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Suprep- How long does it take before it starts taking effect and how long does that last?

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Marvell 27 Dec 2010

It's unfortunate that no one has responded. I don't know of anyone who has used it so can't comment either. If you have already used it please let us know of the effects, if you don't mind.

naildriver 5 Jan 2011

It took 7 minutes before the first urge to go then stayed in the restroom for 30 minutes. After the initial 30 minutes I made 2 more short trips in the next 30 minutes.

atlcdn 12 Mar 2011

For me it was within minutes... for the 4 pm one and the 4 am one. There are no words to describe the taste, so I won't even try. The good news is that there was none of that awful cramping with hours and hours of being stuck in the bathroom. It was much easier on the body... It just wasn't as bad after taking it... after about 3 hrs I was not in the bathroom very much at all... Much, much better than the preps in the past.
As usual, the meds given to me at the time of the procedure did not make me sleep or even make me sleepy so it was uncomfortable for me... but I can handle just about anything after the prep... :-) What was found was removed and I am soooooo glad it's over for another five years... yay!

jrm2fla 30 Jun 2011

I started taking the Suprep mixture at 5:40pm as directed, taking large sips every 10 minutes for an hour until I drank the whole cup (the bottle of Suprep plus water up to the 16 oz. mark.) As advised, I sucked on hard butterscotch candy and Altoids (original mint flavor) to get the taste out of my mouth. My wife warned me about the process. I thought it woud start working in 15-25 minutes. Instead, by the time I drank 9/10 of the cup, at about 6:30pm, it was working (about 50 minutes.) The effect is like diarrhea. As directed, over the next hour, I drank an additional 32 oz. of water. I kept going intermittently for over 90 minutes. It was best not to leave the bathroom during that time. I had my laptop so I just watched a Netflix movie to keep distracted. Now it is 8:30pm and I have not gone for a while. I was able to move to the bed but I am ready to sprint to the bathroom if need be! I have to repeat the process to tomorrow morning early, before my 12 noon colonoscopy.

jmed4144 31 Jan 2012

The length of time it takes for Suprep to act and the duration of the action appear to be quite variable. Most other reports are of much more immediate action. In my wife's case, taking the first dose at 5pm Sunday it did not produce any effect until AFTER the second dose at 3am (10 hours). The bowel movements continued for about 1-1/2 hours until about 5am. Thinking that all was over by 6am we left home for the procedure - about an hour drive - no problem. However, the second dose kicked in while in the waiting room about 8am (5 hours), not pleasant - but fortunately that was over in about 1/2 hour. The good news is that the Dr. reported that the prep was very good.

goldenbloom 7 Jul 2012

It takes about 20 minutes so don't go far from the bathroom. The first bottle was so horrible to drink but I found the secret --- the second bottle I mixed with very cold bottled water and drank it through a straw. Soooo much better because you could hardly taste or smell it. Works for about 3 hours so be ready. Good luck.

muzzypat 12 Aug 2012

Just got done with 1st round. Smelled like fruity cough syrup. Mix well with COLD water. Use a straw and get it as far back into your mouth as possible to avoid a lot of taste buds. Then drink 2 more 16oz glasses of cold water. The cold water helps to wash the somewhat strange taste away. No nausea, no cramping, just cold from all of the cold water. Feel like I'm cleaned out and it's about 1.5 hrs since starting. Hope this helps. A whole lot better than GoLytely. I go through this again at 4 a.m.

plenk 18 Feb 2013

For me it took about 4 hours before it started working after the first dose. I had a lot of uncomfortable cramps starting about an hour after the first dose and continuing through 5 hours afterwards.

Ccakes 28 Mar 2013

For me as well, I'm going on four hours. I took it (suprep) at 2:00pm as instructed. About 45 min later I had a Normal bowel movement. Just now at 5:45 had a very tiny normal bowel movement. Lots of cramps and some nausea. Sipping on chicken broth right now and cramping. Hopefully it will really kick in b/c I'm not really looking forward to taking this again at 6am! The taste is supposed to be berry flavored but I thought it tasted like concentrated grape, and I love grape but not this... Hope it works soon...

plenk 28 Mar 2013

The 2nd dose is what really cleaned me out. This wasn't near as immediate as the GoLYTELY prep.

Dave120462 16 Mar 2013

I really don't understand all the stuff about the taste. It really wasn't that bad it tasted like cough medicine to me. Being on the toilet was the bad part. I drank my first dose at 3pm about 8 minutes later I felt a strange feeling in my stomach at 20 minutes in I was going to the bathroom. My sister said it wasn't that bad her problem was having to drink all the water. I on the other hand didn't have problems with the water part. All I can say is drink only what they tell you to. I can drink and drink so I kept going. Oh yeah and after you take your first dose if you think you have gas you should run to the bathroom lol

cbrenk 2 May 2013

I took the suprep at 6:00 pm and it had no effect (except some mild cramping and headache). I took it again at 4:00 am and I am still waiting for an effect 2 hours later! Headache is worse.
I may have to cancel the colonoscopy. I had a similar experience 2 years ago and I'm surprised my doctor didn't try giving me something different. I guess this stuff works well for 99% of people and I'm one of the 1%.

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