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User Reviews for EpiCeram to treat Dry Skin

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EpiCeram Rating Summary

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Reviews for EpiCeram

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 31, 2019

"This stuff has been magical for my eczema and rashes on my hands! I've previously tried strong prescription steroid creams with no effect. I put this on a forming rash and it's gone within a couple of hours."

Jess · Taken for less than 1 month March 16, 2019

"Allergic reaction due to epiceram! Soon as I put it on I get red patches and irritated skin"

Momof3 · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 1, 2018

"I have been stripping my skin w high end acids/RetinA/over-exfoliant for years. I was extremely dry and flaky. My skin started to react to any extreme temperature or touch. I stripped the barrier of my skin and it was always angry. My Derm gave me this for Dermatitis. It took a few weeks but all my issues have disappeared. I am afraid to use anything else. It isn’t greasy and at times I feel like I need more moisture. However, I resist adding anything more than this cream. I can’t find the reason why this is by Rx only though?!?!"

Gailslp · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 11, 2018

"I have had outbreaks on the palms and between fingers over the past five years. It was painful and my skin would get quite raw at times. I tried over the counter creams and a cortisone cream prescribed by a dermatologist but nothing seemed to help. I started using the Epiceram cream prescribed by the same dermatologist and it took several days before I began to see results, but I can say that my hands are in better shape than they have been in years now. I am still cautious, using gloves when cleaning or washing dishes but I think that, although it has been a very slow, gradual process, there has been a significant improvement."

Archie1980 December 19, 2017

"I have SEVERE contact dermatitis (CD) on my hands, and they had been dry - so dry that making a fist caused my fingers to split and bleed. CeraVe was suggested at first, but then I was prescribed Epiceram. The lotion worked well on the less severe areas, and I have had some healing after four weeks of use. However, my finger tips and two entire fingers have not improved at all. I believe this is because my condition is too severe for the lotion to do its job. For mild eczema or CD, I'm sure this will work - it does provide some relief. For me, however, it has not worked 100% - so it's getting a "middle of the road" rating."

JLLLL October 1, 2017

"I have been suffering pain/irritation/distraction where my eyeglasses touch my face for over a decade. Since I also have very severe dry eye syndrome, so my treatments have always focused on my eyes, out of desperation, I tried to treat my skin conditions instead since last year and tried different skin creams, including those with steroids, then came to Epiceram in May 2017. I have been using Epiceram since May, and my conditions have been improving every day, even though very slowly, understandably considering how bad and long my conditions are. I test my improvements by put my eyeglasses on and feel the level of pain and irritation under the nosepads, and Finally, yesterday, I began to wear glasses again...Amazing stuff"

Doobug · Taken for less than 1 month September 4, 2017

"I have suffered from eczema - especially on and around my eyelids, and rosacea all over my face for about 5 years now. (Started when I was about 35). If I sit next to a fire, my face gets hot and breaks out, if I am out in the cold, my face breaks out. My skin was dry and flaky, and felt like my face was chapped all the time. I was having to apply moisturizer 5-6 times a day. It was awful! I've been using Epiceram for 2 weeks, and my skin has been completely transformed! My skin is super smooth and hydrated, my eczema is totally gone. My face is not breaking out from heat/cold! My pore size looks smaller. This stuff is amazing! I wish I could take a bath in it!"

Londoner · Taken for less than 1 month April 4, 2017

"I think some folks may be confused about what this is supposed to do and the days it takes to do it. It restores your skin's own barrier to help heal and prevent a "break" = eczema and atopic dermatitis. You put it on first, then your prescription a few minutes later, if you need one. You use it for at least 2-4 weeks to strengthen your own skin from the damaged outer layer so it stops and prevents an active break(out). Almost nothing worked on me, including "shielding lotions." From their instructions: Should EpiCeram® be prescribed along with corticosteroids or a topical immunomodulator, it is recommended to apply EpiCeram® just a few minutes before applying steroids or topical immunomodulator to allow proper penetration."

anonymouse33 July 14, 2016

"Massive allergic reaction, looked like skin had been burned, has taken 5 days of hydrocortisone to calm down."

Anonymous October 8, 2015

"I had an allergic reaction using Epiceram on my face just before bed. It stung, and I awoke with an itchy face and inflammation. I went back to using Aveeno to calm down my angry face."

Satisfied_Dad · Taken for less than 1 month October 2, 2015

"Our baby girl had eczema and the normal oat bath & moisturizing routine was not helping. We had to see a Pediatric Dermatologist who prescribed EpiCream for regular use and Hydrocortisone cream for the more stubborn instances. We were honestly sceptical about using EpiCream and did not think this overpriced product will help, but nevertheless gave it a try. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the product worked very well for our baby and the eczema almost disappeared within 48 hours of usage. I have to agree with the reviewer earlier who mentioned that the cream creates more of a stinging sensation for the baby than a tingling sensation as mentioned by the manufacturers. Happy to be proven wrong in this instance."

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 18, 2015

"Does not work. Over the counter cortizone for eczema works better. This was an overpriced waste of money. Not only that, they have at the ready a list of nine reasons for not giving you the promised refund of any cost over $30. I got reason #6 which makes no sense, something about I filled the prescription within 25 days. Well...yes, of course, I did! What is your point?! In other words, you will not get a refund of any overage. Before paying the high price for this "product" try the popular cortisone brand from your neighborhood drug store for under ten dollars."

Khoupat · Taken for less than 1 month April 14, 2015

"I have been an eczema sufferer all of my life. For the most part I am eczema-free now except for my eyelids and intermittent body flares. I had been using Protopic which worked very well except I had a sensitivity to an inactive ingredient which caused large cysts on my eyebrow area which were painful. I was given trial samples of EpiCeram to use. Quite honestly, I do not find it helpful. The Protopic would clear my skin in 1-2 applications (along with the steroids for my body) whereas EpiCeram I would apply twice a day for an entire week and saw no improvement. In fact, I had a rash on my chest that I was applying the EpiCeram to and it seemed to make it worse.Used it on my face and broke out with small pimples and blotchy."

Sunbink April 13, 2015

"My hands and fingers were raw with extremely painful cracks. Within 3 days of using Epiceram the healing process began."

FinallyHope · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 4, 2014

"Have suffered from eczema all over face, neck, upper body. Nothing worked, and I had to moisturize every 15-30 mins throughout the day. 2 yrs ago, I stopped using topical steroids and had a serious rebound effect of worsening eczema. Since then, it's been manageable, but has never improved. I've tried changing my diet, going organic, different moisturizers, bleach baths, Bactroban, etc. It was hard to get the prescription as this is a product that not many Drs are familiar with. In 2 weeks, I almost finished the 90g tube, but my skin improved so much! My face is baby-smooth. I could go for 8 hrs without moisturizer! I finally have hope again. It still itches, but the skin quality has drastically improved. No side effects. And no more steroids!"

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month February 14, 2013

"My partner has suffered from severe facial eczema for the past few years, far worse than she had ever experienced before. We tried everything, from dietary interventions to Elidel to various steroids. We were truly growing quite desperate, as the eczema was so severe it was limiting my partner's ability to go out, work, or even smile and laugh. EpiCeram has completely turned her condition around, to the point where the facial eczema is almost totally eliminated. The results were FAR beyond what I even dared hope for."

Anonymous January 14, 2012

"Epi-ceram cream is amazing for eczema! The same day I applied the cream I noticed and felt a difference within a few hours. Two days later the eczema on my eye lids and around my mouth were clear. I use the cream sparingly and it works better than ANY other prescription. My insurance didn't cover it but I'm so glad I took a chance and paid for it. It was well worth the $$. Hopefully it will soon be available over the counter!"

prouxpoulenc November 30, 2010

"I have moderate eczema around my eyelids, and though cortisone based creams do have a beneficial effect in bringing down the inflammation, irritation, scaling, dryness and itching, I was concerned that long term use would cause my skin to thin, and also that I might get glaucoma or cataracts. I decided to try Epiceram after reading that Stanford medical researchers now believe that eczema is not an autoimmune disorder, but is caused by a breakdown of the skin's natural barrier due to dryness. The theory is that if you can re-moisturize the skin, outside insults from the environment will not trigger an attack. After using it for 5 days, Epiceram worked amazingly well, but to avoid stinging in my eyes, I shut my eyes after applying to let it dry."

rob in canada August 9, 2010

"I have suffered with atopic dermatitis (moderate-severe) for 10 years. The inflammation and itchiness has been non-stop. My skin has been red and inflamed on my face, neck, arms, hands, and most of my body. Often, my skin has become so damaged from itching and scratching that various regions of my skin have split, such as my eyelids, neck, and knuckles. I HAVE USED EPICERAM FOR 1 WEEK AND ALL THE REDNESS HAS NEARLY CLEARED UP AND THERE ARE NO SPLITS AT ALL. I FEEL GREAT!! I can sleep comfortably. I can shower without the pain of water stinging my damaged skin. I can exercise again without sweat causing burning. I highly recommend this cream."

Anonymous May 21, 2010

"My 4 month old baby boy has used this for a week and within 2 days of use, I noticed a big improvement in his skin. It had become soft again not so dry and rough. The only problem is he screams every time we put it on him so its more like stinging for the first 10 - 15 min, rather then tingling as listed in side effects."

Skinbetter October 1, 2009

"Cracked dry and itchy skin on my hands is much better after three weeks of use. I no longer fear getting my hands wet which used to cause a flare up of eczema especially on my knuckles. This is the best results I have had from any treatment in years. The only problem I did have was after putting it on my face after shaving (as directed by my doctor) vapors from the cream irritated my eyes."


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