I was put on Armour Thyroid by my physician about 2 years ago even though I informed him that I had been diagnosed with a pork allergy. I did not realize that Armour Thyroid came from pigs.

I developed some very unpleasant symptoms including a daily fever (101-103) every day for over seven months. I also had extreme itching on my scalp and started experiencing inflammation and joint stiffness.

When I asked him if these could be side effects of the medication, he said no. He also had me taking an iodine supplement to increase absorption of the med. I asked him to test my thyroid levels and he said he preferred to go by how I felt. Well, I felt awful and I had my other doctor monitor my levels and he kept telling me that I was over-medicated and was hyper instead of hypo.

I discontinued the Armour ONE day when going for a CT scan and I could not believe the difference in how I felt. I weaned myself off of the Armour, started on Levothyroxin and feel like I have my life back. I called Forrest Pharmaceuticals and they said I definitely should not have been placed on Armour if I had a pork allergy.

NONE of my doctors were aware of this (I have many of them due to various health issues and I always tell them of my pork and gluten allergies), so I'm posting this, so that I can help someone else avoid what I went through