I've read a lot of the questions and answers about the weight gain caused from Gabapentin and some said it was a water or bloating reason, and I was wondering if it is a water weight gain, can your physician prescribe a water pill like Lasix, and would that help with the weight gain. The reason I'm asking is I have severe back pain and was taking Lyrica 75mg for about 6 months and went from 110 lbs to 130 lbs, now I'm taking the Gabapentin and having a hard time getting the weight back off, even though I really don't have an appetite most of the time, and I exercise every day including walking a mile every morning first thing, the weight just doesn't want to go away, and everyone know who suffers from lower back problems knows the more weight you gain the harder it is with the pain in your back and legs. So if anyone has an answer or a suggestion I'm willing to try. Thank you MACarson