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Why is generic norco m367 so weak?

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LaurieShay 25 Feb 2011

Hey rbob,

Hydrocodone 10/325 (norco m 367) has the highest amount of pain killer opiate of the hydrocodones available. So your question as to why norco m367 (hydrocodone 10/325) is so weak doesn't quite make sense to me. Are you wondering whether the generic is weaker than the brand? I think you will find they are very comparable for this particular med.

Hope this helps,


caringsonbj 25 Feb 2011

Hey rbob,
probably if hydrocodone 10/325 (norcom367) does not work then the brand name would probably not work either, if you have been taking this for an extended period of time it may not be working any more. How long have you been taking this particular medication?

kc.ragdoll 15 Sep 2011

RBob: Many physicians prescribe Norco 10/325 for long-term pain patients, instead of Lortab/Vicodin/hydrocodone, because there is less APAP or Tylenol (acetaminaphen) in the Norco. But, currently being prescribed Norco & receiving a wide array of pain relievers, including: M367 (white oblong), and V 3601 (yellow oblong), both containing 325 mg acetaminaphen, IP 119 (white oblong), containing 500 mg acetaminaphen & M361 (white oblong), containing 650 mg of acetaminaphen, I always examine the pills and check them on Pill Identifier so I know the amount of acetaminaphen in the medication. I ADVISE YOU TO DO THE SAME RESEARCH IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS ABOUT YOUR MEDICATION. Obviously, because there are different amounts of acetaminaphen in the various medications, they can react differently from each other and react differently from individual to individual. I have noticed differences, too; you are not crazy or imagining things. I hope this is helpful. Take care, KC

jk13 25 Feb 2011

Tylenol and Hydrocodone potentiate each other a bit, however, the combo of the two is terrible for the liver, therefore the reason as to why Norco is becoming more commonly used vs. Vicodin. The low amount of Tylenol may be what is making the drug feel weaker than what you expected. Also, Hydrocodone realistically is one of the weaker Opioids, and depending on what you're comparing it to, could also be a reason. If it is the main brand vs. generic that is weak, then I don't know...
Jeff K

oxyaaron 25 Feb 2011

i believe that if it is weak for you, you may be developing a tolerance to it.

jk13 25 Feb 2011

good point, could very well be if you've taken the drug before on a semi regular basis...

NativeSkater 7 Dec 2011

What if you have never taken it and took it for the first time and it does do an effect?

dont pill 15 Sep 2011

Actually, the pill itself isnt week,or weak lol it is the strongest of this particular type of the hydrocodone family, so it would actually be a mistake to say that it was weak. \\


NativeSkater 7 Dec 2011

I just took it for the first time it has not done any affect on my pain. How's that?

sjmlrs13 14 Feb 2013

I am a pharmacist first off. A LOT of people think that the brand, color, size and numbers matter on the pill. It DOES NOT. ALL Norcos whether brand_name or generic have the same amount of the drug. Every manufacturer of the drug has different sizes, color and numbers on them. A lot of people want the brand_name because they think that it works "better" or that it is "stronger". Which is NOT true. Again, they have the same amount of ingredients, just different manufacturers. Hope this helps. :)

draenon420 31 Mar 2012

This is a medication that I take and have for quite some time. It just so happens that I was prescribed the m367 recently and have indeed noticed a dramatic difference between these and the oblong yellow 3601v and many other people have also complained.

carlk 3 Apr 2012

you are right draenon , the malinkrodt m367 versus the watson norco , their is a big difference in pain relief . the same goes for the generic percocet by the same two companies . i have to switch meds every 6-8 months to maintain pain relief from chronic pain i certainly noticed the difference .

saucerman 13 Apr 2012

Hi draenon420, I would tend to agree with your statement. My pharmacy recently changed me to the m? norco generic I can't spell it, hehe sounds like a russian generic. I always before got watson yellow norco's. They do seem to be weaker but it could be all in my head.
regards: saucerman

Uhhhhh 4 Sep 2012

The main difference between brand name and generic medications is that generics are legally allowed a 20% margin of error in regards to the purity and amount of active ingredient present in the drugs they manufacture. So if your prescription says 10 mg hydrocodone, the generic version could actually contain anywhere from 8-12 mg in each pill. Pharmaceutical companies are not required to inform us of the real amount or even provide any type of disclaimer on the label, package insert or anywhere else available to the general public for that matter. I have a sneaky suspicion that "accidentally" including the bare minimum required by law might very well be common practice for some of these companies. Not only would 20% be a pretty significant profit increase, but patients would also end up needing more for the drug to be effective. This is merely a theory of course, but it could be why your prescription seems weak to you.

MacIntosh12 11 Dec 2012

Hi Uh, Why would the generics also have the numbers on them, explaining the mgs of opiate and tylenol, as in generic norco, 10/325?
Thank you,

MacIntosh12 11 Dec 2012

P.S. This is so very deceptive that the FDA should (ideally) be involved.
We are paying for generics, and they are supposedly the same, yet they are not? GRRRRR!
May I ask where you got your information?

Jhavansek 11 Jan 2013

I have been taking 10/325 brand name hydrocodone (yellow oblong) for 4 yrs. I take them for my degenerative disc disease in my back as well as osteoarthritis in both knees as well as peripheral neuoropathy and stage 4 osteoporosis. I recently had double lumbar fusion surgery about six months ago so I think I know a thing or two about PAIN... I recently tried to save a little money and get the generic 367 hydrocodone and i noticed a dramatic difference in the effectiveness... WHY???

MiloBova 15 Feb 2013

I too take pain medication for chronic stenosis in my neck. Have been on Norco 10/325 for a couple of yrs now... usually I received the generic brand from Qualitest (yellow oblong pill). Worked great for managing my pain, strong enough, acted fast and lasted well. I recently went to another pharmacy (for a convenience this time) and was given the Mallickrodt M367 10/325 white oblong pill. Despite what the pharmacist says (who says its the same), there is a huge difference in the strength. The pill takes up to 2 hours to be effective and then its much less effective as well. Something in how the pill is manufactured makes a difference in the delivery of the medication... I do not like it at all.

janjen 24 Jul 2013

I totally agree I have chronic pain and a list of issues.. when I recently went to pick my prescription up they changed to the generic ones u named above. . I have to take more than prescribed just to feel them. My pain level never goes below a six but the pharmacy keeps saying they are the same but I beg to differ... I think they are full of it..

Banged up back 20 Feb 2013

M367 is a generic version of norco that sucks! I recently switched pharmacies and they game me these. I hate them. I've been on the yellow ones for a year. They dull my pain. Itchy nose and give me tons of energy. These white ones don't work for me at all. I'm so sick of people coming on here and "FDA" this and "FDA" that. "It's in your head" I call Bs! Bottom line every human is wired differently. They substitute binders and chemicals to save $$. How do I know this? I caught my pharmacist in a lie, and called her out on it. FDA is just as crooked as our politicians. I know my body and I know the discomfort I live with everyday. I've had to live with no relief for almost a month because the pills suck. Just google "m367 weak" ya that's right. I'm not the only one guess were all crazy. So hp ahead and believe what you read. Santa is real too right? Smdh.

kenny wayne 3 Jun 2013

I too have been taking the yellow norcos for about 8 years. My last 2 refills were the m367. They are NOT as effective as the yellow Watson's. I do not get the same relief as I had been getting and it is not in my head. As I understand it, the generics are allowed to be up to 10% off in total amount of active ingredients. That can explain the lesser amount of relief and could mean more profits for the manufacturer.

bac1961 6 Jul 2013

Ive been on norcos and/or vidodin for over 1 year. Ive come to the conclusion that different meds will affect different people different ways. If you dont get pain relief from a generic vs a brand name, it may work for me. (So far anways)

gunslinger73533 30 Apr 2013

I have had several surgeries over the past few years for various problems, and have been on a pain management program for awhile now, and I can assure you... there IS a difference in the different medications that pharmacies give. If I get my Norco 10's in the oval yellow pill, they work fine. I can take one every 6-8 hours and it works. If I get them in the white oval M367 pill, I have to take 1 1/2 to 2 pills every 6-8 hours, and sometimes I will have to take a half in another 3-4 hours. There seems to be a difference in the quality/potency of the ingredients of the generic over the name brand. I have noticed it as well, it's not just you. People commenting to the contrary don't seem to understand what you are asking... I do. There IS a difference, not only in the quality/potency... but the price as well. Basically, you get what you pay for.

Doublej 3 May 2013

Well all I know I wish I could get a pain med I go to the Va because I have DDD, broke my t3, have a blown ACL, been blown up 4 times overseas (caused bleeding on both sides the brain). Four knee surgeries (3 minuscus, 1 ACL). An I'm told," you handled it this long so I don't need it and amount of damage you have of course You would feel pain. Here I'll right you a prescription for therapy" thanks doc good to know I wasted 6 hours to hear you say I know your knee hurts so here is something to make it hurt more but you can't have anything for it for the pain your in not the pain you'll be in during therapy. Ahole

bonelli 3 May 2013

Your problem is in your first line. VA. If your depending on the GOVERNMENT to help you that is the first mistake. Take the money they give you for disability and go to a real doctor. db

Doublej 4 May 2013

Well since you know how good the government is disability is controlled by the government and they have had me pending for 2 years for disability. An secondly don't assume you know what's in my pocket ass clown

smackman21 4 May 2013

rbob, the norco m367 is manufactured by Mallinckrodt, I have taken there 30mg oxycodone light blue with [M] on one side which COMPARED to the 30mg oxycodone marked R 215 [blue] on one side made by ACTAVIS PHARMA is also very weak, actually they suck compared to the Actavis!! I have taken the Norco m367 and agree with you, plain and simple Mallinckrodt med's just are not as good as other manufactures in my opinion. The pharmacist may tell you they are the same and you would expect that but they are not..period!!!

smackman21 4 May 2013

Correction it is A 215 not R 215 eyes are a little weak!!

passionflower79 23 May 2013

The Generic Norco's that say M367 are made by Malan pharmaceuticals.(Which tend to be on the cheaper side) They are missing a binding ingredient that some of the yellow ones have, The Yellow Norcos made from Qualitest and Watson; your high-quality generic pharmaceuticals carry that binding ingredient .

Yes. you are correct they are not as strong because of the absorption process and that missing binding ingredient. Everyone is different though; Age, Weight, and Height. If you do not care for those just go to a new Pharmacy, most of the major Pharmacy's carry the yellow ones. Depending on what state your from I would stay away from Walmart they most likely carry a contract with Malan Pharmaceuticals.

I am not a professional, just a Pharm Tech this is based on my personal option, not a professional .

calvin-696969 2 Jun 2013

i have noticed that the walmart brand m367 are crappy compaired to the generic by walgreens which are a watson brand.word of advice pay a bit more for a better pharmacy generics then to buy the weak junk from walmart.

rhettrostyle 12 Jul 2013

FACT: FDA requires generic drugs to have the same quality and performance as brand name drugs.  There is no such thing as a 20% difference between brandname and generic. You probably just have an old med or have grown immune to the hydrocodone, it happens all the time.

Abe1067 15 Jul 2013

M67 does not work and my pharmacy is trying to tell me there is no brand!

Output 26 Jul 2013

FACT: All Hydrocodones will be white in the very near future. All the manufactures are taking out the dyes (no more; green Watsons 10/650, blue Watson 10/500, blue Mallies 10/650, yellow Norco, etc., etc.). I'm from Houston... the pain pill capital... so I know what I'm talking about.

ROMANBEAR 31 Jul 2013

Oh the drug companies are so clever, saving 5-10¢ per pill or more by intentionally shorting the amount of medicine because the "law" allows. I decided to do some research on this subject before jumping to conclusions. Anyone out there that think BIG Pharma (the drug companies) have your best interest at heart, raise your hands. I didn't think so. No one? You're correct. As for white & yellow hydrocodone/APAP being different, you bet they are. The new white pills do one thing. Make Actavis money. They are moving from Jersey to Ireland as fast as they can. If you aren't feeling ripped off, you should. They will take their tax dollars with them. Refuse this improperly compounded medicine. Their OWN employees admit "Kinetic Imbalances" which is no different then mom using margarine in the cookies instead of butter. Or leaving out 20% of the salt. If you are so out of your body you can't feel the difference, God help you.

MacIntosh12 31 Jul 2013

ROMANBEAR, you make some compelling points, I have the yellow ones made by Qualitest, they seem to work ok, even though the only difference is the color, they are generic, too. Do you believe Qualitest rips people off as well as Watson Labs?

ROMANBEAR 31 Jul 2013

Macintosh12, no I do not believe the Q's business practices are the same at all. Their medicine seems to work and has been reliable in my personal experience. I haven't done specific research like on Actavis where I specifically reached out to employees, local pharmacies, and the FDA. Consumers are left literally hurting in this situation, there isn't much recourse.

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