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Oxymetazoline - Has anyone lost their sense of smell after Mucinex Sinus Max Full force nasal spray?


chuck1957 15 April 2017

jecca66; Yes this can happen with this product, Best to if you have used this for more than 2 to 3 days to stop using it. These are not always the best because if you use more than you need or it says this rebounds on you and well plugs you up. but you're sense of smell well come back if you need more info call your pharmacist for extra information if you are worried.

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jecca66 15 April 2017

Thank you chuck1957. I did stop using it after only a few days. All I have is a metal smell/taste. I do hope that goes away soon as it is nauseating. Thanks again for answering my question. Jecca66

chuck1957 15 April 2017

jECCA; GREAT, and yes normally that metal malty taste or smell does go away. And if you find yourself needing help with the nose you can use any of those normal saline sprays which are really just salt water but it does help get air a bit in the nostrils and the old time Vicks vapor rub to put on your lip so you smell something other than that metallic smell. if you still are having a bad time Tues then you should get in to see the doctor. free discount card

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