I am 26 years old and was on Zoloft from 20-24 years old and it worked before i got off it and was fine. I recently came down with Covid AND got my first dose if the vaccine and my anxiety came flooding back. Started taking Zoloft 6 days ago. Started off at 25mg for the first 4 days then upped it to 50 the next 2 and have been suffering from no appetite, severe anxiety and constantly thinking something is wrong with me and go the ER almost every other day either for my thoughts or my heart palpitations and I’m just constantly worrying. Was just wondering if other people check every symptom on google and assume you have it. Do I ride out this nightmare? I haven’t been able to sleep at all and is making my anxiety even worse. I feel lost/scared all the time and now tired because I go days without sleeping. Any stories or advice are welcomed and appreciated!! Thank you!!