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Will hydrocodone and oxycodone show up the same in a urine drug test?

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Mark A Leonard 26 Aug 2019

My treating Doctor said that Hydrocodone can show a FALSE Positive for Oxycodone

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Tricia Rogers 5 Jan 2018

I don't know but would like to because of my boyfriend

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David LeBlanc 22 Dec 2017

I am curious if they will show up different cause I been told several answers is why I am asking

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Onebluesky 30 Jan 2023

I know that when I went to a pain appointment, I wasn’t thinking and took a hydrocodone with Tylenol rather than straight Tylenol (I don’t get rid of extra pain meds or antibiotics if I don’t finish) and my pain provider asked me if I had been to the dentist lately and I knew why she asked, but of course, I let her tell me and acted surprised and came up with something that at least didn’t get me kicked out of my clinic. But I looked online at drug tests Amazon sells for “pre-employment” screening, and I have found tests that say they test for hydrocodone, but when you look at the individual lists, there is not one for hydrocodone. And I think that is Vicodin, but I looked for that as well, and it didn’t show. But if you are worried, Amazon sells the same tests some providers use

Irishistwinkling 14 July 2017

I believe it does. Hope that helps EVERYONE.

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Debec 23 Jan 2017

Need to know if they are the same kind of medication and know the safety issues.

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vetteangel11 16 March 2011

No they will show up as 2 different drugs. This happened to me 2 months age.I ran short on my 7.5/325 percocets& took a 7.5 loratab I had from hand surgery and did the pee test at pain clinic and doc ask me why I had codeine in my system. So no they are different/ not the same. But close

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absolutepain 10 Oct 2018

I agree with you. If a different panel test is run, as I have seen in my own urine drug screen, it did separate hydrocodone from oxycodone (Percocet), so even though they are both opiates, mine did separate them both. So if you are prescribed one, then you shouldn't test positive for the other. I am not saying this can happen to everyone but you just need to know what type of urine drug panel your doctor uses. And I found out the hard way that Percocet stays in your system about 6-8days. I don't want to argue with anyone, I am just telling you what happened to me personally. And after that happened, I did look up Percocet (oxycodone) to see why it was still in my system after 4 days. Then is when I found out that it can be there 6-8 or 9 days.

tripsixes 15 Aug 2010

Yes they will. All pain medications show up as the same thing in drug tests. They show up as Opiates, which is actually the drug that is in the pain meds.
No matter if you take Morphine, Dimerol, Oxycodone, Oxymorphone, hydrocodone, Dilaudid, whatever... they all show up as opiates in a drug test.

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Inactive 12 Aug 2010

No. They have separate metabolites and break down into synthetic codeine. Neither should appear on a standard drug screen Which generally looks for morphine or codeine in its' pure state. I have also read that OxyContin doesn't break down into syn. codeine. In any case , they would have to do a more complex screen to determine what is in your system-and after 48 hours, you're pretty much in the clear. Good luck and let us know how it works out for you. Julie

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Nemoo4 20 Jan 2017

My daughter takes hydrocodone and in her Uas at the police station she pops positive for oxy codon so why is that

moobie 15 June 2017


You were replying to a post from 2010. I know that you posted in January of this year, but come on man.

Foxygirl12 28 May 2023

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