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User Reviews for Kava

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Anxiety 3 reviews 56 medications
Anxiety and Stress 2 reviews 9 medications
Herbal Supplementation 1 reviews 19 medications
Summary of Kava reviews 6 reviews 9.0

Reviews for Kava

For Anxiety and Stress: "Hi I have been drinking Kava for 15 years and I can not tell you how much it has enhanced the quality of my life. Kava has greatly helped with all the stress and anxiety in my life and has given me my life back. I drink Kava using the traditional method used for centuries by Pacific Islanders and I only purchase pure and Kava for reliable sources. I would recommend Kava to anyone with anxiety, stress or insomnia."


Kava man (taken for 10 years or more) February 28, 2017

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For Anxiety: "Kava is as close to the effects of Valium as one can get from a legal substance. It definitely is a direct muscle relaxant and definitely does it through the GABA receptors. However, there's no lassitude - no real euphoria or feeling of elation either - but to me that's the actual beauty of kava. It's GABAergic effect is most noticeable when taken during a time of discomfort. Kava has quickly reversed full-blown panic attacks and also markedly reduced pain, probably because of it's direct muscle relaxation. I also sleep like a baby after taking it. But if one is looking for an upfront euphoria (i.e., a recreational drug) then that person is likely to think that kava does nothing."


C100T340 July 25, 2016

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For Anxiety: "I have had serious issues with a-fib together with a heart rate of 150-170 for over 3 weeks. I have had a heart ablation surgery, and am now on 3 different blood pressure/heart regulation pills. Lately, as soon as I lay down at night, my heart has begun to pound in my chest, so badly that I can't go to sleep. If I finally do go to sleep, it is still doing the same dance when I wake up. My chest burns & I am exhausted for the rest of the day. BUT, at the suggestion of an old fashioned Mexican lady who is a dear friend of mine, I began steeping two tea bags of Kava in boiling water for 5 minutes and drinking that before bed time. My blood pressure (which is usually around 135/85 immediately goes down to NORMAL (115/75). I can sleep!"


Sickofsick2 May 30, 2016

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For Anxiety: "Very relaxing not something that will get you high but will ale the spirit lifted and relaxed safely...being an ex heroin addict my anxiety is always crazy kava does help significantly."


Ashley c (taken for 1 to 6 months) November 12, 2013

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For Herbal Supplementation: "I have taken Kava Kava in 10-mg capsules for insomnia because I work shift work and have trouble relaxing when I need to at times. I buy powdered root from a reputable company and put it in gel caps. It works very well for me and I have been taking it for years with nothing detrimental to report. I have taken melatonin in the past but then had periods after where I couldn't sleep without it. I sleep fine on my days off without taking Kava and have never awoke drowsy."


Anonymous March 18, 2012

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For Anxiety and Stress: "I have drunk kava for more than 15 years. I went for a full medical examination at the best lab here and they found no problems with my health. University of Queensland, Australia research has found a traditional extract of Kava, a medicinal plant from the South Pacific, to be safe and effective in reducing anxiety."

Anonymous November 18, 2009

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