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When it comes to Promethazine with Codeine what is the difference between Qualitest and Actavis?

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alrose620 21 Aug 2017

What is the differs in cheratussin ac and codeine/GG

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Tooraw202 9 Oct 2016

Ok, the difference in them is the manufacturer. Actavis is not brand name. They are all generic... I repeat they are allll generic. Barr pharmaceuticals produced the original brand name which is no longer in production. The difference that makes actavis better is the amount of sugar each manufacturer puts in their product. More sugar= thicker syrup= coats your throats more. Actavis doesn't work any better than the others. It's simply hype, which in turn causes the placebo effect. Hi-tech is just as good as actavis. Now, qualitest is the most carried at pharmacies because it is for diabetics and it cost less because they don't add any glucose (sugar) to their product. Qualitest is the only brand that works less because it's simply not a syrup... it has the consistency of water. By adding corn syrup to it, it is just as good as actavis.


This is why people add jolly ranchers to their mixture, because it makes the drink thicker. I have had every kind multiple times and consider myself a connoisseur. Everything I've said I am 100% positive about through experience and research.

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Lakiee 10 Nov 2016

I have been using Codituss DM for many years, because it is Alcohol free-Sugar free and dye free, and it helps me, and I have found out this is the only medication that works for me!
I recently moved from Westminster, SC where I as able to purchase it and now I have relocated to Hickory, NC and I can not find any one who sells this product. Is there anybody who possibly help me out, or give me any suggestions to get this product I've been using for year!
Thank you,

Gym1 11 March 2017

Will promethazine without codein get you the same effect as with codein?

fkntruk 20 Feb 2018

Connoisseur eh? Try the alcohol percentage. Idiot.

AceBoogy 13 June 2015

The only difference is the taste. They are all the exact same product with the same doses of the same active ingredients. Actavis (ACT) is the purple and most preferred. HiTech and Qualitest are just two generic forms and don't taste the same as the ACT. (They have a stronger, more medicine('y') taste.) Some people say that the HiTech and Qualitest make them itch but its really all the same. Literally the only difference is the flavor. All the active ingredients are the same but almost everyone prefers ACT over the generics.

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Inactive 25 May 2012

Hello looch. I spent some time researching your question. And this is pure speculation on my behalf. I am not a chemist/pharmacist. I believe that in regards to qualitest, would mean the amount or ratio of codeine to the promethazine. As to activest the actual amount of a dose of promethazine/codeine as in a perscription. Thats the best I can offer. Regards, pledge

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Inactive 25 May 2012

The words qualitest and activest I could never find a explanation for. I searched through several medical dictionarys as well as standard dictionarys, even as a possible acronym and came up empty. The words quality and activity per say yes.

AceBoogy 13 June 2015

Its spelled Activis. And the only difference between ACT, HiTech and Qualitest is the flavor. ACT is the most popular BC of the flavor. Its the purple. The Qualitest and HiTech brands are just generic brands but taste stronger amd more "mediciney." They're the yellow and red. They all 3 have the same active ingredients and same dose of codeine/prometh as ACT. Activis just has a better taste. That's the only difference

AceBoogy 13 June 2015

Lmfao, it seems like you think those are slang terms. Those are the 3 companies that make the products. Activists, Qualitest, and HiTech are all pharm companies that make syrup. Lol

E money 27 Aug 2016

@AceBoogy, yo I was on the florr when I saw what the first answer said. I think they was messing with them tho, gotta be, i mean... right?

KenGriffeyJr 3 June 2017

First of all its Actavis not Actavis or any other way. Second of all they all have the active ingredients just have different tastes. I love how people who never even had it before come in here like theyre experts. Nothing better to do ? free discount card

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