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I've been on Vraylar for a month and want to stop taking it, do I need to taper down or can I stop?

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WildcatVet 14 Sep 2018

Hi, Jenni! You should never just stop any medication without professional advice from your doctor. You could experience discontinuation symptoms and a recurrence of the symptoms it was originally prescribed for.
Sorry it's not working out for you. I've been on Vraylar 6mg/day for several years for my Bipolar disorder and I have to say it's saved my life and my sanity!

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ruth7155 14 Sep 2018

Just curious. Why do you want to stop taking Vraylar? Did you have too many side effects? I've read that it causes weight gain. Did you encounter this? Just wondering cuz I was thinking about starting it for bipolar 1 disorder.

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Jennidcarpenter 14 Sep 2018

It is because of weight gain, and I haven't felt any improvement with Vraylar so far

ruth7155 14 Sep 2018

Thanks for your feedback.

Newyorkgal35 13 Sep 2018

I think like any medicine you should talk to your Dr. and he would have you Taper down or switch you to another Med. I have been on Vraylar for about 4 yrs.

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