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User Reviews for Lortab to treat Pain (Page 3)

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Lortab Rating Summary

User Ratings
31% (27)
33% (28)
10% (9)
9% (8)
5% (4)
3% (3)
1% (1)
2% (2)
1% (1)
3% (3)
8.2/10 Average Rating
86 ratings from 90 user reviews

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Reviews for Lortab

LINDAZY August 28, 2009

“It's okay for light pain.”

3 / 10
Anonymous July 29, 2009

“Lortab helps me get to sleep in 20 to 40 minutes. Otherwise it takes me 3 to 4 hours.”

9 / 10
Anonymous July 24, 2009

“I had Bells Palsy last year, it cleared up however, it left me with severe headaches. Lortab appears to be the only drug to give me relief. I was very hesitant about taking this drug at first, due to the addiction aspect and side effects. I have not experienced any side effects. I take it only when needed.”

8 / 10
Anonymous May 31, 2009

“I have been taking Lortab and Percocet for about a year now due to my endometriosis and ovarian cysts. It definitely helps to relieve the pain and anxiety. The down fall to it is the horrible feeling of withdrawal.”

9 / 10
Anonymous May 26, 2009

“Good for toothaches.”

10 / 10
Zack92 May 26, 2009

“I have been taking Lortabs for 2 1/2 years and it works for my headaches.”

10 / 10
Anonymous May 24, 2009

“Lortab has been a God send for me. I have had 6 major abdominal surgeries in 7 months. Last one in July of 08, and I still have a lot of pain. I take 1 x 5/500 every morning and 1 in late afternoon. It takes the edge off, it also winds me up, so I then can do some house cleaning.”

10 / 10
Anonymous May 24, 2009

“This medication was given to my 8 month old baby boy after he had surgery to correct his chordee and it worked wonderfully. I could tell he was in pain when he would pull on his diaper and cry so I would give him a dose (1 1/2cc) and he would be all smiles about 20 minutes later. There is nothing worse then to see your baby in pain. I'm so thankful he was prescribed this medication.”

Anonymous May 20, 2009

“I take Lortab because I have osteoarthitis of the spine and I would not be able to conduct my life on a daily basis if not for this medication. Some doctors don't like giving this medicine out to patients because it is habit forming. But, like I told my doctor, pain 24/7 or a slight addiction. I will take the addiction. I can get over an addiction but this pain is here to stay and is not going to get any better.”

10 / 10
mel fox May 20, 2009

“This helps my fibromyalgia pain along with Lyrica. I hate taking the medicines but I hate the pain even more.”

9 / 10
Anonymous May 19, 2009

“Helps ease the kidney stone pain and relaxes you as the kidney stone passes out.”

6 / 10
jaimee2761 May 16, 2009

“I had a torn tendon in my knee and had to have surgery. They gave me this for my pain. It has been relatively good. It takes my pain away for about 4 hours then I need to take it again. But now I've got to take it every 6 hours and it doesn't last that long. So for 2 hours I have to suffer. So for long lasting pain management it doesn't work that well, but for short term, it's great. And it doesn't upset my stomach.”

8 / 10
Anonymous April 24, 2009

“I have found that it gives me pretty severe headaches but it does help me get through the day and eases the pain for my healing broken leg.”

6 / 10
lilandynme April 21, 2009

“I take Lortab 7.5/325 3-4 times a day for back pain. It works great. I feel like I have my life back. Before I was in pain all the time. It only made me feel loopy the first couple of times. After that it just took the pain away. I would recommend this drug to anyone who has chronic back pain.”

Anonymous April 8, 2009

“I've been on this medicine for 9 years now. I take one every four hours, and it is a God send. I have two ruptured discs in my back, and with it I am pain free. Over time you may become tolerant to it, and need more to get the same relief.”

10 / 10
Anonymous April 6, 2009

“This is a decent drug for my ills. Unfortunately it's beginning to lose it's effectiveness after a little over a year. Of course, your mileage may vary.”

7 / 10
Anonymous March 29, 2009

“I am a young (22 year-old) female who has bursitis in my right hip. I'm anteriorally rotated, and have a gluteal strain, so it doesn't help my hip. Physical therapy has significantly helped, but my hip pops every step I take, and often pops out of place. Again despite the physical therapy, the pain sometimes becomes unbearable. I have tried about 4 different drugs before Lortab. Lortab is the only medicine that eases the severe pain (when I'm between 8 and 10 on the pain scale). It is not to take for every day, but it is AMAZING. For me, the downside, which I have heard from many people, is that it can leave you feeling anxious, and I generally can't sleep if I take Lortab. I think the benefits far outweigh the negative.”

8 / 10
Anonymous March 20, 2009

“This is a great low level breakthrough pain medication for people who do not have a tolerance built up for pain medications.”

10 / 10
veme February 19, 2009

“I have Firbromyalgia and I take 3 to 4 daily depending on how bad the pain is for that day. Less pain and it's way worth it.”

9 / 10
Anonymous February 14, 2009

“I have used Lortab for years and it works better than any other pain medication I have tried and I have tried lots of them. I have Mono-neritus multi-plex (spelled wrong I think) and have been on Oxy, Methadone, and other powerful class II narcotics. I take one every 6 hours (4 a day) most of the time and up to 6 maximum if needed as over that you exceed the 4000 units of acetaminophen, which will effect your liver and I try and stay below the 3000 range. Yes, you get dependent on this drug but when you hurt so bad. It is a very effective old school medicine that works for me and many others with arthritis. I give it 5*****'s.”

Anonymous February 12, 2009

“I was prescribed lortab for pain due to an infected tooth. I do not feel it helped the pain at all. The only thing that it definitely does is helps me fall asleep. I am still in pain waiting for the antibiotics to clear up the infection so I can get a root canal. I haven't got the same results as the people that consider this magical. I really wish it was like that for me.”

2 / 10
Anonymous February 4, 2009


10 / 10
Thank You Jesus! February 3, 2009

“I don't know what I would do if the good lord hadn't guided me to my doctor. I couldn't function without them. They ease my back and shoulder pain enough for me to work but I can feel it if I'm pushing to hard. The people who invented this drug are a God send.”

10 / 10
Anonymous January 28, 2009

“Lortab has worked wonders for my knee pain. ”

9 / 10
wallace2001 January 16, 2009

“I take lortab because of a broken back. I have rods and pins to hold my back together. Lortab dulls the pain so I can tolerate it and do the things I need to do.”