I have never taken an anti- depressant although I probably should have years ago! I battle mild depression and have off and on most of my life. I think I had never told a doctor simply because I have this strange aversion to taking medicine and didnt want him to prescrible anything! I actually went to the doctor for something else completely recently. I told him I wanted to lose weight and stop smoking. He asked me if I had experienced mood swings and I said yes, sometimes. He prescribed Wellbutrin XL 300 mg. and I was nervous. I dont like taking medicine... even for a common cold!!

I was so nervous to start it that I literally waited 20 days after I filled the prescription to begin taking it. So far, so good. No major side effects, here are the ones I have noticed so far:
-I am very thirsty
-a little dizzy but only sometimes
-sometimes my heart rate seems faster and feels weird in my chest- almost like an anxiety attack except I really feel no panic or anxiousness.
-on day two I had some abdominal pain like constipation
-and also on day 2 I was sleepy in the late afternoon

I do not notice these side affects all day, only a few times and not all at once. :)

Today is day 3 and I have a little insomnia but I took the pill later in the day than I did the first two days and I am sure this is why.

I have three questions for other Wellbutrin users:

1. I take the generic, after reading some things online I feel that maybe I should switch to the brand name as soon as possible. What are your thought on this?

2. Starting about 4 hours after I took it on day 1, I started to feel better overall. Cravings for food and nicotine are diminishing (not gone, but diminishing). Is it normal to feel something on day 1 or is this too good to be true?

3. On day 1 and 2 I took my pill at 3pm and today (day 3) I forgot! When I remembered at 7pm I took it. Then it dawned on me that may not have been a good decision and I read my prescription insert that says "If you miss a dose, SKIP it. Do not take more than one pill in 24 hours. This is important". My questtion is- what do I do now? I cannot take these at 7pm going forward because it is 2am right now and I am fully energetic and wide wide awake! lol. In your experience should I take one at 3pm tomorrow (day 4) or is that too close to the last dose? Or should I skip tomorrow (day 4) and start taking them in the morning, say 9am, the next day (day 5) and going forward?

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for any HELP you can provide as I seek answers to these three questions. :)