47 yr old male. I've been on xanax for over 12 yrs 2 mg 3 times a day, ambien 10 mg at bed time. and lexapro for depression . i sold my company when i was 36 and diagnosed with ptsd, depression and sleep insomnia. was married for 22 yrs and single for the last 5 just when it couldn't get any worse I just lost both my parents. I hate that my life is controlled by meds and now the xanax has a death grip on me. I cannot miss a dose or within an hour I become shaky and get the brain zap thing.I have an 8 yr old daughter , she's my world yet I can't be the dad she needs because I'm a walking zombie. I'd so love to find a partner but the sex would be a serious problem. i have no sexual desire what so ever and i could go another 5 yrs with out trying. i want off this life controlling drug but the research I've done is pretty serious as to what this med does .