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User Reviews for Ovide to treat Head Lice

electriccomet · Taken for less than 1 month December 19, 2017

“After wasting $250 on Rid, princess castle live products and everything else under the sun including some expensive organic shampoo that did sort of work for the live ones just not the nits... we had to have the doctor call in a prescription for Ovide / Malathion... mind you there is NO way I’m the world that anyone above whom posted they left this on for over 15 minutes let alone a half hour ... no way an hour! It literally smells and feels like gasoline is on your scalp. It would burn your scalp severely bad if you left it on longer than 15-20 minutes - I think we made it 10-15 minutes at the maximum!!! It does the job! Period. It wipes them out! Nits live ones - everyone of them immediately. It is highly fumable and toxic! Be careful! Extreme caution. Do not use on a young child. Period.”

EmmaLice August 3, 2016

“My head was itching like crazy and I had a huge red rash on the back of my head so I went to the dermatologist to find out the source. Turns out I had head lice and a really bad case of it too! My derm. recommended OVIDE, and I applied it the second I got home. Within 5 minutes of applying it there were almost 20 louse bugs lying on my bathroom counter-dead. The smell was so strong i threw up (I also hadn't eaten all day) but was totally worth it :))”

10 / 10
Law Lover February 27, 2012

“OVIDE ROCKS!! My 7 year old contracted lice from her school/daycare. I bought three lice shampoos from the pharmacy in addition to two cans of lice spray for my house and vehicle. To no avail., these treatments did not work and had to be done over and over again. I spent approx. $50.00 on the products and another $30.00 on cleaning supplies. I was fed up with spending so much money, so I took her to the doctor. Her pediatrician prescribed OVIDE and it completely killed all of the lice AND nits. When I rinsed it out 10 hours later, I combed through it only to find, partial flakes of dandruff (a possible side effect of OVIDE due to the dryness). NOTHING ELSE!! The smell is AWFUL but completely WORTH IT!”

10 / 10
mely78 December 10, 2011

“Ovide is the best thing ever! 4 years ago and after a crash course in head lice the Dr prescribed RID. After 4 months, countless hours combing, washing clothes and $500 later to treat 4 children and the sprays for furniture, every week these roaches kept coming back (this amount don't include the extra expense that we incurred replacing clothes that finished in the garbage can after being washed in hot water). Finally I went back to see my children's Dr. and she prescribed Ovide. After the first treatment, no more head lice! 3 months ago my son got them again and off course my choice was Ovide hands down! Don't waste money on other products.”

10 / 10

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