Over the past 12 years i’ve been gradually brought up to taking oxycodone, oxycontin, and percocets daily. Today I got a call from a referring doc that my pain doc had referred me to talk about maybe taking buprenorphine. Now this person did say that my doctor can still raise my meds up from 60mg but was concerned about the t word, tolerance. I get it, but do they? It took a real long time to get the dose right and finally i’m just about feeling tolerable but this chronic pain will never go away. The one thing I which bothers me most is when a doctor doesn’t understand exactly what the patient is going through or more so, when they are misunderstood. Some here have mentioned that they have taken both buprenorphine & oxycontin or oxycodone at the same time. Is this possible? Can a doctor prescribe a patient this or is this part of a short term process for the patient? Also, I’m from Canada, my doctor always said that these methods cannot be pushed on a patient and that it’s the patients decision if they want to go that route. Personally, the chronic pain in dealing with right now is manageable with the medication i’m taking now but having the option with buprenorphine for the future if I need it sounds good.