HI, I started Zoloft 25mg four weeks ago, it is helping my depression but not where I need to be. As I'm very sensitive to meds, my pdoc increased dose slightly. I started taking 37.5mg just a few days ago in the morning after breakfast. I'm really tired during the day and also have very restless sleep at night. I've looked up a million scinarios for this problem and it seems it is very common. My doc did say she could give me a sleep aid, but I don't want to wake up tired! I've read many people take at night and then their sleep is worse and they're still tired all day. Does anyone have a solution for this??? Will it ever get better over time? I've tried many antidepressants and so far this is the only one that seems to be slowly helping. When I was taking only 25mg I had the same issue. I have terrible allergies, so I wonder if taking a small dose of Benadryl at night may help... I also have ADHD and have adderall but I haven't needed to use it lately as I'm out of school & it seems to make me more anxious if I take it with the Zoloft. I start working in 1 week... I need to stay awake, and be able to drive. My doc lowered my adderall from 15mg XR to 10mgXR to see if that helps. Again, any advice would be appreciated. I've been taking naps and I cannot do this anymore. Thank You!