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Can you cut Trintellix in half?


Rathmullan 24 May 2020

Hello pkripper:

I know that the times I've attempted to taper off of Viibryd by cutting tablets in half I did not get the same therapeutic effect as I expected i.e., 50% of the pill's dose - it was something significantly less than that. I went so far as contacting a the manufacturer and they could not explain technically why this was the case. But the representative did say that the Company does not stand behind the efficacy of the medication in cases where the pills are cut. As Wildcatvet has pointed out, it could be due to Viibryd's relatively low half life at just 25 hours. But note too that Viibryd and Trintellix have similar mechanisms of action.

All the best and take care for now.

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WildcatVet 24 May 2020

Hi, pkripper!
Technically it's advised that unscored tablets not be split as you may not have the same amount of the drug in each half. Another problem could be the tablet's odd egg shape.
"Splitting unscored tablets is considered “off-label” because each split tablet dose may not have equal drug strength. However, splitting drugs with a long half-life and wide therapeutic index should pose minimal risk."
Trintellix has a half life of about 66 hours... which is extremely long.
You might want to check with your doctor or pharmacist for professional advice..

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