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Does xanax lower your sex drive ?

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jbear1983 31 March 2014

I actually went in search of xanax RAISING ones sex drive. I just got prescribed this on a short term. I'm not necessarily a super young guy, I'm pushing 31. Over the passed couple days I've been a maniac as far as sex drive. Was prescribed xanax for anxiety/panic from the recent loss of my father. My sex drive increase could have to do with all of my emotions etc going haywire. I suppose I can't blame the xanax for it...

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pickles503 22 Aug 2012

Hi there mjmjw!
Yes, one of the side affects of Xanax is decreased sexual desire or ability.
I've been taking Klonopin for over 10 years with no decrease of sexual desire. (I'm not a wh-re or anything. Hardy har har!) I'm telling you this because after many years of taking Xanax, my Dr. decided to try Klonopin instead. What a difference! Be sure you talk to your Dr. before taking any other meds that were not prescribed for you. From what I've just read about Klonopin, decreased sexual desire isn't a side affect. Still... talk to your Doc. All of us are different. What works for me may not work for you and visa versa. We have the best support groups on There are some who dedicate their lives to helping us. I'm so delighted your a part of us. God bless you. Anna

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Singularity4u2 31 Aug 2013

I stopped taking Cymbalta and Xanax. Then, I increased my Vitamin K2 and my sex drive has shot through the roof.

kellyandtodd 22 Aug 2012

Everyone is right yes it it does, but once your body adjust some of the side effects should go away,

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balbanese 22 Aug 2012


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Inactive 22 Aug 2012

Yes, decreased sexual desire or ability are common side effects of this medication.

Take care,


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