I’ve been taking Klonopin during the day (1mg) and Xanax at night (1/2-1mg) I’ve been taking Klonopin for a long time - about 25 years, until a few months ago. Began Xanax, but not for very long. Now I’m off both and having weird withdrawals. I feel like an electrical impulse is going throughout my body into my head, creating a “jerking” motion. But no one says I’m jerking. I’m very nauseated all day and all night. A little agitated. What are the other withdrawal symptoms I have to face?

My doctor will not prescribe pain medicines with Xanax or Klonopin.

I have chronic pain so I need to get off of these so my pain management doctor will prescribe pain meds. I’m on Hydrocodone now, but don’t take very much. Two at the most on any given day (3 ONLY if I can’t handle my pain at all and I start feeling nauseous). My doctor is switching me to Percocet.