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Why do you take simvastatin at night? It keeps me awake?


Marvell 24 Apr 2014

Simvastatin is generally in the system for 12 hours, after 12 hours the concentration drops.

Cholesterol is made more extensively by the liver at night.

So it is best to taken simvastatin at night so that it works effectively and gives best results, since it's concentration is highest at that time.

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Sabrina1234 24 Apr 2014

Short half life of simvastatin and your liver is most active made cholesterol so that is when it does the most good. If there is an issue you my check on Lipitor or Crestor or pitavastatin, they have a long half life and can be taken any time

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Angie Weir 25 Apr 2014

Don't take Crestor. We just returned from Mayo clinic, after taking Crestor my husbands PRP came out of remission after 25 years.

Sabrina1234 25 Apr 2014

? Prp free discount card

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