Hi.I have just found out my husband is a drug addict. I found him injecting himself in the arm in the bathroom at our home. I think its methamphetamine by evidence I found. (white powder, distilled water,small syringe.
We are both young ,not yet 30. been together 6 years.
we have been trying for 2 years to have a baby but after many tests, he has a problem with his sperm count. I am in shock and so sad that he has been doing this whilst we have been trying to fall pregnant. What if i had fallen pregnant with a child with a disability? I have had this "perfect marriage" for 3 years now, so inlove with this man, and to find out he has been injecting himself is just too much for me. Putting the puzzle together, I think he has been doing it for 2-3 years. he says its only been 1 year. we have worked hard to build a life together with dreams. he has an amazing job that pays well but we have been struggling financially for a long time. looking through our bank statements it is clear where all the money is going. 15 thousand dollars in 6 months,gone. He works in the mining industry so he said the drug was Duramine-which is a legalised form of speed-weight loss tablet that people use to stay awake. I dont believe it as he has lied, everything he says is a lie, and i have been so naiive. I asked him yesterday "why did you do it?" he said "I dont know... maybe because I could get away with it."
I have booked him in to see a doctor who will hopefully recomend he see a psychiatrist. Its important that I add this- when I met my husband 6 years ago he was snorting speed recreationally along with smoking pot. He was very thin and when i met him we met in a club. it was love at first sight, moved in 2 months later and he proposed 1 year later. I said to him, I will not accept drugs in my life, so its either me or the drugs. he chose me and left that life behind him. we moved towns, started fresh and i think he didnt do drugs for 2 years after that. he looked healthy, exercised alot and was fit.we were so happy. lately his personality has changed so much. he has put on weight, he looks "dirty", has a smelly breath, has alot of wind, eats junk food, stays up all night tweaking and playing tv games. has thrown a few tantrums lately, throwing things, and over reacting to things. he has become abit parranoid with dirt- washed his hands alot, has had hallucinations etc. What do i do from here? he said he will do anything, but when i mentioned rehab he refused. he says he can do it on his own. i think he is in denial... for him to have done it under my nose for all this time, i feel so betrayed. please can someone advise me of what to do? thank you