I really want to quit smoking. I previously smoked cigarettes, a pack a day, from age 18-32, then quit using nicotine lozenges. I'm now 40 years old and have been smoking cigarettes again since last September. I'm currently smoking between 10-20 cigarettes a day. I have bipolar 1 disorder and my primary care physician said that this was safe for me to take to help me quit smoking. She also told me that I could also use nicotine lozenges in addition to taking Chantix. I'm worried about two things. One, will taking Chantix worsen the bipolar disorder? And two, can I really also use nicotine lozenges as well as using Chantix? I've done a lot of research regarding all of this, but the information is confusing and conflicting. I plan on checking with my psychiatrist about all of this as well, just thought I'd ask about it in the meantime. I haven't started taking Chantix just yet, I'm trying to gather more information. I would really like to begin using Chantix if possible, just have some concerns. Any advice? I would really appreciate any and all suggestions, others experience and knowledge or thoughts regarding this. Thanks in advance.