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VetRx Pigeon Aid

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Goodwinol



Use on all varieties of racing and show pigeons. For Internal and External Application.

For the support of healthy upper respiratory function.


Regular use of VetRx can help keep your pigeons healthy and their eyes clean and clear.

For best results use VetRx warm. To warm, open cap and put bottle in small pan of heated water. Shake well. Always test temperature of product before applying internally or externally.

Prepare solution -- Into one-half cup of very warm water, mix one teaspoon of VetRx Pigeon Remedy. Shake well. Use this solution for the following applications.

Nostrils and throat - Using a medicine dropper, put 2 drops into each nostril. Continue for seven days. You may also put one drop down the pigeon’s throat each time you use in nostrils. To keep throat clear, use warm drops of VetRx full strength from the bottle, for 4 or 5 days. Then immediately following fourth or fifth day, while throat is oily from VetRx you may take a fine hair pin and gently scrape throat passages. This will help keep throat passages clean and clear.

Eyes - Make a pack of about one inch square from gauze. Dip into solution and place over eye. Then, with another piece of cotton gently drop warm solution over the gauze covering the eye. Continue for about 5 minutes each day for several days.

Under Wings - Put a drop of VetRx full strength (warm) from bottle under wings of each pigeon. When pigeon puts its head under either wing while resting, it will breathe the aromatic VetRx vapors.

Vaporizer - If you decide to use vaporizer, make certain it is a hot water model. Follow manufacturer’s directions. Fill cup with VetRx and operate vaporizer for at least one hour while birds are roosting, no more than twice weekly.


While you are caring for pigeons and other birds, you will want to follow usual precautions, if pigeons are sick, isolate them from healthy ones.

Clean all coops and lofts. Keep pigeons as clean and dry as possible and free from drafts. When pigeons have been to a show, it is wise to isolate them from the rest of the flock for several days.

For healthy birds add 6 drops of VetRx per gallon to clean drinking water. If globules rise to top of water, this is oil congealing. Birds will often pick at globules. This oil is pure and edible.

Many pigeon fanciers spray VetRx solution routinely in the lofts and place a few drops in litter every time they change it. Other owners, routinely use in nostrils and throats, and place VetRx under the wings of birds returning from races or shows.

VetRx Pigeon Aid Caution

For animal use only. Not for human consumption. Use only as directed. Keep VetRx out of the reach children. Consult a licensed veterinarian when needed.

If you have any questions or comments concerning the use of VetRx call us at 1-800-554-1080

VETRX LABORATORIES, P.O. Box 407, Pierce, Colorado 80650

Presentation: 2 fl. oz. (59 mL) and 1 quart.

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