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Sincalide Dosage

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Jan 30, 2023.

Applies to the following strengths: 5 mcg

Usual Adult Dose for Barium Meal Transit

To accelerate the transit time of a barium meal through the small bowel, sincalide should be administered after the barium meal is beyond the proximal jejunum (sincalide, like cholecystokinin, may cause pyloric contraction). The recommended dose is 0.04 mcg per kg IV over a 30- to 60-second interval. If satisfactory transit of the barium meal has not occurred in 30 minutes, a second dose may be administered.

To reduce intestinal side effects, a 30-minute IV infusion 0.12 mcg per kg diluted to approximately 100 mL with sodium chloride may be administered.

Usual Adult Dose for Pancreatic Secretion

To test pancreatic function: 0.25 units per kg IV over a 60-mlnute period.

Thirty minutes after the initiation of the infusion, a separate IV infusion at a total dose of 0.02 mcg per kg is administered over a 30-minute interval (for example, the total dose for a 70 kg patient is 1.4 mcg of sincalide; therefore, dilute 1.4 mL of reconstituted solution to 30 mL with sodium chloride Injection and administer at a rate of 1 mL per minute).

Usual Adult Dose for Gallbladder Contraction

Initial dose: IV: 0.02 mcg/kg over 30 to 60 minutes

If satisfactory contraction of the gallbladder does not occur in 15 minutes, a second dose, 0.04 mcg/kg IV may be administered.

To reduce intestinal side effects, an intravenous infusion may be prepared at a dose of 0.12 mcg/kg in 100 mL of sodium chloride Injection and given at a rate of 2 mL per minute. Alternatively, an intramuscular dose of 0.1 mcg/kg may be given.

When sincalide is used in cholecystography, roentgenograms are usually taken at five-minute Intervals after the injection. For visualization of the cystic duct, it may be necessary to take roentgenograms at one-minute intervals during the first five minutes after the injection.

Renal Dose Adjustments

Data not available

Liver Dose Adjustments

Data not available


Rapid intravenous injection of 0.04 mcg sincalide per kg expectably causes transient abdominal cramping. This is usually lessened by a slower injection rate.

Safety and effectiveness have not been established in pediatric patients (less than 18 years of age).


Data not available

Other Comments

Sincalide for injection may be stored at room temperature prior to reconstitution.

To reconstitute, add 5 mL of sterile water for injection to the sincalide vial; any additional dilution should be made with sodium chloride injection, 0.9%.

The reconstituted solution should be inspected visually for particulate matter and discoloration prior to administration.

The solution should be used within 24 hours of reconstitution after which any unused portion should be discarded.

Further information

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