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I'm prescribed oxycodone but my doctor says my urine test shows hydrocodone, how is that possible?

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Jacqueline67 9 Aug 2021

No idea!!!

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Traitor_TN 23 Feb 2015

Simple Answer is because you Have Used Lore tabs. Most People think they both are the same thing. But on Most Tests they ARE !! But they CAN be broke down and tested Separately. Hydrocodone & Oxycodone are different. Example would be Oxycodone are things like Roxy's and Percocet's. While Hydrocodone are Lore tabs. Most Doctors don't break them down that far, But some Do... So know what your Doctor Tests For...

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BackinPain 24 May 2012

I don't know how it's possible, but know it IS possible because it happened to me. My test results show hydrocodone (low amount), oxymorphone and oxycodone. I'm only prescribed Oxycontin and only take Oxycontin. I was told I "passed" the test. I believe your doctor is not understanding how to read the test.

On my test results paper it says "The presence of more than one opiate in urine may reflect drug metabolism or use of multiple drugs. Low concentrations of an unexpected opiate in the presence of large concentrations of another opiate may also reflect impurities in the pharmaceutical preparation" and


"Hydrocodone may arise from hydrocodone-containing drugs or by metabolism." And - "Oxycondone is not a recognized metabolite of other opiates and its presence indicates use of an oxycodone-containing drug. Oxycodone is metabolized to oxymorphone." That explains the oxymorphone in my test result, but I don't understand the hydrocodone showing up, other than perhaps like it says above, "by metabolism" or "impurities" in the preparation.

I was trying to find out why hydrocodone was in my result too, but since it didn't concern my doctor, and she's very very strict, it must be something else, but exactly what, I don't know. I DO know I haven't taken any, and only take what's prescribed by her. I did read that many doctors do not know how to read the results, and those little additions that I posted here, was to help the doctor understand the results better? I'm still trying to understand it myself, even though it does explain the oxymorphone, it's not real clear about the hydrocodone other than "by metabolism"?

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DzooBaby 10 Feb 2012

Hydrocodone and oxycodone are two different derivatives. The metabolites they break down into are different. This is how the lab tells them apart. There are metabolites in one that are not in the other and vice versa, and this is how they tell the difference. So, you have either taken a hydrocodone-norco, vicodin, lortab etc or it is possible the test was defective if it was an assay test. If they did a GC-MS test then it is most definite that the test subject has hydrocodone in their system.

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ksrock2 10 Feb 2012

Did you take any vicodin, norco? The other thing could be a mistake at the lab? What did your doctor say? Curious maybe there was some sort of mix up. Did your doctor give you any answers, well I guess not or you would not be looking here. I would ask for a retest. good luck

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kriskinsey 10 Feb 2012

what is the difference in the urine? aren't they both opiates anyway? How do they tell them apart?

ksrock2 10 Feb 2012

I am not a lab tech but I do know that if a doctor orders the lab to look for a specfic narcotic it can be done. They used to just look for opiates but some docs are ordering more specific tests. My pain doc would just look for oxycontin when I was taking that he wanted to see if the amount he was prescribing was theraputic he showed me the results and it was a chart. he was not testing me for other drugs or did he think I was taking anything I shouldn't, and I was not I have severe pain and only took what I was prescribed.

kriskinsey 10 Feb 2012

is there an ingredient in oxycodone that is not in hydrocodone? What is it? Is it possible to explain that oxy turned into hydro?

ksrock2 10 Feb 2012

Yes, oxycodone is much stronger then hydro, I do not think it would metabolize to show hdyro if you took oxy. I worked in a lab years ago drawing blood and learned alot from the lab techs, it's amazing what they can do. I guess it could be possible a pharmasict might be able to answer your question. Hope I was somewhat helpful.

kriskinsey 10 Feb 2012

Thanks KS, I racked my brains out on this. I was googling the difference and then looking up words to break down the meaning and it actually narrowed it down to Alcohol??? If the hydro had been taken w/ alcohol it would show up as oxy in a UA, but not the opposite:(

Inactive 10 Feb 2012

Oh, please tel me you are not drinking alcohol while on oxycodone or hyrocodone. This is a bad mix... Mary

kriskinsey 10 Feb 2012

lol, I'm not drinking, in fact I don't drink. But what I was saying is that I was researching it and couldn't figure out the missing key but broke it down to alcohol thru google. Anyway it was not what it turned out to be, I had hydro from the dentist prescribed and since it was prescribed I'm off the hook now! Thank you everybody for helping , You're awesome. And I know where to come in the future if I need help :)

Inactive 11 Feb 2012

Hey kris, stay with us! We need new members all the time, & your experience may help someone else... Mary

kriskinsey 11 Feb 2012

Thanks Mary, I actually do have a lot of experience and figure things out. free discount card

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