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Which is more effective ibuprofen or diclofenac?


Official Answer by 24 Jan 2011

Ibuprofen and diclofenac are both nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (usually abbreviated to NSAIDs).
NSAIDs relieve pain and fever and reduce inflammation.
All NSAIDs are similarly effective.

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arcanoidcyst16 24 Jan 2011

It all depends on how it affects you.Try 1 of the medications one day and the other medication another day and see which one you think works better.That is the best advice that I can give you considering the fact that i am not a doctor.Hope you feel better my friend.Keep in touch.

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arcanoidcyst16 24 Jan 2011

They are both the same kind of drugs NSAID's.Why the thumbs down??I gave you great advice.It wasn't like i said screw you or something.

ashry_86 25 Jan 2011

I need scientific answer not to make experiments on my self

arcanoidcyst16 30 Jan 2011

It is OTC medication for christ sakes!!! What is wrong with you??My answer for you is to take 1 medication and then see how it helps your condition.If you don't feel it addresse's the issues you are having.Try the other pill on a different day than the day you tried the first pill.What i mean is don't take both at the same time.That's dangerous.I am not a scientist just a forums member.So I am sorry if I did not give you the answer you were looking for.Thanks and the best of luck to you--- Arcanoidcyst16 free discount card

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