Ambien 20mg, adderall 20mg XR, Clonazapam .5-1mg pnr

I take ambien for insomnia (a high dose because my body has always needed a lot), adderall for adhd inattentive type- it's supposed to help with insomnia and anxiety, and clonazapam as needed for anxiety. What time should I take each to fall asleep at 11:00 pm?

The adderall was helping me sleep but now it's not so I think I have the time wrong. Would clonazapam wake me up or make me sleepy? I have taken ambien about 5 years every night, and before that for a few years frequently. I started it because I was so desperate for sleep I started drinking to black out... not safe. Time to see a doctor. So I did.

I have a second question. I think the ambien may be losing its effectiveness but I'm afraid to tell my doctor this because I don't want him to have me stop taking it. I've tried sleeping without it and tried weaning myself off of it and it's horrible. It's just like before I started taking it- no sleep! Is there anything he can do to help me? 20 mg is the highest dose allowed. I'm afraid I'm going to start drinking or seeking other ways to sleep if it gets really bad again which is where it's headed. I don't want to do that.

Bad options for me are: benadryl (bad for RLS), Tylenol PM and other PMs (bad for RLS), antidepressents (because I have ADHD antidepressants have the opposite effect on me).

Thank you so much for your answer!