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User Reviews for Zolmitriptan

Also known as: Zomig, Zomig Nasal Spray, Zomig-ZMT

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Cluster Headaches 9.3
3 reviews 36 medications
Migraine 7.6
140 reviews 87 medications
Summary of Zolmitriptan reviews 7.6 143 reviews

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Reviews for Zolmitriptan

Terafina · Taken for 10 years or more July 30, 2020

Zomig (zolmitriptan) for Migraine: “I would be lost without this Zomig medication. It always works, takes about an hour to reach full effect and lasts for the whole day. Minor side effects are slight drowsiness, increase in urination, increased sensation around mouth, throat and fingers. Have been using 1 to 3 times a week for about 12 years.”

10 / 10
Headaches never gone · Taken for less than 1 month June 1, 2020

Zomig Nasal Spray (zolmitriptan) for Migraine: “I tried 2.5 nasal spray of Zomig. I have had headaches for 18 weeks straight with clean scan results so far. My neuro gave me this spray. After 5 min my arm was numb for 2 min then it was normal. My nose was clearer than before like I could breathe and my pain went from severe in my head to mild for only 30 min and the pain came back , this basically did what a Tylenol does (but Tylenol has less side effects and with Tylenol you could take it everyday). For the person who suffers the 3-5 migraines a month this might work but if you have unexplained chronic headaches / cluster / tension I wouldn’t even bother with this .”

2 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 20, 2020

Zomig (zolmitriptan) for Migraine: “The medication works, however it makes me incredibly sleepy. It also makes my skin very sensitive and my jaw will ache. It hurts to chew. It is worth it to get rid of the migraine but it has some unpleasant side effects.”

7 / 10
Mule February 6, 2020

Zomig (zolmitriptan) for Migraine: “I am 62 years old and have had headaches as long as I can remember. I have taken Zomig for many years. They work great for me. I don't have any bad side effects. I am thankful I have medicine that works for me.”

10 / 10
Katy · Taken for 6 months to 1 year December 31, 2019

Zomig (zolmitriptan) for Migraine: “Tried the dissolvable and the inhaler. Neither worked at all and the inhaler burned my nose and throat badly. Not worth the money at all.”

1 / 10
Jez December 30, 2019

Zomig (zolmitriptan) for Migraine: “Awful medication, felt I was having a heart attack which was worse than the migraine, & also an upset stomach with diarrhea ..Will never take this again, absolutely terrifying”

1 / 10
Doxi December 10, 2019

For Migraine: “I have been taking Zomig 2.5 nasal spray for about 5 years. Worked great until about 3 months ago; suddenly I am experiencing side effects: nausea, feeling of gagging, basically just sick. Though it does get rid of the headache pain in about 30 minutes. Not sure what has changed but I don't think I'll be able to take Zomig anymore. Tried the pill form as well; side effects worse than with the nasal spray. It's expensive also - even with insurance it's $80 for 6 doses.”

8 / 10
Kj · Taken for 2 to 5 years November 24, 2019

Zomig-ZMT (zolmitriptan) for Migraine: “I have had migraines since childhood. This has been the only medicine that has truly helped. I have to take it early in the headache or it’s not as effective. If I take it during the night I am groggy all day but if I’m already up and doing stuff I don’t get tired and feel better in about a half hour. I do have some sensitivity when I eat something kind of like I am eating something very sour. This medicine has truly changed my life. I have lost jobs and missed so many holidays and family events over the years. I wish I would’ve been prescribed this a long time ago. I use goodrx to get it because insurance stopped paying for it. I actually get more pills for less money now.”

10 / 10
CJ T · Taken for 5 to 10 years September 19, 2019

Zomig (zolmitriptan) for Migraine: “After using Zomig Nasal spray for a few years, I developed 3 brain bleeds and had loss of consciousness for 5 days the first time and lost consciousness twice for 3 days in a row with memory loss after waking up from being unconscious. I had to sleep at a 30 degree angle for weeks after these events.”

Zoey · Taken for 10 years or more September 13, 2019

Zomig (zolmitriptan) for Migraine: “I have taken Zomig 2.5 mg for years with good relief and no side effects. Recently after taking it, I've had episodes of severe heartburn not relieved by antacids, Pepto Bismol, or anything else I can think of to take. It eventually leads to nausea. This isn't listed as a common side effect. My doctor was surprised to hear this. Sometimes I still take 1/2 a pill with partial pain relief and no heartburn. I notice the heartburn most when I take Zomig at night and go to bed soon after. I've been mostly relying on Fiorinal with codeine which works most of the time.”

8 / 10
Sher-ee · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 10, 2019

For Migraine: “This drug makes my migraine worse. My sinuses feel like they are wide open and as if I am breathing in cold air. The best medicine I have taken is Relpax. However, my insurance co wants me on something cheaper. So far, a Sumatriptan was a fail as is Zolmitripan”

2 / 10
Mark25810 August 24, 2019

For Migraine: “Been on zolmitriptan for 2 years now, these were used in conjunction with a large number of different tablets I was trying to stop my migraines, the other tablets usually taken on a night to prevent migraines coming the following day none worked for me, and the zolmitriptan were then used to prevent the on coming migraine if I felt it coming on. I get the dissolving ones you put on top of the tongue as these get into the system quicker than the normal tablets. These work I'd say 85% of the time for me, I couldn't be without these tablets! The side effects I get each time taking one though is sensitivity to warmth and heat both on my skin...mostly fingers and oddly my mouth and tongue, having a cup of tea after taking these for say 2 hrs after maybe 3 hrs it feels hotter than what it really is. Luckily I am in the UK and prescriptions are £9 each you get 6 per box but because I have to use them often they let me have 12 tablets into 1 prescription so 12 tablets for £9.”

10 / 10
David Fraser · Taken for 10 years or more July 22, 2019

Zomig (zolmitriptan) for Migraine: “I am 62 years old, and male, and have taken Zomig for 15 years now. Works every time I have a headache. I get about 4 headaches per month, and it has never silver bullet every time. My migraines are in my upper back and trapezoid muscles most often. Do not get them in my head much any more Bad Side effects: are mild burning when showering or washing hands in hot water. Occasionally makes me tired. Very rarely, maybe once in two to three years, violent vomiting, because I have had a severe head ache for 4 to 6 hours and have taken it way too late on an empty stomach. Sometimes if I have headache for 8 hours and take it then, it will still cure the headache, but can take up to 5 hours to cure it at that point. Good side effects: 98 % if the time, Zomig makes me feel better than good, but not high. If feel extra relaxed, well rested, calm and confident. Really extra wonderful.”

10 / 10
JackRabbit · Taken for 5 to 10 years July 9, 2019

Zomig (zolmitriptan) for Migraine: “I've been dependent on Zomig for ~ 6 or 7 years for food-related migraine - every time my system rejects another food - 1st was chocolate and now it's grown to ~ 25 things. I am thinking onion powder is the newest ... tyramine in onion powder? Or is it rebound? How long between dose of Zomig and a rebound migraine?”

9 / 10
Dydhjj · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 20, 2019

For Migraine: “I’ve always had pretty severe chronic mixed tension migraines (more characteristics of tension than migraine) and was on Imitrex for years and it suddenly quit working. Started generic Zomig 2.5mg disintegrating tablets a month ago and they are a miracle! I have absolutely no side effects except feeling slightly slower than usual. Slightly euphoric as well, but no other side effects at all. I do notice they work quicker when taking them like a regular pill versus putting them on your tongue so I just take it with water. I use 8-9 a month and without them, I’m not sure where I’d be!”

10 / 10
CDAE · Taken for less than 1 month June 18, 2019

Zomig (zolmitriptan) for Migraine: “This medicine made me feel like I was going to have a stroke!”

1 / 10
Tinyfire April 3, 2019

For Cluster Headaches: “I have had chromic migraines and cluster headaches for years. This month I was having multiple auras a day and was bedridden for the entire month. I was at my wits end, thinking about ending my life because I can't live like this anymore. I also have fibromyalgia and multiple other diagnoses and these migraines are just too much on top of everything else. Very low quality of life until I started this med. I experience about 1-2 hours of side effects, they improve if I eat and take an anti nausea pill. Once that time is up I'll still feel a little achey and puffy throat and slight remaining nausea, these side effects are a cake walk when compared to the daily suffering and excruciating migraines. Highly recommend; just be prepared for intense initial side effects, stay calm, eat a piece of toast and ride it out. I feel hope for the first time in a long time and am grateful to be able to get on with my life!”

10 / 10
Meg · Taken for 5 to 10 years February 14, 2019

Zomig (zolmitriptan) for Migraine: “I've been taking zomig for about ten years. I have chronic migraines and take around 6 - 8 a month. Works better than Imitrex for me. Side effects for me include tingles, burning feeling when drinking hot liquid or showering, heavy feeling like pressure on my chest. But if I wake up with a migraine I can take a pill and be at work (kinda duh but there) by nine. Life changing medication. I'm Canadian so zomig brand is 6 for $117 and generic is 6 for $42, and works just as well. Covered by insurance so no cost to me either way.”

8 / 10
Sage · Taken for 10 years or more January 23, 2019

Zomig-ZMT (zolmitriptan) for Migraine: “I have been taking this for years & it has saved my life. I have daily migraines & have had them all my life due to several causes I won’t go into. Zomig ZMT 5 mg is the only thing that works for me. Not in 20 mins like others said, may take 2 hrs in the dark but it does work & nothing else does. My problem is that in 2018 I started having trouble getting it. Astra Zeneca used to make a generic that was the same through Impax. Cost me about $400 per month for 30. Impax has discontinued it. Now to get that amount of Zomig it is about $6,800. No formularies carry it. The only thing Zomig can find is the garbage from India which is not the same at all & works zero percent of the time. This was the only thing that kept me functioning & I am very scared. I have been taking rizotriptan (Maxalt) from Costa Rica. I have to take at least twice as much of it & it still does not work very well. ”

10 / 10
Tez · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 23, 2019

For Migraine: “After 5 years of trying literally every drug prescribed by GP and neurologist this is an absolute miracle. Migraines which were so frequent and severe accompanied by constant vomiting (and lots of crying) that they made it impossible to hold down a job, go on holiday or plan anything at all, are now 9 times out of 10 knocked on the head (pun intended) by this wonder drug. I use the nasal spray which I've found works best if taken at the first sign. Also lying down helps to keep the medication in the nasal passages where it's absorbed quicker. If you throw up with migraines, don't hesitate to try it. I hope it works for you as well as it has for me. Life restored to normal. It stings a bit and tastes nasty but a small price to pay fur such miraculous relief!”

9 / 10
MM January 13, 2019

Zomig (zolmitriptan) for Migraine: “Great for getting rid of migraine. Chest and throat feel a bit tight. Maybe some tingling effects and a bit europhic. Night sweats but maybe it's not the triptan?”

8 / 10
Emma · Taken for 6 months to 1 year January 13, 2019

Zomig (zolmitriptan) for Migraine: “When I would get migraines, I would be nauseous, throw up, in bed 24 hours and then suffer the next day from aches and not eating the whole day before. Only a fellow migraine sufferer knows. Also since the digestive system doesn't work well when you have a migraine, NOTHING oral worked for me. Zomig helps soooo much with the pain, the only side effect I have is sleepiness and of course the burning in the back of your throat, but Nothing compared to migraine pain. It is worth trying, the only thing is since I started taking it I have been getting more migraines and headaches but they was less severe and they end earlier, like I can be out of bed by the late afternoon, which had never previously happened. So read up be careful, have someone care for you when you first take it so you can be safe. God be with you.”

8 / 10
Anonymous January 11, 2019

Zomig (zolmitriptan) for Migraine: “I have suffered from chronic cluster headaches/migraines for about 30 years now. I’ve been taking Zomig 5mg nasal spray for about 6 years now after trying more medications than I can possibly think of. It has saved my life, my headaches used to control everything I did . It works at least 9 out of 10 times within 15-20 minutes after taken. There are rare occasions when my migraine is to far along and it doesn’t work. The only side effect I have is some burning in my nose and bad taste in my throat. If these are the only things I have to endure to get rid of one of my agonizing headaches I’ll gladly live with it. I’m surprised at some of the side effects I’ve read from others. I have never experienced any of them except from the migraine itself. I say this because they have always to happened to me even before I ever took Zomig. The only big drawback is the ridiculous cost. I have a very hard time getting insurance to pay or allow a sufficient quantity.”

9 / 10
Richard · Taken for 2 to 5 years November 28, 2018

For Migraine: “The horror of migraine with a pounding headache, the nausea, incessant retching,inability to sleep, sensitivity all over and photo sensitivity were dramatically reduced when I took this 2.5mg tablet. Within 20 minutes a significant decrease in symptoms and finally the ability to sleep and recover from the exhaustion. You will still be incapacitated for the next 24 hours and weak, but this is a miracle drug.”

10 / 10
AuroraKitty · Taken for less than 1 month November 1, 2018

Zomig (zolmitriptan) for Migraine: “This medication (only one dose) caused me to have temporary COMPLETE paralysis AND blindness for 3-4 hours following administration. I was scared to death. My neurologist who didn’t even bother to note the fact that I was on two other antidepressants handed me samples and I assumed it was safe. I thought I was having a stroke. It probably isn’t the drug as much as the doctor I saw but I will never take a drug again that has Stroke, Heart Attack, or DEATH as a side effect.”

1 / 10