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What is the difference between oxycodone 10mg's and oxycotin 10mg's?

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Lawrence Hare 14 July 2017

I Take these pills 3X a day and want to know the difference between them

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DzooBaby 28 July 2011

The only difference in the two is that the OxyContin releases its medication over 8-12 hours and oxycodone releases all the medication at once. In many cases, no amount of medicine ever takes away all the pain. Pain medication and pain therapy really isnt about taking all the pain away but it should take the edge off and allow you to be more comfortable so that you can do some of the activities you need to. Many of us in pain management get 20-50% pain relief only and consider ourselves lucky to get that. You need to adjust your expectations a bit. If you are looking for complete pain relief, you will be disappointed. You may get better relief for awhile by increasing your meds but you eventually become tolerant and need more, then more, then more. Before you know it you are on enough meds to kill an elephant and you still dont get total relief. If the meds are taking the edge off then you are getting as much relief as you should expect.

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bumbo 1 Feb 2015

You don't have to be so judgemental toward the guy who is suffering. Just because you occupy higher moral ground you can't expect others to be as evolved as you... Now apologize to the nice man who had the nuts to tell his truth yet you made it about you!

Rajive Goel 28 July 2011

Oxycodone hydrochloride is an opioid pain reliever. It is an active ingredient in many different prescription medications. It is available by itself (in both short- and long-acting products) or in combination with other active ingredients.

Oxycodone is a narcotic and is a "controlled substance" in the United States.

OxyContin (oxycodone ER) is a long-acting opioid pain reliever. It is a narcotic and a "controlled substance" in the United States. It comes in extended-release tablets and is approved for treating moderate to severe pain.

Both meds are opioid pain relievers and controlled meds, need a special docs prescription.

Take care, be safe & well, please.

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JACQUELYNN 28 July 2011

Thanks! I'm on 10mgs of oxycodone x's 3 a day and 10mgs of hydrocodone x's 4 a day and I am still having chronic pain! Don't know what to do about it! I take neurotin 600mgs x's 3 a day, flexeril 10mgs x's 4 a day, plus I take librium and zantac for a stomach disorder. I feel I shouldn't be in much pain at all, but still find myself in the ER getting shots of diluad and valium, to ease the pain! Any suggestions?

Rajive Goel 28 July 2011

Most welcome, that's a lot of meds you take, I would recommend that you try & seek a second opinion and see a specialist doc who could take care of your ailments & perhaps reduce the intake of meds, most meds have side effects.

Please be very careful & seek a specialist advice, take care, be well & above all safe, my best wishes... do keep in touch!

ajjodie 19 Feb 2013

U r taking a lot of "short" acting pain relievers. Certain pain meds r considered "short" acting & generally used for mild to moderate or break thru pain relief. Most chronic pain patients r in pain most of the day therefore they take a "long" acting pain medication & generally it is combined w/a "short" acting pain medication for break thru pain. That would be the difference between Oxycotin & Oxycodone. Oxycotin is a brand name for a "long" acting (time released) drug made with Oxycodone being a main ingredient. A chronic pain patient may take something like Oxycotin twice daily to control pain consistently w/time released drug always being in thier system then take something like Oxycodone several times a day as needed to control break thru pain (basically give u a little boost of pain meds). If u r still in so much pain u r going to the ER u need to seek the advice of a good Pain Mgmt Doctor to help get u on a drug regimend that works for u.

Hwatkins 11 Oct 2016

That is way too much medication at one time and you can function? If all that pain medication isn't helping there has to be some major underlying issue free discount card

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