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Does anything show up meth on drug test when you have not done Meth?


Pissedaboutthis 16 Dec 2016

I TOOK ZANTAC and failed for methamphetamines not anything else not amphetamines and I'm waiting on the lab results I'm super upset about it!

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Inactive 13 April 2012

Rielee, if you mean methamphetamine, any amphetamine has the potential to give a false positive for methamphetamine, from cocaine to medications for ADHD, like Vyvanse, Ritalin and also rx diet pills like phentermine and didrex. Employers, and drs have no idea how inaccurate drug testing can be. We see questions like yours everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. Drug testing kits can be faulty, humans reading them can make errors. If a person takes a quickie pee in the cup test, and the person who reads it does NOT read it at eye level, it can look positive on things it shouldn't. Had thqt happen to me, tester said I was positive for suboxone before I ever took it. She ws reading it from above, instead of putting it up where she could see it at eye level. When she sat it on the shelf, and re-read it, it was negative. Some people refer to methadone as meth, any opiate based med might have a false positive for methadone, the same way amphetamines falsely can test positive for methamphetamine. It is not supposed to happen, but it does. Please ask for a hair and blood test, if your job is on the line. You probably will have trouble trying to convince the tester that urine tests are inaccurate, but if you will joint the group, drug test, here, and look thru old questions on that page, you will see many cases where people test falsely negative or positive. Lab testing is a bit more accurate, hair is really accurate for testing. Best of luck, patti

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Bloops9630 1 Sep 2018

Anytime you get a false positive on urine tests which are unreliable at best you should always demand secondary testing by chromatography which is far more accurate. I tested positive for benzo's. My doctor ordered secondary testing - it was negative. It turned out it was the Lyrica I was taking. The drug manufacturer verified it was possible even though the pharmacist at the doctor's office said it was not possible. He learned something new. So don't take anyone's word and demand further testing. free discount card

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