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What is the difference in taking Lexapro v. Wellbutrin?

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Prisbeth 9 Aug 2017

I take Lexepro, Wellbutrin and Buspar. Forgive my spelling. Dr. Added wellbutrin yesterday... the other two I have been on for years. It seem like they would interfer with each other.?

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LaurieShay 14 May 2011

Hey Kaylee,

Though Lexapro and Welbutrin are both antidepressants, they act different on the brain chemicals. Lexapro targets the brain chemical serotonin while Welbutrin targets the brain chemical dopamine. So it really depends on the person as to which works better. In fact, because these meds work differently, they are often prescribed together. I take Wellbutrin and Pristiq. Wellbutrin has less sexual side effects then the Lexapro.

If you want to know more, please post again,


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Kaylee25 16 May 2011

Thanks for your comments. So how does targeting dopamine affect the body?

Kaylee25 16 May 2011

Also, is there a difference between generic Wellbutrin and name brand? I am on the generic but would gladly pay more for the name brand if it works better. Thanks.

LaurieShay 16 May 2011

Hey kaylee,

I don't believe there is a difference betweent the generic and the brand Wellbutrin. I take the generic with no problems.

Dopamine is commonly associated with the reward system of the brain, providing feelings of enjoyment and reinforcement to motivate a person proactively to perform certain activities. Dopamine is released (particularly in areas such as the nucleus accumbens and prefrontal cortex) by rewarding experiences such as food, sex, drugs, and neutral stimuli that become associated with them. Recent studies indicate that aggression may also stimulate the release of dopamine in this way.

Hope this helps,


Inactive 14 May 2011

Hello Kaylee25. I have been on both, Lexapro and Wellbutrin. The so called "kinder" of the two, meaning in regards to side effects was Wellbutrin. Lexapro, was given to me, more as an anti-anxiety medication, rather than an anti-depressant. I found that lexapro also made me feel tired. My dose was 30mg. The wellbutrin was stopped, only because there were no results. No improvement, no change. I was on lexapro for several years. wellbutrin not more than six or seven months. Wellbutrin is a very popullar medication and most people that take it say nothing but good things about it. Either way, whichever one you descide upon,I hope that the medication works well for you.

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Kaylee25 16 May 2011

So did you find something that worked for you? I just started Wellbutrin a couple of weeks ago. Still taking Lexapro with it. I liked Lexapro, but just found it wasn't really doing much after a few years. I hope I don't have to keep changing up. Wellbutrin seems to give me a little more energy. I'm only on 150 mg. Thanks for your post. Finding what works for depression AND anxiety is so hard. Dealing with ocd and ptsd, too.

Inactive 16 May 2011

Hi again Kaylee. I just read Lauries comments below, and always interesting to say the least. You asked if I have something that works, no, not in the sense that you mean. Medications do little for me in the sense of the way it helps most other people. My depression is refractory, meaning medications don't help me. But, they do stabalize? in other words, no improvement, but no dramatic decline.When that downward spin starts, I have to be carefull, or else I end up in a hospital. My medications at the moment are remeron and paxcil. Anyhow, gone on a tad to far, again Kaylee25, you'll find the combination that will work for you, just a matter of hit and miss sort of thing. again, best of wishes. free discount card

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