Hello, I am a 27 y/o healthy female. I took amoxicillin for strep then 5 days into taking the medicine I got a VERY BAD yeast infection. I stopped taking the antibiotics and took 200 mg of Difclucan. The next day, I took another 150 mg of difclucan. Now it is the next day and my yeast infection has not gone away, infact it feels worse. I have had to miss work for two days because I am in so much pain and discomfort. My vagina is very swollen and was even bleeding a little yesterday. I am worried that the diflucan will not work for me. I got the difclucan from my roomate... I was desperate for a relief and I had taken it before for yeast infections many times. After the diflucan didnt work I went to visit my doctor. My doctor also prescribed me three days of clotrimazole tubes. I didn't tell her I had already started taking the diflucan. Should I use that as well as continuing to take the diflucan? I have two more 150 mg diflucan pills I can take. Please help!! I am desperate and in so much pain. Thank you.