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What kind of vaginal infections is metronidazole 500mg used for if it four tablets in one dose?

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Anonymous 12 May 2011

It could treat several things that are included as causes for bacterial vaginosis, and also a protozonal infection nick named the Trich, for trichomoanas I spelled that wrong, but it is close to that spelling. Taking 4 pills at once can make it a fast fix, but will likely leave the patient very nauseated with a metallic taste in their mouth. Bv or bacterial vaginosis is causes by one or more of 5 to 7 bacteria, or the trich protozoan. It is simply an overgrowth of the wrong type of bacteria, sometimes it occurs naturally and sometimes it is caused by hormone shifts. Trich is spread thru sexual contact, but can be spread if a person were to try on a bathing suit after someone had it on that had trich and the bathing suit was not sanitzed by washing it, There are probably a few other instances where no sexual contact occured but it was spread, but mainly trich is spread thru sexual contact. Bv does NOT have to be sexually spread.

DzooBaby 12 May 2011

Trich can take years to manifest as well so even when sexually transmitted it can sometimes take several years to really start causing symptoms. It is usually a sexual transmit though but like Patti said-not 100% of the time.

Le Ella May 29 Dec 2012

It can also be used for pelvis inflammatory disease, it isn't exactly jutS for one specific thing but in fact various problems

superwoman716 12 Dec 2013

What type of vaginal infection this medicine is use for

chadandy 19 Aug 2016

Can you use it for a sore throat

carnell35 22 Sep 2016


Michael75 3 Dec 2016

What std can this treat metronidazole 500mg

DestinyShalome 15 Jan 2017

It is not used to treat actual "sexually transmitted diseases" ie .. chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis .. etc etc

Tess5579 24 Feb 2017

This drug is also prescribed for 10 days three times a day along with a 10 day regimen of Bactrim 800 mg two a day for the purpose of intestinal infections like diverticulitis. free discount card

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