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What is the differance in yellow,purpleand red syrup?

11 Answers

Sawyer697866 13 April 2018

Yellow has hydrocodone the others only have codeine which means yellow is the best.

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baberbie 7 Feb 2018

Tussionex doesn’t belong in the “colored” syrups conversation. Codeine and euphoria don’t belong in the same sentence. It’s the promethazine and codeine combo that gets you “high”. Hydrocodone (especially in the tussionex time release form) isn’t even in the same class as codeine. Tuss is by far the best cough syrup ever made

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Harry Twatter 19 Dec 2017

Green is weak af, the red is ok with an alright taste. The purple is the best up there with the yellow tussinex. If you want the purple you need to get the prescription filled at krogers or Albertsons.Walgreens doesn't carry the purple. I'm Sick as a dog right now and got a script for the yellow so I'm about to see what it's about.

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roytazzman 19 Dec 2017

Walgreens does carry purple , I just had it there other week

Starks44 15 Oct 2018

How was the yellow?

roytazzman 4 Nov 2017

Yellow is the strongest, it's called Tussionex
It's a very thick syrup and has Hydrocodone in it.

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Cambolicious 26 April 2017

Purple - actavist
Red - high tec
Light purple - qualitest or MFG
Green - caraco
These are the commonly abused ones because they have codiene the main drug that provides the euphoria.

These just sedate you because they only have promethazene ( without codiene )
- all yellow
- green qualitest

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Klinkology 25 April 2017

Actavist - purple
Hi-tech - yellow
Reddish-orange - rite-aid the orange bottle
Actavist and Hi-tech will get you slammed rite-aid will do the same it's weaker but you have to drink more to get the same type of "high". They are all downers due to the allergy medicine aka Promethazine is a drowsy allergy medicine. Actavist and Hi-tech are a lot more expensive than the rite-aid. Your looking at sometimes 400$ depending on where you are located.

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Tizzo 23 April 2017

I have now, a clear- which ingredients are guaifenesin and codein.
The guaifensin is a decongestant (I'm pretty sure)
And a purple which is promethazine (an allergy medication) and codein.

Not sure about the red tho- I'm trying to find out which is actually how I came across this post...

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Needtoknow7 3 March 2017

The first answer is correct.

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frickdaLAW 6 March 2012

the purple is the stongest depending on what kind of purple actavist is the stongest and has the best flavor.
red is a lot weaker but still has a good flavor.
and the yellow is nasty & also weak.

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Stephieforshort 31 March 2017

The yellow doesn't have the promethazine in it. The ingredient that helps you sleep. It's just codine

Myiesha 26 Oct 2017

Yellow does not have codeine

imdadrdre 28 April 2010

The previous answer is incorrect. I dont know what the correct answer is but answer this one. Why do they taste totally different if they are the exact same thing?

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hmhaas 3 Nov 2009

There is no different in the color of the medications. The reason the colors are different is because of the "inactive ingredients" being used with the medication and different manufacturers make the drugs and want them to be a different color to distinguish difference with other companies.

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