain; Grünenthal, France; Grünenthal, Guatemala; Grünenthal, Honduras; Grünenthal, Croatia (Hrvatska); Grünenthal, Israel; Grünenthal, Latvia; Grünenthal, Mexico; Grünenthal, Nicaragua; Grünenthal, Netherlands; Grünenthal, Panama; Grünenthal, Peru; Grünenthal, Poland; Grünenthal, Portugal; Grünenthal, Romania; Grünenthal, Slovenia; Grünenthal, Slovakia; Grünenthal, El Salvador; Grünenthal, Tunisia; Grünenthal S.A., Luxembourg; Pharos, Indonesia; Vianex / BIANEΞ, Greece
  • Zaledor-P (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Medipharm, Chile
  • Zanidion (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Domesco, Vietnam
  • Zapain (Paracetamol and Codeine)
    Goldshield, United Kingdom; Goldshield, Malta
  • Zaracet (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Belupo, Croatia (Hrvatska)
  • Zedhat Dol (Paracetamol and Diclofenac)
    Ludber, Peru
  • Zerin XP (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Jayson, Bangladesh
  • Zerin
    Jayson, Bangladesh
  • Zerinetta (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Boehringer Ingelheim, Italy
  • Zerinol (Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine)
    Boehringer Ingelheim, Italy
  • Zerodol P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Medigroup, Peru
  • Zerodol-P (Paracetamol and Aceclofenac)
    Ipca, India
  • Zestagesic
    AD-Drugstel, Philippines
  • Zimnil (Paracetamol and Nimesulide)
    Arlak Biotech, India
  • Zimuradol (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Dong Koo, South Korea
  • Zipan Plus (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Il Sung, South Korea
  • Zita (Paracetamol and Caffeine)
    Orion, Bangladesh
  • Z-Mol
    Lusa, Peru
  • Zolben
    Novartis, Chile; Welti, Switzerland
  • Zolben C (Paracetamol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Welti, Switzerland
  • Zotramid (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Pliva, Croatia (Hrvatska)
  • Zupar (Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)
    GlaxoSmithKline, India
  • Zuton
    Long Shine, Taiwan
  • Zydone (Paracetamol and Hydrocodone)
    Endo, United States
  • Zytram (Paracetamol and Tramadol)
    Mundipharma, South Korea

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BANBritish Approved Name
DCFDénomination Commune Française
DCITDenominazione Comune Italiana
ISInofficial Synonym
JANJapanese Accepted Name
OSOfficial Synonym
PHPharmacopoeia Name
Rec.INNRecommended International Nonproprietary Name (World Health Organization)

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