For the past 4 months now, my head has been stuffed up to the point where breathing out of my nose is all but impossible unless I strain myself and force air out (which, obviously, isn't something I want to do) It had gotten to the point where I just couldn't bear it any longer, since it would keep my awake at night constantly, make eating very difficult (chewing had basically become the same as holding my breath) and all around made me miserable.

Four days ago, I decided to try Mucinex Sinus-Max Nasal Spray, and to my surprise, it cleared up my nose for 8-10 hours at a time. It was such an incredible relief. However, on the back of the box, is says not to use the spray for more than 3 days. Now that those 3 days have been used, I'd like to know the reason for that warning.

If possible, I'd really like to continue using the nasal spray since it's the only thing that's worked for me so far and I just can't stand the thought of things going back to how they were. However, if continued use is dangerous, then of course I don't want to do that. I'd really like to know the reason why you shouldn't use it for more than 3 days.