I started out taking the 100mg IR 3 times a day. Initially, I was on cloud nine; my mood was great, my libido was through the roof, etc. After a week or two that faded. It still took away my sadness and grief, but it also gave me the "jitters". Like I drank wayyyy too much coffee. I wasn't able to sleep at night.

I switched to the 150mg SR twice a day, more out of convenience than anything; one less pill to take. I take one at 5am and one at 5pm. I am unable to sleep. If I get to sleep, (with the help of Klonopin or Trazodone) I wake up between 1 and 2 am and cannot get back to sleep. My body is "buzzing".

The only way back to sleep is more Klonopin or Trazodone and that takes 40 minutes to kick in. I get up at 4:20 so you can see how this disrupts my sleep and it's just not good.

I'm going to try 150mg SR once a day; hopefully it will get me through the day mood-wise and by bed time, my system will be clear of it.

One other thing; I am amazed that they prescribe this stuff for anxiety! Wellbutrin wires me out so bad my wife said she could feel my body buzzing in bed last night!

Please share with me your experience with insomnia and how you dealt with it.