I've been given 5mg of diazepam to take 3 times a day for a week as my jaw keeps locking. I took this once before but only for 2 days and I slept a lot!! However I had two days of work so just snoozed on and off in front of the tv.

I can't afford to be off sick so if I take these 3 times a day for a week will I be ok to work? I work in a busy call centre so need to be quite alert the majority of the time. Someone on FB told me their husband took these and he was talking all weird like he wasn't all there (although I'm not sure what dose he was on)

What side effects do most people have on this dosage? I won't be drinking alcohol at all while taking these if that helps?

Don't mind a little sleepy but need to be able to do my job, that's all.