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What can you give someone to come off of crystal meth, been awake for 3 days?


bakersh6973 27 June 2012

Take 2mg's of Klonopin you will need to go to a shrink, tell him you have bad anxiety and that you can't even go to the grocery store, because you heart starts pounding and you start swetting badly, you just can't stand to be in inclosed spaces with lots of people, and that you have had to leave your cart in the middle of the store and run out to you car and drive home and jump into bed and pull the covers over your head. Get the muscle relaxer soma from a pain Dr. Tell him you have lower back pain. And take 2 somas also.

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jessejamez 29 June 2012

wow! Thats really good! Funny as hell too! Now, really? Is that just to take a vacation from the drug or do you really think that can help get over the hump if somebody wanted to quit for real? I'm trying to help a friend and am trying to get as much info as I can. Your answer sounds like it comes from one who knows it personally.
My friend started with Ritalin... after a while it didn't seem to work so well - although, at first the effects were amazing! She was diagnosed with ADD at age 30.
When the Ritalin didn't work as well as it had, the doc prescribed Desoxyn. She took it for several years and then lost her insurance. Guess what happened? They call it self-medicating. So, now what? She hasn't forgotten how scattered she was without it and how she couldn't complete things or be on time for appointments. But now she risks her freedom and can't quit without feeling horrible.


What do you think? Any hope for my friend? Is there no type of control drug that can be used instead to wean off of it like there is with heroin? Or some way of getting state assistance, at least, so that she can get it prescribed again? I feel terrible for her!

Marvell 16 March 2011

I don't know the answer about what could be given to someone coming off crystal meth ... but I hope your withdrawal symptoms have resolved over these weeks.

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