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What chemicals in crystal meth cause speed bumps?

3 Answers

Clintsame 9 March 2023

The question u should ask yourself is not what chemicals r in it but what chemicals r not in it is easier there isn't anything good on it

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princessaddiction1031 11 Aug 2011

Heyya! So I am a previous IV drug user, and Everytime I missed a vein I got bad "speed bumps" or "meth bugs". I'm actually laughing about it because I was never "strung out" and I knew the reason i was itching like that was because it was affecting my nerve endngs.I've reaserched and it seems as though using a non sterile needle can cause it. Even if its brand new. Also by injecting crystal meth you can get sores in your mouth and etc. I know it doesn't help much, but theres what I know.

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Marvell 12 June 2011

Hope you have been able to find out the answer by now ... I don't know either.

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akk27 15 June 2011

Nope. No answer yet :( i was told that after u do meth it comes out of every pore on your body??? some people even say u can smell it coming out of your pores??? Still not sure tho :( someone also told me the bumps were a way the meth leaves your body, don;t quote me on that tho, just hear say!!!

Clintsame 9 March 2023

That is true I've been using for the last 10 years off and on and the more u use the more u can smell the chemicals coming out when u sweat and everything smells of it don't believe me try it and c 4 yourself don't do hugs just do drugs free discount card

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