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What do I use if itching still persists after taking fluconazole?


Inactive 16 Sep 2009

You can continue to use the miconazole cream on the outside if you need to and also some vagisil maximum strength, on the outside. Diflucan ( fluconazole) takes a day or 2 sometimes to work. If you are still having problems in a week, see the doctor or at least call him/her. It should have cleared by then. Don't gob the cream on, put a small amount on. If you keep that area too wet and you still have some yeast present, it could make them rebloom. Bacterial vaginosis can have the same symptoms as a yeast infection and you could have that instead.

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vary 20 May 2011

what if during taking loading dose of fungal vaginitis(oral fluconazole),bacterial vaginosis this happens frequently?

Inactive 20 May 2011

It could happen , the infections can follow each other , occur simultaneously , or the med that treats bacterial vaginosis, metro gel, then can cause a bad yeast infection. Patti

vary 21 May 2011

can any one plz suggest that how much time vulvar erythma take to resolve after subsiding of infection.i dont hv discharge now but i still hv vulvar redness.what does it shows? persisting infection???

Inactive 21 May 2011

that could be due to several things, try some over the counter cortisone cream, or some miconazole cream or just a small amount of both. Most likely the yeast embedded in the skin and the skin swelling is a result of that.

phillip6103 15 Sep 2009

have you informed your doctor of this?

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Jeriastor 13 June 2018

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