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What should I do if my kid eats polysporin?


Inactive 16 Sep 2011

Call poison control, they are usually very nice. I don't think you will have to take him for medical treatment, but ask them, THEY KNOW believe me. I have had to call them when i thought my nephew sprayed himself in the eye with pine sol, he didn't, but I had them on the phone when I was rinsing his eyes out in the tub with all his clothes and shoes on. They were very nice, and called back to check on him. They won't report you, just help you. In my prayers, Patti

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DzooBaby 16 Sep 2011

Patti-your story reminds me of one with my kids. My youngest was a little mite and into everything. I was cleaning windows and he got a hold of the window cleaner and sprayed his own face. I wasnt sure if he got it in his eyes but I snatched him up to the bathroom and rinsed his face and eyes. Well, my other son was about 4 years old and had just been learning about 911 at daycare so, yes, he goes in and calls 911. They were nice too. I told them I was already rinsing and that I was sorry my son bothered them. It s kinda funny looking back now! Life happens and believe me-there is not much you can say to surprise or shock these people! They hear a LOT of interesting stories!

Inactive 16 Sep 2011

haha Dzoo, that was a good story. That reminds me of one. We all read these stories of kids calling 911, my daughter, Shannon, was about 3 and I was explaining the procedure of what to do when the house was on fire or we needed and ambulance. My daughter is a huge huge animal lover and we had a cat we called chibbles. I told Shannon, if the house is on fire, go to the neighbors, don't ever go back in the house, call 911 from the neighbors house. Then I told her, if mom is lying on the floor and you can't wake her, call 911, if mom is in the bed and she tells you go watch TV, I am still sleeping, don't call 911. She got a troubled look on her face, what if chibbles is sick or I can't wake chibbles? We call the vet, she was so proud of that answer, she repeated all I told her when her daddy came to get her including, if chibbles is sick, we call the vet. I hope this poster did call poison control, they are nice and know what to do. Thanks dzoo for the funny free discount card

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