I am in Law Enforcement and I am currently prescribed Xanax. I've been taking it off and on ONLY AT BEDTIME for approx 1 month to help me sleep. I took 3mg of Xanax at 2am last week, again to help me sleep (I work 4p to 12a). The next day I was sent for a drug test (Urine) at 10:30pm. The Dr called me approx a week later and asked what I had prescriptions for. When I informed him and gave him my RX number, the date filled and pharmacy number for the Xanax "ok, no problem. I'll verify this and if it's confirmed I'll report to your employer that your tests are negative. The same day I went into work My IA Cmdr showed me the results that I showed positive for Xanax. I showed his in the previous days the mostly full bottle of my Xanax and explained they help me sleep at night. I informed him I took them last night around 2 am to help me sleep (bad insomnia) but it still showed up 20 Hrs after taking it. Now he wants me to go to an evaluator to see if I could have a dependacy problem??? WTH? He states none of these meds can be in my system while i'm on duty. Has anyone heard of this before? If so are we not allowed treatment like civilians? And believe me from the moment I woke up that morning I felt great w/ no groggyness and am totally confident that I was in no way under the influence of Xanax 20 hrs after taking it.. Any input would be great. Thanks