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Palifermin Dosage

Medically reviewed on June 16, 2017.

Applies to the following strengths: 6.25 mg

Usual Adult Dose for:

Additional dosage information:

Usual Adult Dose for Mucositis

60 mcg/kg IV bolus daily for 6 doses administered on 3 consecutive days prior to and 3 consecutive days after myelotoxic therapy

Prior to myelotoxic therapy, administer the third dose no later than 24 to 48 hours prior to initiation of myelotoxic therapy.

Following myelotoxic therapy, administer the first dose no sooner than 4 days after the most recent palifermin administration and on the same day of hematopoietic stem cell infusion.

Renal Dose Adjustments

No adjustment recommended

Liver Dose Adjustments

Data not available


Administration of palifermin should not occur within 24 hours prior to, during infusion of, or within 24 hours after the administration of myelotoxic chemotherapy.

During dissolution the palifermin vial should be swirled gently, not shaken or vigorously agitated.

A filter should not be used during preparation or administration of palifermin.

If heparin is used to maintain the intravenous line saline should be used to flush the line prior to and after palifermin administration.

Safety and effectiveness have not been established in pediatric patients (less than 18 years of age).


The need for a dosing adjustment is unlikely given the molecular weight of palifermin. The size of the protein will most likely render it undialyzable. However, studies are required in order to confirm this.

Further information

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