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Why is generic norco m367 so weak?

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Jimmy 57 16 June 2022

Hello I have been taking this mallinckrodt for 27 years, the only thing I have found wrong with it was it does cause tiredness, but I a have a question I'm trying to find this medication imprint M 367 does anyone know where I can find it, to me it's important for a number of reasons June 2022 Thanks

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masso 17 June 2022

You will not get an answer unless you post a question on this site.

gkk777 20 Aug 2022

I get that from my local home town pharmacy. It's made by Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. But does nothing for me, but go to your local pharmacy, No big name pharmacy, and they will usually get it in for you.

Jimmy 57 22 Aug 2022

Question, has anyone tried the New reformulated M 367 that was made by Mallinckrodt but not now no, no, it's being manufactured by SPECGX Corp a subsidiary of Mallinckrodt well I have to say this newer version causes hallucinations. I don't know how these pharma companies get away with this. I have 110 of them can't use them also causes ringing in the ears wow WTF is going on my two cents peace all

browen61 7 Nov 2020

For years I've been getting the yellow 10/325. This last time I was given the m367 white of course. They are so much weaker than the yellows. I've gone to 4 different pharmacies to continue to get the yellows, now that Pharmacy is no longer getting them. Does anyone know where around Ft.Worth where you can still get them? I don't care what they say the whites are so much weaker. I've discussed this with my pain management Dr. & he agreed there is a difference. Are they going to quit making the yellows all together? I need to find a Pharmacy that still supplies the yellows as like I stated the whites aren't working near as well.

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55barbara 3 Aug 2019

years ago, took non-generic norco and it worked. Then dr would no longer prescribe because afraid of gov't. Have had restless legs since my 40's, am now in my 80's and for the last 15 years, it has become very severe, every 2 hours at night and sometimes all day. Finally got a dr to prescribe but was given the Mallinckrodt generic, it has a half life of the non-generic. Pharmacist says he can no longer get the non generic of Norco.

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Corgi1 3 Aug 2019

It's a shame as I remember having a choice concerning name brand and generics... not any more.

Corgi1 3 Aug 2019

As many have posted here... similar situation... I have three different serious issues with my lower back that puts me in constant pain. I have been taking variations of hydrocodone for years and have NEVER had an obviously sub-potent medication as the Mallinkrodt 10/325... it is PAINFULLY(so to speak) obvious that the 120 my Doctor prescribed (July,19)have been pressed too hard and the ingredients terribly weak. I know correct potency as they ALWAYS have the side effect of itchyness however they relieve my chronic lower back pain more than adequately. I used to run tablet presses for a generic drug manufacturer in Texas and you are crazy if you think generics are the same as the name brand. The filler materials can come from third world Countries with all sorts extraneous dangerous materials such as glass and rocks.


Active ingredients the same and all that had to be proven was on paper the correct materials active / non-active within a certain +- %.
Believe me Mallinkrodt makes weak medication and have recalls in the past to prove it. I appreciate a Pharmacists opinion on such however they are just wrong concerning this particular brand of medication.

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angelmonrow 8 Nov 2018

I've often wondered why generic m367 seems weaker than m366. The manufacturer is the same for both pills, yet, m366 exerts stronger pain relief according to patient responses. So, I believe your question to be valid. Hopefully an answer can be obtained.

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jhardee79 9 Sep 2018

Hi rob so to answer your question about why M367 is so weak, it’s not that it’s weak I believe they do a different process. I’m saying this because I have been on hydrocodone 10/325 for a little over a year, they Pharmacy had the peach color Vintage brand then they were on backorder and asked if the white ones were ok, I didn’t really know so I said I’m sure they are fine, the brand was Watson worked just as well.


Have been on the Watson white color ones for a good 6 months then this Friday September 7th 2018 they again asked if I was ok with the white ones the others were on backorder, well to my I didn’t think nothing of it because I’ve been on the white Watson’s for half a year so didn’t really know of other ones so I said yeah no problem when I got home I was getting ready for work got my pills ready and opened the bottle and noticed they were a little bit larger and then I looked and it was M367, I didn’t think nothing of it. I took my pill then my muscle relaxer and my nerve pain meds. Bou an hour later I’m getting a twang a well I can’t describe the pain it was intense like I had not had surgery so I said what the hell I took another one, nothing what I felt was a little high but not in the good way. My pain didn’t subside I was very slow at work cause I was trying to avoid the pain. I get home from work I still have Watson brand because I get a good amount for the month I do not abuse my pills I take hem when I’m in super intense pain. So I take the Watson bout 30 minutes later the pain goes from a 12 (not a 10 it surpassed the 0-10 scale) to a 3, so again today pain was horrible all day I muscled through it I just took a Watson bout 40 minutes ago and the pain subsided. So I’m telling you the brand with that M is from Mallinckrodt they are doing something but it isn’t for the good of our pain. Monday I am going back to my pharmacy and letting them know. Then to my dr and going to see if she can re write a prescription so I can go where the Watson or Vintage is. I feel your pain so very long story short ask them what brand they have before you get it filled Watson or Vintage work very well. Good luck!

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overnumity 11 March 2018

I am a skeptic. The only way to authenticate the various brands is to find 4-6 of each pill from all different manufacturers. Being very careful to record the date and lot number of each and being extra careful keep them uncontaminated, toss each set of pills into a coffee grinder. (A very clean one) so that, who manufactures what, is known only to you, Bag them. Tag them. Send them to be tested at a lab, with the requisite fees. Wait for the results. Return to this site and enlighten us. Then and only then will you have clarity.
I suspect that you will find significant differences in both inactive and active ingredients from batch to batch of each manufacturer. Any volunteers? Nothing wrong with knowing.. To speculate is to equivocate. To hedge! My definition of one of the most effective words in the English language is for the word "Virtually" = "Not Actually.

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JyGatsby 8 March 2018

Same problem with Actavis brand. The reason is the non-active ingredients. Some generics are physically harder and won’t disgest like others. I bet the brand you’re taking is like hard pellets. When this happened to me, no one believed me. They blamed tolerance and everything else they could think of. Yes, there is still 10mg of hydrocodone in there, but if it doesn’t digest efficiently, you will not get it into your bloodstream. Don’t worry, it’s not in your head. I switched to Qualitest, and instantly my pain went away like before. Note that manufacturer of your pills and change brands. You’ll be back to normal.

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jf204109 7 Nov 2017

I've done to M367 and I'm also done to Watson 853 and it seems like I get a better reaction off the Watsons then I do off the M367 it seems to me that the M367 is weak I don't know if it's the binders they use or what but they just don't seem to do it as well as Watson manufactured hydrocodone that's just my opinion I've had them all when it comes to hydrocodone best one I've ever found for the yellow ones with little v on it those are real decent in comparison to everything else I won't even fill out a pharmacy if they use the M367 I ask ahead of time if it's not at least watts and I don't buck with it

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Patlallen 1 Aug 2017

Is norco white tab generic m367 weaker than the yellow norco?

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Ret78 24 May 2017

Hi Rob, I know exactly what you're talking about. The white tablets are much weaker than the yellow ones, .
they are supposed to be the exact same medication they clearly are not. The white ones also tend to make me nauseated and dizzy . I have been told the reason for this is the yellow generics are manufactured by the people who make the real The real deal name brand "norco' .
I know some people may not believe this but those of us to deal with pain management know exactly what you're talking about .
... good luck

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guitardreamer 30 April 2017

I have to put my two cents in on this discussion i to am wondering why there weak too ive been looking up brand name and generics and manufactures on alot of forms and surprisingly doctor's too say there is no differences in them and im here to tell you oh yes there is. Ive been taking the exact same meds and take the same doses daily starting with half a pain pill in the morning as soon as i get up. Ive been taking 4 10-325 a day for pain. (Yellow 36-01 with a v on one side) for over 5 years and i recently had to change pharmacys this past month with wall marts brand m367s and there's a big difference in the potency i could tell right away. My routine is a half when i get up and another half around noon. The 36-01s always where strong enough for most of the morning now with the m367s i basically have to take twice the amount and then just then its barley enough. I rashion my medicine and know when and where every milligram is in me.


So normally i would expect 2 sittings with one pill but with the m367s im going thru my medicine twice as fast this month.
lm going to try and see if they have some other brand they can give me next month. So My opinion on the m367s yes they are weaker and wallmart dispenses them.

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oklajohnny45 2 Dec 2016

I agree with you they seem to be a lot weaker . The pharmacy I use filled my script and They had the white ones like you described 1st time I got them filled I also had to take 1 1/2 to 2 to equal 1 of the yellow ones that are shaped like a football oval yellow ones are much stronger. Talked to my doctor about it and he said there all the same strength unless there old shelf life. So he told me he would give me something stronger he put me on oxycodone 30s .. JJ

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slthrelkeld 3 Feb 2017

I know this is an old thread but I have to put in my 2 cents. I have been taking Norco for 15 yrs and have had numerous generics. One made me throw up 30 minutes after I took it (had never happened before) not only that, I had extreme anxiety to the point of shaking and pacing. Very bad! I called the Pharmacy and he said that this generic was what most people asked for, meaning it was stronger I guess. He was not surprised at this and he told me to take half of it.This last one generic tris which I understand comes from India, first time for this one. Don't know if it is stronger or weaker but it has given me stomach cramps and this is a first for me in 15 yrs. I don't care what anybody says. A Pharmacist told me it has a lot to do with how the drug is released in your system. I believe that, but I also believe there is a difference in the amount of active ingredients, and different batches are different.


This kind of thing whether it be an illness or a drug you, start with the onset. If this is absolutely a new symptom and when it started and ended (in the case of a drug) it is not hard to figure out, and on top of that other people are having the exact symptom with the same generic, that's got to be it. No Pharmacist is standing there when the manufacturer is putting it together they can't possibly know for sure. The person that will know is the person that has been using it for YEARS, and your bodily systems have not changed. This subject is not taken seriously because of the particular drug, being a narcotic.

oldspike 23 April 2017

My pills are oblong, white, marked M367. Yes, they are a lot weaker! One pill and I do not notice any pain killing effect at all. My previous pills gave a much better effect. Both subscriptions came from WalMart. My next refill will be with a different pharmacy.

Uad6350 21 Nov 2016

the yellow pill is name brand. the white one is generic which can be 20% stronger or 20% weaker. which direction do you think they will go?

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Drummer53 18 Oct 2016

I have been taking norco about 5 yrs.I don't think the white are weaker but I have noticed they upset stomach quite a bit

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Curmudgeon67 14 Nov 2016

I've also been taking this for 10+ years, and I don't care what anyone says, there IS a difference in the generic forms of hydrocodone. I particularly noticed it with those manufactured by Mallinkrodt the M 366 and M 367, respectively 7.5 & 10mg. I too, have noticed stomach upset, ears ringing, and a mild headache, along with a lessened pain relieving effect. There is another, older post in this blog from a pharmacist which says that the manufacturers, especially those located overseas, tolerate up to 20% variance in amounts of ingredients! Greedy pharma ripping us off! free discount card

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