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When is the best time to take effexor xr? Morning noon or night?

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12 Apr 2010

those types of meds are best taking in the morning but if they have side effects that bother you take them at night.hope this helps

13 Apr 2010

In the morning with food works best for me :)

13 Apr 2010

I always took in the evening, 2-3 hours before bedtime, with food. I had trouble sleeping and this worked for me.hope this helps.

13 Apr 2010

I took this for many years and tried both but the best was at night as it helps you relax, you get tired on the drug and arent supposed to operate heavy machinery until your body gets used to it so best at bedtime. Youll get a wondrful nite sleep and hopefully dont wake up dizzy from it.

ellinam 24 May 2012

its a week i am taking effexor xr 300mg at 4 pm and next morning iam getting up really dizzy.but when i am taking it in the morning i feel tired and sleepy all day. what can i do ?

14 Apr 2010

when i took this medication i started oput taking it in the am but it really made me drowsy so in my opinion its better too take effexor a couple hours before bedtime.but everyone is different so what ever works best for you ..good luck

23 Jul 2010

Amanda1525, I took Effexor xr in the morning for years as that was how it was prescribed. But, I always felt so tired out and sleepy. Finally, about six months ago I switched it to bedtime and I now I get a good night sleep which I was never got before, because I have insommia, without the feeling of being so dragged out & tired all day long. Talk to my Dr and she said it was ok I long as I took it. So what I'm saying is experiment & find out what works for you. Everyone is different.

30 Mar 2011

Am re-starting Meds after years off. Initial dose 37.5 1 wk then 1 cap twice daily; so am starting w/evening meal. Would let you know how this works, but only ONE Post Allowed. [fyu was at 300+Mg when had to stop]

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