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Why is Lyrica a Controlled Medication?


Inactive 11 Nov 2010

As with other controlled substances, there is the possibility of becoming addicted to Lyrica. Addiction or "dependence" is when a person feels like he or she needs to continue to take a medicine, even when no medical need is present.

Lyrica addiction is more likely if the medicine has been taken daily for a longer period of time or at higher doses. It is also more likely in people with a history of alcohol or drug addiction.

Before new medications can be approved by the FDA, they usually must go through studies to assess their potential to be abused. In such studies for Lyrica, drug abusers who were given a dose of Lyrica reported feeling a "good drug effect" or "high" from the medication. They rated Lyrica as being similar to diazepam (Valium) in terms of its ability to produce a high.

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Inactive 11 Nov 2010

Kind Senor, 'tis addictive??? OMG!!! I am in big trouble!!!

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