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When will novo-pheniram be available again in Canada? What is the alternative?

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Ritchie MacInnis 9 Jan 2018

You can buy it from Novapharm Limited Toronto Ontario M1B 2K9
A better batch for post nasal drip is AllerClear you can buy 10 mg 1 tablet every 24 hours at Costco.
It's the allergies that cause the post nasal drip the drains down the back of your neck -throat and gives you that the hoarse, cough - Strider effect which leads to hacking coughing up serious phlegm.

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antihist 4 Oct 2010

To whom it may concern,
The company that makes the novo-pheniram antihistamine is Teva Canada Ltd. Three offices-Toronto, Missasauga and Montreal.
Toll free number is 1-800-268-4129. I called them this morning (Oct. 4/10) and they called their warehouse and a supply should be sent out by Oct. 15th! I live in BC and our local Shopper's Drug Mart has been without the product for 7 months! Hopefully this will soon be rectified. Please call these folks to confirm or deny what they told me.
Regards from a fellow sufferer of allergies,

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gniges 12 April 2011

Hi Fred,
I called the company this a.m. and they said it should be available on the 6th of May.
I also live in BC and she said it will be available here also.
Hope she was right.

suzanne66 19 Sep 2010

Novo-Pheniramin contains chlorpheniramine and is an antihistamine used to treat the symptoms of allergy and hayfever.
I am not sure when, and if, it will be available in Canada.
It is an older type of antihistamine and its use over the years has declined as newer more effective and better tolerated antihistamines have come onto the market.
Talk to your pharmacist - there are many other antihistamine tablets that should be just as effective that you can take instead.

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dickie2 19 Sep 2010

Thankyou Suzzane. I know there are alternatives but Novo-Pheniram does abetter job and you get more in a bottle and it is half the price. I just found out that it should be available towards the end of Nov. I guess we wait and see other wise it will be Clortripolin. Probably spelt it wrong. thanks again,Ed free discount card

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